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#rockbox log for 2020-06-14

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05:52:24mendel_munkisany advice on debugging when the error message as far as I can tell is a (consistent) random string?
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08:32:46speachydoes that string show up in the binary?
08:33:17speachybogus pointer..
08:33:40mendel_munkisit should. It is one of the language strings. I just tested every condition where it should splash and none of them are true
08:33:59mendel_munkissorry I wasn't clear in my original question
08:34:01speachyso you don't know where that message gets spashed from
08:36:21speachyother than playing a game like renaming splash() to splash_real() and then #define splash(...) splash_real(__FILE __VA_ARGS__)
08:36:44speachyafter you narrow it down to a file you can then replace __FILE with __LINE to find the exact invocation
08:36:57mendel_munkisthanks for the advice
08:37:30speachydon't forget splashf() too
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11:36:23mendel_munkisIT was the standard "Loading..." message
11:37:24mendel_munkisnow I have to figure out why strings are jumbled.
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12:16:58Bilgusspeachy what do you think about : g#2411
12:17:00fs-bluebotGerrit review #2411 at : PictureFlow fixes: by Adrián Tinoco
12:18:07BilgusI think its probably good enough to commit but I don't have skin in that game
12:26:00mendel_munkishas anyone seen any weird affects of using ROLO to run a version with a different plugin API?
12:28:10speachyit's not something I've ever personally tired.
12:29:41speachyBilgus, I don't think I've _ever_ used the pictureflow mode..
12:30:43speachyI don't like that fixed 10K entry "uniquebuf".
12:31:54speachybeyond that, it looks sane
12:34:16Bilgusits limited by size at least
12:37:14mendel_munkiswell the string jumbling stopped when i stopped using ROLO but now any plugins either freeze or crash.
12:38:07Bilgusif you are ROLOing off a sd based build it will load the internal on reboot
12:38:25BilgusROLO is not currently aware of multiboot
12:39:02mendel_munkisno I take out the SD for test builds. (less mounting and less scope for accidental catastrophic data loss)
12:39:39Bilgusif it fails on ROLO otherwise it probably means theres a buffer underrun somewhere not fixing up the C-str \0 properly
12:39:50speachylooks like the uniqbuf stuff was cut-n-pasted from apps/tagtree.c, bogus comment and all.
12:40:44BilgusI see a few things I want to change in that code but I'm not gonna push it on OP
12:40:47mendel_munkiscould be. but thats not anywhere in my commit and I have no clue where to start looking
12:41:05speachyyeah, I agree. care to do the honors?
12:41:17Bilgusmendel_munkis, silent corruption is always the worst
12:41:41Bilgusspeachy atm no but I will this week after I build up a dataset to test on
12:43:05Bilgusare you writing anything to ram at runtime?
12:43:57Bilgusmight be beginning of your data overwrites the end of the strings
12:44:42Bilgusoh wait your going from a different API to a build with a new API so thats exactly whats happening sorry a bit slow
12:45:20speachyare you booting with a clean .rockbox dir?
12:45:21mendel_munkisso it's an expected fault.
12:45:29mendel_munkisI can deal with that
12:46:13mendel_munkisspeachy: i was using rOLO to boot load out of .tst but I switched to backing up .rockbox and replacing the boot dir
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12:48:06BilgusNo i'd look very closely at your filing builds memory map and maybe the struct for the plugin API
12:49:29BilgusRolo looks like it loads the whole file to ram
12:50:52BilgusI don't think I'm familar enough with the linker to say for sure
12:51:16mendel_munkisyeah right now I'm trying to remeber how to read a map file
12:51:20BilgusI'd think it'd just copy the whole damn thing an initialize to zero
12:51:41Bilgusmaybe you should try clearing the buffer that ROLO stole
12:52:01Bilgusmemset max-core-buf-foo
12:52:12Bilgussorry I don't rem the name
12:53:14mendel_munkisBilgus: right now i'm giving priority to fixing my build over fixing the ROLO
12:53:57Bilgusnot sure you can say which is which yet
12:54:16Bilgusrolo might just be exposing it
12:55:04mendel_munkisBilgus: True, but I know that the crashes which happen when I boot my build are not caused by ROLO
12:56:16Bilgusare you getting errors when it crashes?
12:56:37Bilgusor just straight up black screens?
12:57:43mendel_munkisBilgus: some plugins show backdrop for a while then lose power. others backtrace with undefined instruction
12:57:58mendel_munkis(which does sound like it's executing data)
12:59:01Bilgusare you using the plugin buffer?
