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#rockbox log for 2020-06-21

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03:15:18fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 7f3142f, 292 builds, 8 clients.
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06:35:54bluebrotherspeachy: the "when" column on the front page is confusing. I did commit in the future :)
06:37:43bluebrotheriirc it used utc in the past. Now it seems to use some timezone that is quite a bit off to mine. How about using utc again? Or use those "natural" things like cgit does −− "3 hours ago".
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09:21:13fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 7f3142f, 292 builds, 8 clients.
09:29:06speachylooks like the HTML-genration code strips off the timezone before doing the date calculations.
09:29:27speachythe old server was GMT+1 I think, whereas I'm GMT-4 or -5..
09:29:43speachydunno why the buildbot lost its mind there.
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09:43:54fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 1360 seconds.
09:43:56fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 7f3142f result: All green
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10:17:43speachyokay, commit timestamps are now properly in UTC
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11:11:19nicl83Good afternoon, or whatever it may be in your area. I'm trying to set up the database on Rockbox, using ID3 tags. I have gone through and added correct ID3 tags to all of my tracks, but even after choosing "Update Database" or "Initialize Database", every single track on my device is still marked as "untagged". I think that some tags are
11:11:19nicl83recognised, as I seem to be getting artist and/or album information displaying on the playback screen, but alas, I am not able to use the database functions correctly, as every single track appears as "<untagged>", despite having valid ID3 tags. Is this a known issue, or is there anything I can check? My library is almost all AIFF files with ID3
11:11:20nicl83tags, if that helps. Thanks in advance!
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11:34:52mendel_munkiswhat are the four colors available on a LCD__DPTH == 2 screen?
11:43:33nicl83I'm trying to set up a desktop client for IRC, so I'm going to disconnect from this channel in a minute. I should return in a minute - if I miss anything relevant to my query, let me know when I return
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12:02:24nicl83Just noticed something - when I choose a voice recording (made in Rockbox) the album/author info comes up as "(root)/(root)", which is where the file is, so Rockbox is basing that info on where the file is, not the ID3 tags.
12:03:12nicl83If my guess is correct, this means that it's not reading the ID3 tags from the files at all. Are ID3 tags supported by Rockbox if they're in AIFF files?
12:04:10Lonoxmontnot sure, might try with an mp3 file as a sanity check to see if your rockbox is reading the tags at all
12:04:33nicl83I'll give it a shot, be back in a few minutes
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12:08:17nicl83Yeah, it can read the tags just fine if it's an MP3 (imported AIFF into Audacity, exported as MP3, didn't touch metadata)
12:08:29nicl83so that's somewhat annoying
12:09:00Lonoxmontyeah might need to bug a dev
12:09:13Lonoxmontspeachy: ping
12:11:18mendel_munkisdo you need a forum account to view these days?
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12:17:57nicl83may need to be away from keyboard in a minute, so if anyone needs to reproduce my setup for bug hunting, my AIFF files were created through ripping CDs with cdparanoia (so they're uncompressed CD-quality AIFF/AIFF-C files) and my MP3 files were created with the default export settings in Audacity
12:25:56mendel_munkiscode for reading ID3 tags from AIFF definitely exists
12:26:07mendel_munkishow long are your tags?
12:26:51nicl83uh, let me just check
12:27:05nicl83while I check, quick question - would one tag that's too long kill the whole library?
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12:28:29nicl83mendel_munkis: just checked, the file I'm looking at here has tags that are all 16 characters or less in length
12:28:31__bilgus_mendel_munkis the depth = 2 are all grey scale
12:28:46nicl83and the tags work absolutely fine in the MP3 file
12:28:52nicl83they're only broken in the AIFF file
12:28:52mendel_munkis__bilgus_: thanks
12:29:00__bilgus_0-3 goes light to dark and some are dark - light
12:29:19mendel_munkisnicl83: i saw something about long AIFF tags being broken but 16 chars should be fine
12:29:57nicl83I wonder if it's CDParanoia creating "strange" AIFF files, let me see if exporting with Audacity changes anything
12:33:37nicl83nope, even audacity-created files have the same issue - just completely untagged in the eyes of Rockbox, despite mp3tag seeing the tags just fine (ID3v2.3)
12:33:50nicl83so something funky is going on here, but I'm not sure what
12:34:45nicl83(export settings in Audacity: 44KHz project, Apple/SGI header, 16-bit signed audio. audacity metadata is also saved as ID3v2.3)
12:34:56__bilgus_buf sz max 512 bytes
12:35:46__bilgus_nicl83 whats the full size of the id3 tag?
