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#rockbox log for 2020-06-12

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08:51:50pamauryspeachy: you are managing gerrit now right? I have a problem that occured before in the past: there are two "accounts" registered by email address but they are not connected. Hence when I login it's like I am a "different" amaury than when I commit to gerrit.
08:52:41speachyit has to do with gerrit or google or somehting switchign the form of the oauth tokens.
08:52:53speachywhat's the account id of the one you can get into?
08:53:09speachy(and I assume you used the same email address for both?)
08:55:05gevaertsI have a script here that "merges" two gerrit accounts (I don't remember *exactly* what it does, it reassigns all patch sets to one of them, but it does more..) via gerrit ssh sql access, if that's of any help
08:55:34pamauryspeachy: how do I find the ID? I've logged in from google oauth and github oauth
08:55:53pamauryand yes the email address is the same
08:55:57speachythere are only a dozen accounts that have duplicate/screwed-up oauth strings
08:56:10speachywhen you're logged in, go to your profile/account details
08:57:05pamaurymy google account ID is 1000536
08:58:13speachybtw, there's a high probability that the @rockboxcommits twitter feed will resume on the next commit
08:58:29speachysame for the rockbox-cvs
08:58:37pamauryand for some reason, the commit I just uploaded to gerrit is not listed under any of my gerrit accounts
08:58:39speachymailing list. if it wasn't already working
09:01:20speachyyeah, you have three gerrit accounts.
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09:02:16speachyI accidentally deleted my reference/cheat sheet that I used to fix this stuff..
09:03:22speachyone from 2011, one from 2015, one from 2017
09:04:18pamaurylol, great. Why does gerrit does that all the time?!
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09:06:41speachypamuary, please log out
09:07:18gevaertsWe're running gerrit at work (an even older version...), with ldap auth. User lookup is case-insensitive, and group lookup is case sensitive, so if someone first logs in as "User" (when the ldap user is "user"), the corresponding username is User forever, and of course it then asks ldap what groups "User" is in, which is "none at all"
09:09:00speachyand log back in.
09:09:50speachythe middle account was set up to log in via launchpad.
09:10:03speachygerrit isn't smart enough to link an existing account with a new external authentication trick.
09:10:24pamaurydone I've logged out
09:10:34speachyall now point towards your original 2011-era account
09:11:04speachyonly your original account has any changes associated with it.
09:11:07pamaurygreat :) thanks a lot
09:11:07speachyshould all be peachy now.
09:11:14pamauryhaha ^^
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09:23:05speachy10 to go.
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09:33:07speachyI need to recompile some of the plugins before I can upgrade gerrit.
09:35:10langestHi, I wanted to modify a theme for rockbox, and when I started I found this: "# <theme>.cfg generated by". And I tried to look for the tool, but I couldn't find it. Where can I look to find it?
09:38:58speachyin general, the answer to "where is software tool X" is "in the git repo"
09:39:15gevaertsNote that that might not actually be true. builds the "included" themes, but it's possible that people modified that and uploaded it to the theme site without removing that line
09:55:08speachygevaerts, if you can supply that cleanup script I'd appreciate it. does it completely merge the accounts or just the changes?
09:55:50gevaertsHmm, I think I have both
09:55:52speachyI've all of the google auth tokens.. except for two, which have changes associated with both accounts
09:56:35speachythinking about it it probably makes mroe sense to just update the owner of the changes from the old account to the newer one, as that's obviously been used more recently.
09:56:45speachythat's easy to do on the sql cmdline
09:56:46gevaerts reassings changes
09:57:05gevaerts might do a full merge
09:57:32gevaertsIt's been a while since I did things with those though, so I really don't remember the details
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10:04:41speachyall fixed up.
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10:54:32speachyhey, anyone recall how/where the uisimulator is told to position the simulated display?
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11:09:54speachyand where the window/viewport size is defined?
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11:30:32speachyfound it.
11:31:39fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 58cb467, 292 builds, 10 clients.
11:45:56fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 857 seconds.
11:45:58fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 58cb467 result: All green
11:45:59fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 504f488, 292 builds, 10 clients.
11:47:35speachyawesome! buildserver queueing works, twitterbot is once again tweeting, and the new playerpic was picked up properly.
11:50:02speachy(it now queues up builds for all commits made while a build is going, instead of dropping all but the last one)
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11:59:59fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 840 seconds.
12:00:00fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 504f488 result: All green
12:01:17langestspeachy: Here is the other image you asked for
12:01:47speachylangest, thanks! But I managed to make it work using the press pics as a reference
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12:07:47speachylangest, and it turns out that 53 themes tested compatible with the x3ii
12:13:45langestI guess they are going to be listen on the wiki page once you are done.
12:15:24speachyI'll get the X3ii up there eventually. doing this stuff while waiting for $dayjob builds to complete
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16:16:05pixelmamaybe you can now help out amiconn to sort his gerrit account problems out? (Though I don't remember what it was exactly)
16:23:01speachyI think I did that this morning. Cleaned up all 14 remaining users.
16:37:17mendel_munkishow expensive is it to add a second framebuffer?
16:38:47speachyyou mean for double-buffering?
16:40:35mendel_munkisspeachy: no in order to have a buffer lying around I can switch to using.
16:40:49mendel_munkisie. only ever actually using one at a time
16:41:57speachyhmm. I think the fb address is fixed at link time, so you'd need to introduce a variable to point at which fb you'd want to be active.
16:42:05speachyand fix up everyone that references it, of course.
16:42:12mendel_munkisthat variable already exists
16:42:13speachywhich probably isn't _that_ bad.
16:43:47mendel_munkisfb_data *lcd_framebuffer = &lcd_static_framebuffer[0][0];
16:43:53mendel_munkisfrom lcd-color-common
16:44:26mendel_munkisthe real issue I think is probably RAM cost
16:49:46mendel_munkisNow I'm trying to figure out why the plugin API has a pointer to lcd_static_framebuffer[0][0] (which I don't think is ever used) as opposed to using *lcd_framebuffer
16:53:57mendel_munkisok it provides both but plugins only use *lcd_framebuffer
16:54:30speachyhmm, nuking the static pointer seems like a good idea.
16:54:44mendel_munkisthats what I was thinking
16:54:53speachybut yeah, it's just RAM.
17:03:07mendel_munkisspeachy: if I am correct it should also be removable from export/lcd.h correct?
17:12:49mendel_munkisI'm assuming I need to bump the min plugin api
17:13:15*mendel_munkis has never messed around with the API before
17:17:24speachyonce the Archos targets get retired there will be some significant opportunities for cleaning up the plugin API. Not to mention a lot of other stuff as well..
17:28:42mendel_munkishuh running into what appear to be API mismatch errors while testing
17:31:44mendel_munkisI also seem to have randomized the strings
17:35:37speachythat might be a sign of a missing build dependency .. make clean and try again?
17:36:18mendel_munkismake clean and try again is always my go to
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17:37:53_BILGUS__mendel_munkis there is rb->lcd_set_framebuffer() to set a different one
17:38:12_BILGUS__the static one is used by default
17:38:30mendel_munkis_BILGUS__: thats mostly used to write a picture directly so screen
17:38:42mendel_munkisbut i was going to use it
17:43:41mendel_munkisspeachy: I found a set of checks which are failing it will take a few minutes to narrow it down
17:54:38mendel_munkishuh for some reason the header checks at plugin.c:901 are failing and I cant tell why or which.
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18:13:20mendel_munkisI'm going offline for a while. I uploaded the commit in case anyone wants to have a look.
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