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#rockbox log for 2020-06-01

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04:52:35cani1seeHi, I have a iPod classic 3 with 512gb ssd installed before, i have trouble install rockbox, always got "no partition found" in rockbox boot loader
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08:16:08gibbon_Hi there
08:20:44__builtinhi gibbon_
08:22:29gibbon_I am having problems requesting a new password for the Wiki. The password reset page at gives me an internal server error and I would like to know if that is a known issue or my fault, before I contact the mentioned email address to sort things out
08:27:24speachywiki registration is disabled, due to spammers. it's possible the password reset page is broken because of that
08:27:26speachygive me a few please.
08:29:37speachythe password reset page doesn't generate any errors for me. But. it doesn't seem to actually work either.
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08:54:27speachygibbon_, looks like the wiki's outbound email stuff is completely busted. not sure how/why, but nothing appears to work.
08:58:26gibbon_speachy: ouch. Ok. Thank you for chasing that Who would I contact if there was a problem with my really really old wiki profile page?
08:59:46speachywell, unfortunately that's me.
09:00:29speachyI've been trying to fix the wiki brokenness as I go along but it's still a mess.
09:01:01gibbon_Whatis your preferred mode if contact for that? It is kind of a personal matter that brings me back here
09:01:38speachyemail is probably best.
09:01:39gibbon_sorry to hear that though... I am out of the loop for several years regarding rockbox sadly
09:02:27gibbon_okay. Thank you. I guess it's your address listed on the password reset page, then?
09:02:54gibbon_thank you very much then.
09:03:21speachy(and my address there means I've managed to fix the admin stuff a bit..)
09:13:46gibbon_As someone working regularily with ancient IT systems that have to be pulled into the present bith blunt force, I do not envy you. All the best :)
09:17:21gibbon_dropped you an email - thanks for your assistance and see you around
09:17:36 Part gibbon_ ("I hope to return soon with an iPod Classic :)")
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11:35:45speachystraw poll. Can anyone recall any customizations done to the rockbox wiki, beyond theming it to look like the rest of the rockbox stuff?
11:36:54speachythis thing is such a cluster#%$! that even migrating it to the current upstream version is effectively a "start over and manually migrate the data" thing.
11:37:16speachyat which point I'd rather just move to a less sucktastic engine.
11:39:44gevaertsThe only thing I remember is that it was upgraded from its predecessor when that one did a license change, and thta upgrade may already have caused issues
11:40:48speachyyeah, I've already run into some of that.
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11:45:02speachyplus it''effing...slow.
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12:27:35speachyright now a bunch of things are silently failing. nothing in any logs.
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14:42:03speachyThe wiki should be a little less b0rked now. upgraded a ton of plugins, switched to token-based xss-forgery detection (versus javascript that was apparently broken).
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14:46:59speachyalso fully converted to utf8
14:54:47speachyand fixed many/most of the deprecated-syntax regexps that were holding back an OS update.
15:07:20bluebrotherspeachy: my gerrit access is somewhat broken. I can log into the web interface, but my profile doesn't show a username. Trying to set a username fails ("Username must contain only letters, numbers, _, - or .", but that's the case). I only see the pubkey for my current machine, not the old one −− but this doesn't seem to work.
15:07:41bluebrothercan you give that a look or do you want to get some other updates / fixing done first?
15:08:48bluebrothernot really urgent right now, but I'd like to get some fixes pushed eventually :)
15:10:25speachybluebrother: the D.R@gmail account, or somethign different?
15:10:58speachynewest patch associated with that is from 2012..
15:11:08bluebrotherthat one.
15:11:27bluebrotherinteresting. Haven't pushed to a review in quite a while though.
15:12:40bluebrothermy latest commit was in 2016 according to git
15:17:59speachydigging into the sql, it claims you have 'bluebrother' as your username.
15:18:47bluebrotherthat's the one I would like to use. Or rather used in the past. But on my settings page it only shows an empty field.
15:19:18speachyoh, are you using mixed-case email, or all lowercase? I see both here, and your main account here is mixed-case.
15:19:38speachydoes it show your account id under the settings page?
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15:21:30bluebrotherAccount ID is 1000545
15:21:49bluebrothermy settings page shows the mail address as lower case
15:21:51speachyyour real account id is 100 0001
15:22:37speachythat '545 account was registerd in 2017
15:23:45bluebrotherinteresting. Can't remember intentionally doing that. Must have happened by accident.
15:24:03speachylog out of it please..
15:24:06bluebrotherwhen I log into Google my mail address ends up as lowercase, even when I use mixed case for logging in.
15:24:45bluebrotherdid google change something about that by chance?
15:28:36speachytry it now
15:29:06speachymarked the newer account as inactive, tweaked the email adddress to be uppercase, and made the old account lowercase.
15:32:25bluebrotherok, so now the email address shows up as lower case, but still the new account id.
15:32:36speachy'545 still?
15:32:45speachylog out again please.
15:33:17speachyonce more
15:33:42bluebrothernow I have the other account :)
15:33:57speachylooks like the oath syntax stored in the db changed.
15:34:15bluebrotherbut the mail address is mixed case again.
15:34:20speachythat's fine
15:34:26bluebrotherah, ok. Well, if it works that's fine with me :)
15:34:41speachyit's keying off the google-oauth id string apparently
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15:36:00speachythe odds are there are other folks in the same boat..
15:36:28bluebrotherthanks a lot :)
15:37:01speachyI hope that newer versions of gerrit have better admin interfaces than directly mucking with the sql console.
15:37:41bluebrotherin the identities page I can see 5: 1st is the mail address only (mixed case), 3x the mail address in lower case, with "Google Account" as identity, last one with identify "google-oauth:<something>"
15:38:40bluebrothernow to fix up that hook stuff on this machine.
15:39:16speachylooks like a bunch of other folks are in the same boat as you
15:40:00speachy43 to be exact
15:47:37speachy27 to go..
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16:25:57speachy14 remain, but all of them have already spun up new accounts.
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