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#rockbox log for 2020-06-22

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05:46:47langestHi, is there any font for rockbox that supports both nordic characters and japanese/chinese characters? (åäö and あア音) "Sazami-Mincho" doesn't support nordic characters and the others doesn't seem to support japanese characters.
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07:06:26kirvesAxeI'd be interested in that font as well :)
07:08:36gevaertsFor the fonts in the "official" font pack,"> should be helpful
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07:20:21speachythere's also this:
07:21:06gevaertsAh yes. Actual languages are helpful!
07:22:44gevaertsI'm guessing some web UI that allows selecting several languages in there and shows only the matching fonts would be nice. If someone is interested... :)
07:23:41kirvesAxe...well, that languages page claims that sazami-mincho has "full coverage of Finnish"...
07:25:26kirvesAxeand Norwegian, Swedish and Danish... which would imply nordic character support?
07:32:19gevaertsHmm, seems weird
07:33:35langestThat "which language font" seems incorrect. Not all fonts have support for swedish characters as it says.
07:34:21gevaertsI'm assuming unifont works?
07:34:27kirvesAxeYeah, seems that someone making that list has clearly misunderstood that
07:34:46langest14-Rockbox-mix have support for swedish and japanese
07:34:55langestand it works on my device as well
07:37:44gevaertsOh, hmmm...
07:38:59gevaertsAt first sight, it looks like whichfont.php basically goes through the rockbox translation files and figures out which fonts are suitable for which languages, but that's going to be restricted to characters that are actually used in the user interface
07:40:23kirvesAxeWell, the scandic characters are used in Finnish UI... so no.
07:41:11gevaertsIt's what I see in the code from a brief look
07:43:33kirvesAxe'So it tries to do that but fails at it? :)
07:45:02CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
07:45:02*gevaerts tries to run things locally to see what happens
07:45:28kirvesAxebtw, can a font file be installed by just copying a file, or does it need some RBU-using etc?
07:45:41gevaertsJust copy
07:48:16kirvesAxeGood, because I don't recall AGPtek Rocker supporting RBU :)
07:53:15gevaertsThis entire thing confuses me. The output of looks entirely plausible to me for other languages
07:53:58gevaertsI'm assuming it's not a problem with filename or tag encoding if you have some working fonts
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07:56:43gevaertsrasher: maybe you know more about this?
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09:00 has two output modes.
09:02:55speachyone is displayed on that translate page. the other has no consumer that I know of.
09:24:08*rasher blames past rasher
09:27:01rasherYeah that page definitely doesn't try to make any judgement regarding suitability for languages in general. Just the rockbox langauge strings
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09:44:14rasherMy fontstats page is outdated, but unless the fonts have changed, Sazanami-Mincho has full coverage of both Basic Latin and Latin-1 Supplement which should cover all Scandinavian languages afaik
09:48:23nicl83checking out my bug report, apparently there's a patch for AIFF tags now
09:48:31nicl83question 1, when are the daily builds updated
09:48:49nicl83there would be a question 2 but it's probably easier to google
09:49:20speachyit's not committed yet
09:49:46nicl83is there any way to "test drive" the patch if I can compile Rockbox myself
09:49:48speachydaily builds are updated um, daily. :D But in all seriouness, the most recent dev build becomes the daily build for the day
09:50:01nicl83heh, ok, thanks
09:52:39speachyand yes, if you get the build environment set up you can compile whatever you'd like
09:53:05nicl83given it's just the one file that's modified, do I pull the source code, then swap out the Git version for the "new" version
09:53:12nicl83and then compile?
09:56:05speachymore or less
09:59:34nicl83i'll give it a shot, thanks
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10:10:29nicl83bilg: I'm looking at, is there much of a difference
10:10:40nicl83currently building the ARM toolchain so I've got time
10:11:36__Bilgus_I think one is the beginners version
10:12:23nicl83ah, ok
10:12:28nicl83i'll look at both if I get stuck anywhere
10:15:54__Bilgus_once you have all the compiling stuff ready and have the master branch up to date you can pull the patchset down from gerrit $git pull origin refs/changes/23/2423/1
10:16:44__Bilgus_you can also download it directly or even use the patch mechinism as mentioned in the guides
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10:35:08langestrasher: Can't say why, but Sazanami-Mincho doesn't cover Swedish characters on my device. (other fonts do)
10:35:45nicl83slightly off topic, but just wanted to say "thanks" in general to whoever developed that cross-compiler script, this is the first time a cross-compiler installation has been painless for me lol
10:36:02nicl83I've always had issues getting them working up until now
10:54:00__Bilgus_oh there are still dragons in there
10:55:05__Bilgus_I'm not sure who did that script first but plenty of people have had their hands in that one
10:58:51nicl83ok this is progress, even if it's weird progress
10:58:57nicl83compiled a build with the AIFF metadata patch
10:59:20nicl83it's now reading one of the files I created with Audacity, but not any of the others I tagged with Kid3/MP3Tag
10:59:27nicl83but at least a bit of progress has been made
10:59:39nicl83i'll have a bit of a look around and see if I can get anything else working
11:01:25mendel_munkisnicl83: that patch just does native AIFF tags. I am still working on id3 tags
11:01:55mendel_munkisI'm going to be very busy this week though so it may be some time
11:02:02nicl83that's ok, take your time
11:02:06nicl83and thank you for the help
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11:26:04__Bilgus_gerrit commit hooks are a good thing to remember to do!
