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#rockbox log for 2020-06-24

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01:13:29mendel_munkisIs there a specific reason that the metadata handling code assumes that id3tags are always prepended?
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01:35:55mendel_munkisalso what's the policy on updating copyright dates?
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07:13:44__Bilgus_mendel_munkis re: id3 prepended is probably a faulty assumption kinda like people assuming the layout of RIFF files
07:16:36__Bilgus_Idk that there is a policy on copyright but I generally update it if more than 50% of the code has changed
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09:23:53fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 4bb4672, 292 builds, 9 clients.
09:46:45fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 1371 seconds.
09:46:47fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 4bb4672 result: All green
09:59:43speachymendel_munkis, copyright dates should always reflect the full range of contributions
10:00:30speachybut IMO updating the author(s) is a more fuzzy area...
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14:05:29lkjsfHow often are the servers down? New user
14:08:30speachyvery rarely is the expectation.
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14:19:33__builtinideally? never
14:20:24speachybut crap happens. :/
14:31:31lkjsfdownloading themes give me empty files
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14:39:01speachywhith theme?
14:41:50speachyI picked a couple at random and they seemed to work.
14:42:23speachyover http and httpd
14:44:13lkjsfWeird. I download a bunch of Clip Zip themes on my Mac and none of them open up. I used half-a-dozen unzip apps. I did the same for some third party theme floating around the web and they worked just fine.
14:44:54lkjsfTrying to dl runner_96x96
14:47:50speachyworks liek a champ.
14:48:17speachygranted I'm not doing this on a mac, but there doesn't appear to be anything wrong with the themesite or that specific theme zip.
15:03:49lkjsfVery strange.
15:05:49blbro[m]Well, define "open up". They contain a folder .rockbox, and files starting with a dot are hidden on mac.
15:06:05lkjsfWould you mind posting the unzipped version somewhere so I can dl it?
15:06:10blbro[m]You can try unzip in Terminal, that should show you the contents.
15:06:52blbro[m]And the what? You need to copy them in a folder .rockbox on the player. Same problem :)
15:07:33lkjsfcreating: .rockbox/ creating: .rockbox/fonts/ inflating: .rockbox/fonts/12-Nimbus.bdf creating: .rockbox/icons/ inflating: .rockbox/icons/asianclip_bw.bmp inflating: .rockbox/icons/viewers.bmp creating: .rockbox/themes/ inflating: .rockbox/themes/runner_96x96.cfg creating: .rockbox/wps/ inflating: .rockbox/wps/runner_96x96.fms
15:07:34lkjsfinflating: .rockbox/wps/runner_96x96.wps
15:07:44blbro[m]I'd suggest Rockbox Utility for installing, then you don't need to handle that.
15:07:50lkjsfit shows me the contents, but it's not opening it
15:08:21blbro[m]I don't understand what "opening" means.
15:08:34blbro[m]What do you want to achieve?
15:08:34lkjsfrockbox util is giving me "http error 0"
15:09:51lkjsfblbro i want to unzip the zip theme and put it on my clip zip. my mac, for some reason won't unzip and zip themes i dl from the rockbox website
15:10:32blbro[m]That's strange. But downloading with a browser works?
15:10:41lkjsfi don't have the same prob with themes from outside the rockbox website
15:11:51Lonoxmontis rockbox website still acting up
15:12:03Lonoxmontmaybe wherever util points is stuck
15:13:28lkjsfi'll try rebooting my mac, but i'll be kicked off of the node for a minute
15:14:02blbro[m]Works fine for me.
15:14:17blbro[m]What version of Rockbox Utility are you using?
15:16:13lkjsfbe back
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15:21:22lkjsfrebooted, still doesn't open. util still says download error: received http 0
15:21:53blbro[m]1.4.0 is ooold.
15:21:55blbro[m]Use the dmg here:
15:22:10blbro[m]that's basically 1.4.1, but since 1.4.1 doesn't build on mac it's a bit tweaked to actually build.
15:22:28blbro[m]once that is cleaned up we can (finally) create a new version
15:23:48lkjsfthanks. ill replace it. also, maybe it's my dns.
15:24:50blbro[m]ok, the thing is: Rockbox themes are packaged in a way that you can extract them directly to the player. Problem is that macOS extractor always creates a folder with the same name as the zip file, and places everything in the zip into that folder. That's the first problem.
15:25:13blbro[m]Second problem is that a properly packaged theme will only contain a folder ".rockbox", with everything below that. So since you don't see that folder you cannot copy the files to the player
15:26:08blbro[m]if you're familiar with Terminal you can use that: download the file, then in Terminal, "unzip -d /Volumes/whateveryourplayerwasnamed"
15:26:10blbro[m]that'll do the trick, but it's ... well, not exactly end user friendly :)
15:26:16lkjsfthe new util worked perfectly. don't know why the website pointed me to an old version
15:26:45blbro[m]well, as I said. Because 1.4.1, which is the current version, doesn't build on macOS.
15:26:46lkjsfthanks blbro
15:27:29blbro[m]that dmg is simply 1.4.1 with some hacks to make it build on macOS. It's unmodified code-wise, but it's built differently.
15:28:03blbro[m]that's why this isn't an official version right now. But there's no difference code-wise.
15:28:42blbro[m]1.4.0 is 5 years old, and uses an outdated toolkit. Since the web evolved quite a bit there's a good chance something became stale since then :)
15:28:44lkjsfso grateful. been working on it for a couple days
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15:31:34blbro[m]pretty much the same issue (well, except for the additional incompatibility with Catalina)
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15:37:11*blbro[m] wonders if he should put a link to the unofficial version in the wiki
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18:09:30mendel_munkisI would appreciate it if someone would take a look at g#2428
18:09:32fs-bluebotGerrit review #2428 at : Add support for ID3 tags embedded in AIFF files by Moshe Piekarski
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18:29:56__Bilgus_mendel_munkis #752
18:31:38__Bilgus_doesn't removing that seek to 0 just trade assumptions
18:32:48__Bilgus_at the very least that note should be in the header as well
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19:16:23mendel_munkisBilgus: I didn't remove the seek I moved it to a function which if not called before implies that the tag is not at the start.
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20:19:16mendel_munkisThe Sudoku generators difficulty as far as I can tell is 75% predicated on the template. does anyone have any opinion using template sets to allow for setting generator difficulty?
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