12:36:04nicl83what's the best way to check?
12:36:12nicl83not too well versed on audio formats
12:38:11__bilgus_for checking it would probably suffice to look at each string (every letter x 8 bytes) + 8 bytes for terminator
12:38:26__bilgus_r open it in a hex editor and look for the id3 header
12:38:42nicl83if I'm using the default genres in ID3, do I count the characters, or do I just count a single byte
12:38:59__bilgus_1 character for each letter
12:39:12nicl83ok, give me a moment
12:39:42__bilgus_or just make a minimal file with 3 letter tags
12:39:57mendel_munkis__bilgus_: is there any reason not to write RGBPACK() values for !HAVE_LCD_COLOR?
12:40:11nicl83if my calculations are correct, about 216 bytes (208 without terminator)
12:40:15nicl83i'll try the minimal file
12:40:16speachyexiftool is able to parse quite a lot of media tags
12:40:42mendel_munkisie convert to black/white || light dark grey based on overall color intensity?
12:40:46__bilgus_the terminator is taken into account too and thats close enough that i'd try the minimal as well
12:41:33__bilgus_mendel there is something funky in one of those macros but its just a fuzzy recollection atm
12:42:09__bilgus_like maybe it has to be converted after but let me find the code
12:42:10mendel_munkisone of the macros is funky or one of the macros is funly for certain formats?
12:42:35__bilgus_wanna say it was only 2 bit screens
12:42:41nicl83if I've done this right, dummy file has a 176b (168 without terminator) id3 header, let's see if that does anything
12:44:13nicl83nope, even with all fields set to 3-character values (aaa for text, 100 for number) it's still not being detected
12:46:16nicl83mIRC has a "send file" option, does freenode support that? I can send over the file I've got here (a 30 second sine wave) for someone to look at if that helps
12:46:51__bilgus_thats weird nicl83 flyspray has an option to attach a file
12:47:14__bilgus_our bug tracker from the main page [bugs]
12:47:19Lonoxmontidk if nicl83 has opened a bug
12:47:25__bilgus_mendel I see what you are trying to do now
12:47:25nicl83not yet
12:47:32nicl83I came here to see if it was my fault first
12:48:23__bilgus_you wanna use rgb_unpack but its not defined on two bit displays
12:49:10__bilgus_you can convert them though
12:49:16mendel_munkis__bilgus_: not quite. I want to see how many plugins can be simplified by adding rgb_unpack to 1/2 bit displays
12:49:43__bilgus_ah you want to do the conversion centrally
12:50:06__bilgus_well its not a terribly complicated algo at least on the surface
12:50:38mendel_munkisI was just checking if there was a specific reason not to I wasn't aware of
12:50:57__bilgus_no just code size I suspect
12:51:54mendel_munkiscentrelizing it should decrease total code size but increase binary size on some targets. correct
12:52:12__bilgus_just remember some are inverse
12:52:20mendel_munkisI will
12:53:01__bilgus_no it will raise bin size on all 2 bit targets and decrease plugin sz
12:53:31mendel_munkishow does that differ from what I said?
12:53:56__bilgus_so question is does it free enough code on the plugin buffer to make it worth the loss on the total ram
12:56:12nicl83I have *no idea* if I've done this right, I haven't used this type of bug tracker before
12:56:18nicl83Let me know if I've messed up anywhere
12:56:18mendel_munkismaybe decrease the plugin buffer by a similar amount?
