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#rockbox log for 2020-06-05

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14:24:43asdf-hi, i have an ipod 4g greyscale... i have tried using the rockbox utility for windows a couple of times to install rockbox... both times I get stuck with the Apple logo... i used the rockbox utility to uninstall the bootloader and rockbox successfully
14:24:54asdf-i tried install both the development and stable versions
14:25:12asdf-i have search and i dont see any other reports of this issue
14:25:27asdf-anyone familiar with this issue?
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15:28:28__builtinasdf-: what do you mean when you say that you "uninstalled the bootloader and rockbox successfully?"
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15:33:07asdf-I put the ipod into disk mode
15:33:31asdf-and ran the rockbox utility to uninstall the bootloader and rockbox... upon restart of the ipod I got the original UI
15:33:43asdf-when I install Rockbox then it hangs on the apple logo
15:33:54asdf-I did a hard reset on the ipod and the same thing happens
15:35:15blbro[m]Some antivirus interfering with the installation maybe?
15:35:15asdf-(stuck on apple logo)
15:35:32asdf-i dont have any antivirus running and windows defender is disabled
15:35:43asdf-RockboxUtility reports successful installation
15:35:48asdf-maybe the cable is bad
15:35:52asdf-i tried different usb ports
15:36:44blbro[m]That's strange.
15:36:56asdf-if the cable is bad then i wouldn't have been able to uninstall rockbox
15:37:09blbro[m]Hooked directly to the PC?
15:38:02blbro[m]Hmm. So unless there's an issue with the cable or USB port I have no idea what could cause this.
15:38:17blbro[m]Do you have Itunes on that machine?
15:38:23asdf-i dont have itunes
15:38:51asdf-i'll try it from another computer
15:38:58blbro[m]Ok. That was the last candidate for causing issues I have in my head.
15:39:11asdf-blbro[m], thank you
15:39:14blbro[m]That would have been my suggestion :)
15:39:20asdf-i appreciate your help nonetheless
15:40:45blbro[m]If that still fails you can try manual bootloader installation. Maybe there's an error Rockbox Utility isn't handling properly but ipodpatcher would show.
15:42:01blbro[m]Since this really looks like a bootloader issue. If the Rockbox binary is corrupted the bootloader should complain. At least you should see the splash screen if the bootloader.
15:44:54asdf-i will explore that
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