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#rockbox log for 2020-05-28

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03:27:00nihilazocan somebody build that seek mode patch for fuze+? sorry, but my build environment is messy and doesn't quite work, the one on g#2405
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06:03:05user890104hello, regarding the e-mail in the mailing list about the japanese rockbox manual, i have an almost complete bulgarian translation of the manual, both compiled to a pdf and the original tex files, edited directly
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07:09:42rockboxmanThe website is looking fine and peachy, good work!
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07:16:49speachyBilgus, the "new" server it's on is much higher end than the old one. Still decent by today's standards, but the hardware is nearly a decade old now. :)
07:17:55speachygerrit itself is using an internal DB for its stuff, not the most performant but probably adequate for our needs.
07:19:11speachynihilazo, I have to run off to the doctor's (and probably some other errands) this morning; when I get back (in a few hours) I'll take care of tha build if nobody else has by then.
07:21:40speachyheh, I take that back −− the hardware is more like 13 years old. :)
07:22:33nihilazospeachy: thanks!
07:28:58speachyI was just emailed by the gentleman who asked about the Japanese manual translation too. I'm surprised this hasn't come up before, honestly.
07:29:55speachyuser890104, If you're feeling ambitious, how about trying to integrate translated languages into the build process?
07:37:58user890104speachy: i need to research how the manuals building work at all, i've only used pre-built pdf/html so far, to look up something
07:38:39user890104i've been doing only target or sim builds, havent't explored the rest of the build system
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10:32:11speachyuser890104, you'll need a relatively-complete texlive installation; it's generally pre-packaged by linux distros.
10:33:08nihilazoI have a question, does the log show me joining and leaving this channel?
10:33:22nihilazobecause I'm still here, it's just my client might be being weird
10:33:29speachywhat I'm thinking is to save the translated versions as $basename-xx.tex, eg intro/main-jp.tex
10:33:48speachyand through configure and makefile trickery, the build system will use those instead of the un-prefixed ones.
10:34:56speachynihilazo, I haven't seen any messages about you coming or going in the past, oh, 12 hours or so.
10:35:51nihilazooh, ok
10:35:52nihilazothat's good
10:39:17speachybtw, a cat's sleeping on my laptop (ie with the necessary toolchain) so I can't do the build yet.
10:52:30speachyit has a few other doodads out of my working tree too but nothing destabilizing.
10:53:03mendelmunkisnihilazo: I am going away for a few minutes so I wont answer but let me know how it works.
10:53:49mendelmunkisalso the channel is logged so if your client acts up you can find the discussion.
10:55:28speachyyeah, logs going back to the beginning of (rockbox) time are at
10:57:14nihilazoOK, I can enable skim mode now, but I don't know how to use it
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11:14:28mendelmunkisnihilazo: if its working properly holding down forward for a sec will speedit up significantly and back willreturn it to normal
11:16:56nihilazodoesn't seem to be working
11:18:06mendelmunkishuh my emulator test worked (although it did some weird things to the pitch screen)
11:20:57nihilazomight be user error then
11:22:10nihilazopressing and holding forward does nothing
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14:18:06bluebrother g#2405
14:18:08fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #2405 at : Skim mode VERY EXPERIMENTAL by Moshe Piekarski
14:20:24bluebrotherok, works again. cgit redirects the gitweb link to its atom output, but gitweb uses rss. Slightly different format, thus the redirect wasn't enough −− no issue for a rss reader, but since I'm scraping specific fields that needed adjustment. Now also uses cgit directly.
14:48:19speachyawesome, thank you for fixing that
14:49:03speachyI do intend to upgrade gerrit to the next newer version but I need to rebuild some of the plugins fist.
14:53:09speachya migration to foswiki 2.x is more pressing though, as it's now holding up server upgrades..
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