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#rockbox log for 2020-06-09

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02:31:24mendel_munkis__builtin: that is the standard haxx response for a request for a nonexistant domain
02:31:39mendel_munkis(don't ask me why I know that)
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07:58:37speachy__builtin, yeah, nothing I can do about that.
07:59:00speachythere's supposed to be a blanket http redirect in place
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08:36:39speachyI suppose things have settled well enough to ask about taking operational control over DNS and email.
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10:43:23mendel_munkisdoes anyone know of any rockbox mounts other than / and /<microsd1>/ ?
10:44:20speachythere's also /<microsd0>/
10:45:21gevaertsThere's also mmc and maybe others I think
10:45:56mendel_munkisso detecting external mounts from file names is hard
10:47:20*gevaerts tries to find this
10:50:31gevaertsI *think* the *_VOL_DEC definitions in firmware/export/mv.h might be the ones
10:51:20gevaertsYes, and those are then used in get_volume_name() in firmware/common/pathfuncs.c
10:52:26gevaertsSo Volume, HDD, MMC, microSD, NAND, RAMDisk at this time. Not all of those are equally likely to appear :)
10:53:15gevaertsHDD and NAND will usually be the root drive (although with the run-from-sd work I don't know if that's still always the case)
10:53:29gevaertsVolume is app builds I think
10:53:58gevaertsAnd RAMDisk is unlikely to be found in the wild. I suspect probably five people have ever used that
10:54:42gevaertsVolume is HOSTFS_VOL_DEC, which is designed to be overridable by target-specific config. I don't find anything that does that though
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10:54:57gevaertsAnd yes, there's a number after that :)
10:55:37_BILGUS__mendel_munkis IIRC you can call those mounts by <0> <1> and not need to know what they attach to
10:55:58gevaertsCould be. There's some trickery to it
10:56:06gevaertsI don't know the details
10:56:10_BILGUS__I did that in my multiboot patch
10:56:14_BILGUS__give me a sec
11:00:33_BILGUS__ g#1558 rb-loader.c line #93
11:00:35fs-bluebotGerrit review #1558 at : Add boot from other volumes in bootloader on targets with HAVE_MULTIVOLUME by William Wilgus
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12:28:56mendel_munkisthanks for the help.
12:29:51mendel_munkis(I was trying to figure stuff out about converting filenames automatically between linux-rockbox and visa versa)
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