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#rockbox log for 2020-06-19

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01:17:36mendel_munkisI noticed some references to LCD_DEPTH <= 1 am I right in thinking that LCD_DEPTH <1 should result in a compile error?
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02:00:57bluebrotheruser890104: nice, seems the Qt plugins weren't packaged. I thought AppImage was to avoid such issues :)
02:01:30bluebrother(and you don't notice that if you run it on the machine you built the AppImage, and ldd doesn't show anything useful since it's not a dynamic executable anymore)
02:01:54bluebrotherspeachy, user890104: new try. Same location, this time also includes the "v" :)
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02:50:39pixelmamendel_munkis: not sure whether that's the reason but: there's the weird target iAudio M3 which has no display on the main device but can be used with the same remote as the other supported iAudios which has a greyscale display. Maybe that's related?
03:10:07amiconnThe M3's remote LCD counts as the main display, and it has a regular depth of 2
03:10:26amiconnIt could be that LCD_DEPTH == 0 means no lcd at all
03:10:51amiconnRockbox would still be usable on such devices with spoken menus etc
03:11:27mendel_munkisno such target currently exists however
03:35:26user890104bluebrother: now it starts just fine, thanks! haven't tested the ipod classic bootloader installation, but will try to do it soon and report if there are any issues
03:36:08user890104and if it works fine, i'm going to finally remove this page and redirect it to
03:37:33user890104any idea why goes to an SSL error page, and says "No site here." ?
03:40:37blbro[m]1user890104: you're welcome. Now I know how to do it properly :)
03:41:03blbro[m]1Does the Ipod classic bootloader installation need root privileges?
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07:55:06speachyuser890104: "" is still pointing to haxx. switching that to my infra will cause other problems.
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08:07:00speachyuser890104,* should be redirect to* −− do you have a specific example that doesn't?
08:15:46speachyI think my browser has some redirects cached, but curl on the cmdline shows nothing working.
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08:17:34user890104speachy: manually typing doesn't work, that was my point
08:17:49user890104people are usually too lazy to type www.*
08:18:11user890104what problems is it going to cause if you redirect it?
08:19:09speachyif it's properly redirected, no problems. But it's not something I have access to.
08:20:51mendelmunkisuser890104: ctrl+enter is your friend
08:22:15user890104mendelmunkis: that works only for .com iirc
08:22:35user890104yup, it changes into
08:24:32mendelmunkisnot on firefox
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09:56:22speachyso I pinged the haxx crew about the immediate http[s]:// stuff. Either DNS needs changing (with possible side effects) or they have to fix the server config.
09:57:04speachyalso asked if migrating dns and email is on the table.
09:57:33speachysince quite a few accounts seem to be bouncing anyway..
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10:39:57pamauryspeachy: what's the problem with the DNS? points at the old infra. if there are any non-www services that key off of that, they obviously won't work if pointed at my infra.
10:41:10speachyif it stays pointed at the old infra, http server needs a redirect added, and the https server needs a working cert and a redirect.
10:48:48user890104speachy: you can have different A and MX records
10:49:04user890104so MX can still be pointed at the old infra
10:49:32speachyMX is separate already. but I don't know what else there might be. So I asked. :)
10:49:41user890104ah, i see
10:50:07user890104transferring the DNS zone shouldn't be an issue, and it shouldn't matter where it's hosted
10:56:58speachyhence "is it on the table" −− the answer to which will determine the next steps.
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13:50:51bluebrotherspeachy: can you please replace the AppImage on the download server with the new one? The new one seems to actually work :)
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14:55:13speachybluebrother, it is updated.
14:55:51bluebrothergreat, thanks
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16:42:32NugettesHi I recently got a Ipod 5th generation and I assembled it with Dual boot loader successfully!
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