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#rockbox log for 2020-05-29

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07:18:26zagor[m]Hi guys. The rockbox fund contains a fair chunk of money. Since I am no longer actively involved, or even managing the site, I think I should hand over the fund to someone else. The obvious choice is speachy, since he is shouldering the heavy burden of site management. Does anyone have other opinions?
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07:57:02speachyFWIW I already changed the paypal link to an account I control, and saw the first donation come through there yesterday.
07:58:24speachyI don't know how much money we're talking about in this fund. but I'll defer to everyone else that's still active on what to do.
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08:31:15zagor[m]It's around $2500
09:06:03Bilguswe discussed this 3 months ago and were told there was nothing!
09:12:25Bilgus whats going on here did this regress? is not reachable by me
09:17:23Bilgusmaybe we can buy some thank you gifts for daniel bjorn and scorche
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09:20:32speachyBilgus, as I write this, there's actually an ongoing conversation in #rockbox-community about the mailing list..
09:21:13zagor[m]Bilgus: who said that?
09:22:22BilgusSpeachy yeah I was just reading that lol
09:23:12Bilguszagor possibly you when we / I had this discussion originally on the mailing list
09:24:30zagor[m]odd. well, never mind. I have the money and unless anyone objects before, say, monday I'm going to transfer it to speachy.
09:25:00Bilgusok 7 months ago wow time flies when the world is shut down
09:25:25Bilgusno objection we can discuss what to do with it
09:26:00Bilguswe need a ipod we can dev on and mail back and forth that would be a good use of some cash
09:27:14*speachy agrees.
09:27:46Bilgusmaybe we can have some plaques engraved to send to you guys commemorating Rockbox
09:28:42gevaertsI don't think there should be any objection from anyone about the person hosting the infrastructure managing the money (if you run the infrastructure, you're trusted. If not, there's a bigger problem...). I mean, if speachy doesn't want it, that's valid of course, but from anyone else
09:28:54gevaertsThere might be better proposals of course
09:31:19speachyall good points. For the record, I'll accept stweardship of the funds if there are no objections.
09:32:00*speachy doesn't feel that this is his decision to make.
09:32:01zagor[m]gevaerts: agreed. I don't think anyone objects to speachy. I was just opening up for other alternatives if anyone has ideas.
09:34:40speachyBTW I have an actual LLC set up for my consulting work.
09:38:00BilgusI think __builtin has an extra iFlash that was donated that could go in a dev ipod
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10:40:15nihilazowould it be possible for a new player to be designed to run rockbox as the factory firmware?
10:40:19nihilazo(just speculatively)
10:42:12speachyit's just software, so sure.
10:42:50Bilgusproblem is tooling that 'new' player if you are talking about designing such
10:43:19speachyit's also missing some mass-market "must have" features like support for DRM-encumbered formats.
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11:34:27speachyhey, just got the mailing list archives restored. They appear to be complete.
11:34:40speachyI don't have new incoming email being archived yet. that will take more work.
11:43:26speachyfront page recent list restored.
11:53:00BilgusVery nice!
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12:09:57speachyshould have been [rockbox@stuffed ~]$ :)
12:22:16speachyokay, in theory the archives will be appended now too.
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13:34:32speachyhuh. message came through ok but hypermail is barfing when re-run over an existing mbox.
13:37:52speachyokay, hypermail needs the '-g' option to not lose its mind. re-generating the world..
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14:56:55speachyoh good, finally got hypermail to behave properly.
15:09:29speachyBilgus, seeing 23K hits to UserRegistration cures me of any desire to re-enable it.
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15:51:22__builtinspeachy: paypal link is valid now, right?
15:53:43speachy__builtin: yep, it's been good.
15:53:56__builtinok, a friend of mine wants to chuck some $ your way
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18:05:12Bilgusspeachy pretty crazy but that is over 9 months still percentage wise compared to the others must be a lot of bots...
18:08:36speachyI have someone asking me for an account but I haven't figured out how to do it manually yet
18:09:46BilgusMaybe it could be manual 'ask in IRC'
18:10:26Bilguscontrol access by admins on the forum
18:10:57Bilgusslightly annoying but better than a bunch of junk
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