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#rockbox log for 2020-06-03

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04:30:50xduoox3iiHello anyone want to help me. I have a xduoo x3ii and somehow formated it because it says i need a fat32. before i have done this i flashed rockbox and it all worked. i have the bootloader and the .rockbox folder already inside the root directory but when i try to acess the sd card on hiby player it says no sd card inserted and when i start rockbox
04:30:51xduoox3iiit says no rockbox folder found installation incomplete can anyone help me please?
04:31:57xduoox3iion the hiby player it says no sd card inserted even tho i inserted one and it says "inserted TF card"
04:32:22xduoox3iii try to flash to stock but it doesnt work. do i need a new sd card maybe?
04:38:21xduoox3iiso to clarify it i formated the sd card after i flashed RB
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05:13:45xduoox3iican i somewhere else ask my question?
05:19:36xduoox3iiis my xduooo broken?
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05:30:02gevaertsxduoox3ii: you could try the forums, or wait until someone who knows reads your questions. I don't know anything about the xduoo players, so I can't help myself
05:30:31xduoox3iiI tried the forums.
05:30:41xduoox3iiI'll wait.
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07:20:29speachyxduoox3ii, you most likely formatted your SD card with something other than fat32.
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11:33:39xduoox3iihello my connection got lost.. any news on the xduoo x3ii problem i listed up on earlier?
11:34:28xduoox3iiI formated the card after I installed rockbox, got the bootloader but when i try to access rockbox it says no rockbox directory installation incomplete and i also cannot read a single sd card in my hiby player
11:34:55xduoox3iiwe really need to listen to music and i dont have always access to my pc.
11:40:35pixelmathere was this answer earlier: [13:20] <2196f3speachy> xduoox3ii, you most likely formatted your SD card with something other than fat32.
11:40:52xduoox3iiyeah but now i formatted it with fat32
11:40:58xduoox3iistill no work
11:41:38xduoox3iii bought a new sd card now its fat32
11:42:10speachyif the of can't see it either, then it's not something that rockbox can do anything about.
11:42:26pixelmaand did you install the rockbox build on it again? I'm sorry, I can only try and give some general advice here
11:42:40xduoox3iino problem, i am trying to get this done too..
11:43:05xduoox3iiso everything worked out of the box but i formated it because i tried to use the theme seciton and it doesnt work
11:43:14pixelmano idea about the xduoo specifics at all
11:43:22xduoox3ii(used the theme folder and ut it in rockbox directory) and then
11:44:02xduoox3iiis there a developer here that can tell me if there's the adb solution or any workarounds? when it says no rockbox directory found? even tho there's one.
11:46:43speachyum, if you're running '' then that's not a build.
11:46:59xduoox3iii tried to use the vortex one
11:47:09xduoox3iiand then after that the build
11:47:20speachythe two are not compatible.
11:47:23xduoox3iiis there a documentation how to uninstall rockbox at
11:47:27xduoox3iii see
11:49:10speachythen unzip the latest daily build into the root directory of the sd card.">
11:49:33speachyplus any additional themes, fonts, etc you want.
11:50:00xduoox3iido i need to rename the rb-x3ii file to update.upt?
11:50:17xduoox3iialso how do I access the files when it doesnt recognize the sd card? :(
11:50:35speachyboot into the original firmware, or use an external sd reader?
11:50:59xduoox3iii booted into the origina lfirmware
11:51:15speachydoes the OF provide a "format card" option?
11:51:15xduoox3iiit doesnt let me see the sd card even tho it tells me "inserted sd card"
11:51:33speachythen format it there, and things should work.
11:51:36xduoox3iino memory card please insert memory card
11:51:47xduoox3iii can tell by here its not a broken slot
11:52:15speachyyou might want to contact xduoo about that then. nothing we can do to help on that front..
11:52:37xduoox3iiok then
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11:59:26xduoox3iiThe vortex bootloader is broken i gues
11:59:34xduoox3iior the vortex tweak hiby player
11:59:41xduoox3iiIs vortex hanging around in here?
12:00:16xduoox3iior can anyone ask him questions in hifi?
12:00:22xduoox3ii*head fi
12:00:22speachyno idea
12:00:38speachyhe hasn't responded to any of my communication attempts in some time now
12:11:16xduoox3iii wrote a mail
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12:35:17speachybut I was saying that if the SD card isn't recognized by the original firmware, then you should contact the manufacturer for support.
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14:08:44MaimiHey I powered on my Ipod 5th gen but for some reason the font loaded tiny. I was unable to access font in theme settings is there any other way I can change the font?
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16:10:46xduoox3iispeachy: i know i already contacted the manufactor
16:18:24xduoox3iican i tell xduoo that i rockboxed my hifi player?
16:20:27speachyI wouldn't.
16:23:00xduoox3iiany recommendations what to buy if i don't get any help from xduoo?
16:23:06xduoox3iiwhich dap
16:23:24xduoox3iii had the xduoo x3 and the x3ii but i guess i need something cheaper
16:34:57speachyI think the only cheap-ish model available new is the AGPTek Rocker.
16:35:33speachysecond hand you can find quite a lot, especially pre-touch ipods.
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20:13:23sm4rk0hi folks, I've just lost two hours of translating 146 strings to Serbian language
20:13:48sm4rk0could someone help, please? here's more info:
20:17:39sm4rk0it's 2am here and I'm going to bed, but leaving IRC open so I can catch-up in 6-7 hours...
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21:07:57speachysm4rk0, I'm not sure there's much that can be done.
21:10:47speachywhat happened is that the backend wasn't allowed to write a temporary file to use in the diff generation
21:14:18speachythat's now fixed, and the script now actually detects the error properly.
21:14:32speachyunfortunately the data is gone. :/
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