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#rockbox log for 2020-06-23

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05:45:32mendelmunkisgiven an int fd is there any function that will tell me the position in the file in the rockbox library?
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06:47:42__Bilgus_mendelmunkis you mean like rb->lseek?
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06:51:32mendelmunkisI was thinking more of an analog to ftell()
06:53:19__Bilgus_it basically is on the backend
06:53:52__Bilgus_offset = 0 whence = CUR
06:54:22mendelmunkisright of course
06:54:36mendelmunkisMy daily dose of missing the obvious
07:17:19fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision df1b3c1, 292 builds, 9 clients.
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14:38:02speachy__builtin, in case of future outages, sms is a far more reliable way to reach me. While I _think_ the problem that led to this one has a proper workaround in place, I can't fix what I don't know about.
14:39:09__builtinah, thanks for fixing, though!
14:41:04speachyand it may come down to asking you or gevaerts to log in and fix it since you guys have access to the hosting account.
14:42:16speachybut I need to provide a way to allow that account to restart the handful of relevant daemons
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16:17:25Strife89 Are there any known reports of Rockbox working with this thing?
16:18:10Strife89(Particularly in a 4th-gen iPod; I need to replace a failing HDD in mine. The iFlash will need this adapter:
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16:18:50Strife89__builtin: It turns out that on some boots, the bootloader complains about an invalid checksum, while on other boots it works fine
16:19:12Strife89Also, I'm getting input/output errors on files that I copied to the iPod *last night*.
16:21:32Strife89Or would I be better off buying something like this (and an adapter)?
16:24:01Lonoxmonti have an alright time with the iflash quad
16:24:06Lonoxmonta solo is probably fine too
16:24:21Lonoxmonti would stay away from pcie or w/e the non sd one is
16:24:27Lonoxmontuses a lot of power and runs really hot
16:25:03Strife89What do you mean by an "alright" time? What kind of issues does it have?
16:25:23Lonoxmonton my ipod video 5.5 gen i have some data corruption issues when copying stuff around while running rockbox, but i just pop it into disk mode and then things work
16:25:51Lonoxmontalso had a bit of a time getting everythign working in the first palce, but tha tmight have been down to using 4x256gb sd cards
16:26:07Lonoxmontidk if it would have been better to go with one larger one and leave the other slots alone
16:28:02Lonoxmontbut its working for me for now, after i figured out i had to use the native firmwares disk mode to move data on or off it i havent had corruption issues that i am aware of
16:28:56Lonoxmontmainly i went with the iflash because i got greedy with getting a replacement battery
16:29:07Lonoxmontthe one i got wouldnt fit with the original hard drive in
16:29:20Lonoxmontso i also got greedy with storage :V
16:29:54Lonoxmontthe original battery was failing to the point that if it wasnt at full charge, sometimes just the load of spinning up the hd was enough to get the ipod to reboot from the brownout
16:34:13Strife89That's where my Mini is now, and I am not looking forward to replacing it's battery.
16:34:25Strife89My Color is fine battery-wise, thankfully.
16:34:41Lonoxmontat least for mine it was a lot less arduous than i thought it was going to be
16:34:57Lonoxmontjust make sure oyu follow the ifixit tutorial and you should be fine
16:35:47__builtinStrife89: I actually run a Solo in my 6G, and haven't managed to reproduce data corruption despite repeated stress tests
16:35:52Lonoxmontive had mine apart quite a few times when i was troubleshooting some stuff, idk if the new battery was completely discharged when i got it or what but it took forever for it to charge up enough to turn on it seemed like
16:36:34Strife89Just ordered a Solo and an adapter, then
16:36:39__builtinit's quite possible that the corruption is related to the size/quality of the SD card you use in the adapter
16:36:39Lonoxmontcould have also been assembly errors on my part, the ribbon cables and zif connectors are very fiddly
16:37:29Lonoxmontalso the one downside to a massive battery is the ipods glacially slow charge rate
16:37:52Lonoxmontidk if its different on other gens but mine takes a while from empty to full
16:38:04Lonoxmontthen again it also doesnt use much so it takes about as long to run it down
16:39:31Strife89Do y'all think I should care much about what SD card I get for the iPod, or is pretty much anything that isn't a fake good enough?
16:39:43Lonoxmontoh, thats the other thing
16:39:49Lonoxmontipod data transfer rate is really slow
16:40:22Lonoxmontgoing to solid state doesnt improve speed much vs the mechanical drive because of the interfaces used
16:40:37Lonoxmontdoes improve power usage a bunch though from not having to spin a chunk of metal
16:40:54Strife89I'm not worried about general speed much, as long as it's not noticably worse than the HDD.
16:41:07Lonoxmontshoudlnt be worse
16:41:56__builtinyeah, latency is notably reduced
16:42:02Strife89I'll just order this if there's no major concern.
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