11:27:48mendel_munkisdid I forget?
11:30:02mendel_munkisI thought I had it setup
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11:48:27__Bilgus_I wasn't referring to u mendel I just tried to update a commit and found out I hadn't installed the hook on this machine
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12:45:21speachysince we're stating things to remember, one should make sure the board's DRAM power supply doesn't have a drop-dead current limit set too low, causing your DRAM to get randomly powered down at inopporune times.
12:46:32speachymendel_munkis, IMO the AIFF patch you have posted is worth merging as-is
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14:03:59mendel_munkisspeachy: can you merge it?
14:04:07speachysure thing
14:04:41fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 59454f9, 292 builds, 9 clients.
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14:20:00fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 918 seconds.
14:20:02fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 59454f9 result: All green
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15:18:03Lonoxmontidk if this is important on such an old platform, but i noticed on my ipod video with 3.15, theres a fairly significant power draw at boot if i check the battery status info as soon as i can after boot, it pulls quite a lot of power for a few minutes, is this expected?
15:18:14Lonoxmontnot sure if its the iflash board or something in rockbox
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18:50:53Strife89All of seems to be inaccessible at the moment
18:51:03Strife89I can pull from the git repo
18:56:23Strife89Kicking myself for not pre-downloading some binaries to install on an iPod I ordered last week
19:02:56Strife89Annnnd it's a macpod
19:03:14Strife89Which means I get to do the iTunes song and dance since the wiki's inaccessible
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19:23:38__builtinspeachy: ^
19:27:41__builtinhmm, DNS looks good
19:27:50__builtinand I can ssh to the server
19:34:30__builtin... probably not something I can fix
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20:34:31Strife89__builtin: Can you pull files for IpodConversionToFat32?
20:34:41Strife89(from the Wiki)
20:35:25Strife89The iPod I'm trying to set up is a 20GB Photo
20:37:28__builtinwhich one?
20:38:04__builtin(generation, I mean)
20:38:06Strife894th gen? I think?
20:38:06Strife89Has a Click Wheel
20:38:39Strife89Model A1099
20:39:21Strife89Need a 3.15 build too, if you don't mind
20:39:36Strife89Unless I can build that myself with current source
20:39:50__builtin20GB 4th Generation: [[][mbr-4g-20gb.bin]]
20:40:05__builtinexcept that's also down...
20:40:09Strife89I think I have ipodpatcher somewhere but I might need it
20:42:25Strife89Awesome, thank you!
20:43:48 Join __Bilgus_ [0] (41ba23be@
20:57:02Strife89Poifect! Thanks a ton
21:00:07Strife89One more request if it's not much trouble: are any of the themes accessible?
21:10:16Strife89Crap, "can't load rockbox.ipod / bad checksum"
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21:14:40im663Is the website down?
21:14:59im663Does anyone know why it is?
21:16:22Strife89Effectively, yes, it's down
21:16:38Strife89The server can be reached, but none of the website stuff is working
21:17:23Lonoxmonthave you tried turning it off and on again? :V
21:17:30im663I wish I could : )
21:17:41im663Just got a new iPod 5g, and can't set it up ;(
21:18:12im663Guess while I'm here, does anyone know if there are any real benefits to use the development/nightly builds over the stable releases? Specifically pertaining to the iPod 5g/6g etc
21:18:52Strife89You may be in luck im663. I have a few files for the Video in my pCloud.
21:19:08Strife89I only have the 64-bit Linux ipodpatcher, though
21:20:22Strife89I'm in the same boat, though, oddly enough. Had to ask __builtin for a copy of the MBR and a build for the 4th gen iPod
21:20:50im663Quite weird, I know the site was up not too long ago
21:22:57im663wonderful thank you so much, I appreciate it Strife89
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21:28:32__builtinStrife89: check that that file was written properly?
21:29:11Strife89Rewriting now
21:31:33Strife89Must've been it, it boots now
21:37:38speachyof course, something goes down the moment I embark upon a small road trip.
21:38:36speachyentire www service is wedged.. trying to restart it.
21:40:47speachyit's alive again now. don't know wtf happened.
21:41:50__builtinhow'd you fix it?
21:42:10speachythe cure-all, I restarted the daemon.
21:42:58speachyliterally nothing in the log from 16:39 until the termination message at 21:37
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21:47:49speachybest guess is that turning on mod_perl for the wiki led to some sort of resource leak
21:53:47speachyseems okay-ish here, can anyone else confirm?
21:56:19speachylocked up hard again
21:57:00__builtinyeah, same here
21:58:18speachyback up
22:01:49speachyaround the time things went down there was a huge spike in firewall connection tracking entries.
22:03:49 Quit __Bilgus_ (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
22:04:15speachyI think it's gerrit wedging things.
22:09:45speachytook that offline, telling it to go fsck itself..
22:18:27***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:20:43speachyor not.
22:20:57speachywww server wedged itself again while gerrit was offline.
22:25:52speachyit was the wiki.
22:27:01speachyits meta-cache ... is completely-WTF-broken
22:30:21speachyadded it to the stuff that gets cleaned up nightly
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