12:59:36Bilgusalso that static img buffer comes to mind as well
12:59:57mendel_munkisBilgus: don't all plugins do that unless I've specifically rigged something?
13:00:30Bilgusyeah unless you call to take it over
13:00:44mendel_munkisall I've done is remove something which seems unused from the plugin API. Ihavent directly touched any plugins
13:01:04Bilgusseems being the key word
13:01:16 Join scorche [0] (~scorche@rockbox/administrator/scorche)
13:01:26Bilguswhat was the name of the array?
13:01:38mendel_munkisI realized. I'm trying to figure out what's using it so I can switch it
13:01:53Bilguslcd_ is a macro
13:04:10mendel_munkisI am aware of that but I cant find anything using the API that uses static_framebuffer
13:05:50Bilgusand whaever FBFN + data
13:06:51mendel_munkisand all the results on the page you mentioned are lower then the API unless I undertand the rockbox code even less than I thought
13:07:20Bilgusfb_data -> framebuffer- > lcd_staticfb
13:08:00mendel_munkisI don't understand what that chain means
13:08:13Bilguslower than the API? its your undef. instruction most likely
13:08:28Bilgusok so these are invoved by macros
13:09:24mendel_munkisI understand that it's probably where the error is I just don't understand what can be calling it
13:09:31Bilgus'fb_'data is one alias of 'lcd_'framebuffer which is an alias of 'lcd_' static framebuffer
13:09:52Bilgusthe plugin helper lib would be my first choice
13:09:52mendel_munkisthat cant be
13:10:18mendel_munkis'lcd_'framebuffer is ann array of type fb_'data
13:10:40mendel_munkisand the plugin api still has lcd framebuffer
13:13:40Bilgusthere are a lot of graphics things here i'd look through your map and see if any plugins that crash use one
13:14:14mendel_munkisI'm clearly not understanding you here because that seems to be exactly ewhat I was saying
13:15:08Bilgusthat noting uses those framebuffer macros?
13:16:57mendel_munkisstatic_framebuffer is an array of fb_data framebuffer is a pointer which usually points to static_framebuffer[0]
13:17:59mendel_munkisall of the functions there use framebuffer not static_framebuffer
13:19:12Bilgusany of the plugins that crash have their own map file?
13:20:40Bilgusbtw are you using git hub to search or grep on your own?
13:20:49mendel_munkisi'm grepping locally
13:21:05mendel_munkisI cant stand the broken github search
13:21:49Bilgusok so when you look in the map do you see where framebuffer is defined?
13:22:34Bilgusbut it uses framebuffer in the code no?
13:22:51mendel_munkisyou mean the main map or the plugin map?
13:23:05Bilgusthe plugin map
13:23:48mendel_munkisthe plugin code doesn't contain the string frame
13:23:54Bilgus(the grey lib uses asm so those refs might be weird in there)
13:25:39mendel_munkisnor does it use the greylib (as far as I can tell)
13:25:54Bilgusok last shot I assume you have removed the frame buffer in plugin.h & plugin.c?
13:26:38mendel_munkis(but I left &framebuffer)
13:26:54mendel_munkissorry *framebuffer
13:27:23Bilgusoh they are referenced by position in the api struct
13:27:43mendel_munkisI thought it may have something to do with that
13:28:01Bilgusneed both or none
13:28:18mendel_munkisare yo able to explain why?
13:28:38Bilgusmaybe you can just leave the static part as 1 element [1][1]
13:29:01mendel_munkisno the drivers need the static framebuffer as-is
13:29:02Bilgusthe API is mapped 'loose leaf'?
13:29:22mendel_munkiswhat does that mean?
13:29:34Bilguslike the position of the items are linked is in direct order
13:30:06Bilgus[1,2,3,4,5] in (.h) is [1,2,3,4,5] in (.c)
13:30:26Bilgusyou made it [1,2,4,5] in (.h) is [1,2,3,4,5] in (.c)
13:31:32Bilgusthey are position dependant with no mechinism to insure the rule is followed
13:33:05mendel_munkisah I see what I was missing. thank you for your help.
13:33:14speachyshould have reusulted in a ton of compiler warnings
13:33:48mendel_munkisthe real question is why are they listed under different names?
13:33:49 Quit Bilgus (Quit: Leaving)
13:48:44speachyI don't know if this specific instance was intentional or not, but a reason for differing names is so that the external name can be sanitized, and independent of the under-the-hood implementation.
13:51:43mendel_munkisthank you. so what I wanted to do was already done and I just didn't realize
13:58:37speachyhappens to us all
14:06:03speachymade a comment on patchset 2
14:11:35mendel_munkisI didnt see the comments on 1 until after 2.
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