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#rockbox log for 2020-06-26

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08:40:38gevaertsWell, that *is* the documented hard reset sequence
08:41:10*gevaerts was going to type that yesterday and the pressed enter accidentally today...
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13:43:27__Bilgus_found another bug in buflib if you pass too small a buffer to init it crashes when it tries to free up space
13:44:46__Bilgus_I'm not sure if I should make it panic or if I should let it fail and pass the error back up to the caller
13:46:06__Bilgus_on one hand the panic has less overhead but on the other its not necessarily an absolute failure for anything else already allocd
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16:06:26speachydoes the panic tell us what/where that bad call was made?
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17:51:22__Bilgus_speachy: no it wouldn't show where it was called only the parameters it was called with like the other buflib panics
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17:55:16mendelmunkisare there instructions for building the manual?
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19:31:41__builtinmendelmunkis: `make manual'
19:32:25mendelmunkisyeah I figured that out. I'm trying to figure out a nice way to get all the errors and warnings.
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19:57:09__builtinhmm, I'd like to make the software poweroff overridable from plugin code
19:58:23__builtinit's a bit annoying when a plugin has a cursor and the device shuts down from you holding it too long
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20:56:05__builtincan someone take a look at g#2446?
20:56:06fs-bluebotGerrit review #2446 at : button: allow disabling software poweroff by Franklin Wei
20:57:24fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision f49442d, 292 builds, 10 clients.
21:01:16speachymy main concern about it is it could leave to behavioral differences between sw-controlled poweroff and hard-poweroff operation
21:02:13speachyalso, doesn't some hardware have a hardware-controlled poweroff/reset failsafe? Wouldn't want to trip over that in a plugin either. :)
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21:03:50__builtinwhat do you mean by behavioral differences?
21:05:35__builtinthe mechanism of hardware vs. software poweroff is already different, of course
21:05:57speachyI guess plugins have unique keymaps per device anyway
21:06:36speachybut it does lead to not being able to power off a device consistently no matter the context.
21:07:45__builtinthat's true to an extent I suppose
21:07:53__builtinyou'll always have the hard-reset sequence
21:12:08speachyoh, one more thought −− we should unconditionally force sw_poweroff back on when plugins terminate.
21:12:38__builtinrather than the disable/restore mechanism I've got now?
21:12:54speachyas a backstop from the plugin misbehaving
21:13:48__builtinprobably a better option, yes
21:14:33speachythough since you mention it, Can you think of a scenario where a plugin would want to ever want to toggle it back and forth, rather than "always off while we're running"?
21:15:21__builtinyes, actually
21:15:36__builtinin going between "in-game" and menu sections
21:15:45speachyah, okay.
21:15:50*speachy scraps that line of thought
21:16:53speachywas thinking it might be saner to add a flag to the plugin header so the rb core would manage the sw_pwoeroff state directly rather than leaving it up to plugins.
21:20:05fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 1361 seconds.
21:20:07fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision f49442d result: All green
21:25:54speachyI have to say, it's nice to see the recent commit logs filled with names other than mine
21:29:31__builtinI think I said that before
21:32:19__builtinalso, regarding the unconditional restore, I don't think it's necessary
21:32:54__builtinwe already have precedent for settings which are the plugin's responsibility to restore (e.g. backlight)
21:45:41*speachy nods.
21:48:43__builtinit might be nice to expose this as a user-facing setting eventually
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