12:56:32nicl83may need to go afk in a minute like I mentioned earlier, not sure when that's happening
13:00:48mendel_munkisIt's reading the tags as music data
13:01:00nicl83what the hell
13:01:04nicl83how does that even happen
13:02:08__bilgus_your bug report looks good
13:02:30nicl83I've raised issues on GitHub before now, but independent bug trackers are new to me
13:02:41nicl83good to hear I've got it (mostly) right
13:03:13__bilgus_also nicl83 are you using the latest dev version?
13:03:31nicl83no, I'm using the current stable version (3.15)
13:03:38nicl83I'm not running a daily build as far as I'm aware
13:04:15__bilgus_try it on the latest dev version thats what we test against
13:04:45nicl83ok, give me a sec
13:04:46__bilgus_sometimes we actually manage to fix stuff even!
13:05:59nicl83"Development Version" or "Release Candidate" (I presume I want to install the former)
13:06:41nicl83alright, downloading and installing now
13:06:52nicl83I need to go so I'll leave that updating while I'm gone
13:07:00nicl83will report back if anything changes
13:07:13__bilgus_do it in the flyspray
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13:40:25nicl83should I add further comments to the original post or as a new comment
13:40:32nicl83because nothing changed
13:40:50nicl83(Rev 7F3142F)
13:49:14speachyyou can edit it to change the affected version to a dev build
13:49:24speachyand the rev
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14:05:10nicl83speachy: thanks
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15:31:54mendel_munkisso in rockbox the metadata struct is pointers I cant figure out what they point to
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16:19:53mendel_munkisI think I figured it out
16:20:09Lonoxmontdo tell
16:21:23mendel_munkisLonoxmont: depending on the tag format it's either a pointer to a substring in a buffer or a pointer to something else irrelevent to my current project
16:21:48mendel_munkis(said buffer being part of the metafata struct)
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16:40:15mendel_munkisAiff has support for both comment and annotation tags. which is closer to id3 comments?
16:41:37mendel_munkisfrom reading the spec both
16:41:49Lonoxmonti would think annotations would be more for like subtitles or something
16:46:12mendel_munkisLonoxmont: the spec draft seems to say that comments (which MAY be linked to a marker) are preffered to comments
16:46:33mendel_munkiss/to comments/to annotations/
16:47:09mendel_munkishowever scince they are all optional we can do what we want
16:47:10Lonoxmontmaybe they are carrying forward something form an older version of the spec?
16:47:37mendel_munkisI am looking at the version that introduced AIFF-C (I think)
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17:00:24mendel_munkiswhats the general idea for files with multiple tag sets?
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17:34:14mendel_munkisis there a function that given an fd offset and mp3entry will parse an id3tag at that offset into the mp3entry?
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18:34:06ftouigizghello is there any plugin/patch i can use to make my voice (when recording) has sound effects? I like to sound as a pilot who tells someone that we are landing or some else fun effect ^^ is it possible?
18:48:48ftouigizganyway gotta go offline
18:50:41Lonoxmontprobably not in rockbox itself, but you could use audacity or other audio software on a computer to do that ahead of time
18:51:40ftouigizgok thx
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22:12:18prg318Hmm.. I was pleasantly surprised to see that I can boot my AGPTEK rocker into rockbox using a microSD that's formatted as exfat and it actually works. How does this work if rockbox doesn't support exfat (or does it)?
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22:24:27speachyon the Rocker, rockbox is an application running under Linux.
22:24:52speachyand it will "support" whatever filesystems the host OS has enabled.
22:25:35speachyon most hardware, rockbox _is_ the OS, and as such only supports fat32.
22:30:51prg318Ah okay - thanks speachy .. that makes sense
22:31:35speachyalso, it wasn't until a few monnths ago that Rockbox could legally support exfat.
22:32:05prg318what changed a few months ago wrt exfat?
22:32:29speachyMicrosoft blessing a GPL-licensed implementation in the mainstream Linux kernel.
22:33:17prg318that's good news
22:33:37speachyand, more importantly, a public promise to not assert its patents over it.
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23:20:05mendel_munkisis there a specific reason getid3v2len() assumes that the tag must be at the beginning of the file?
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