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#rockbox log for 2020-06-29

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04:18:35mendel_munkisspeachy: you may want to take a look at fs#9513
04:18:36fs-bluebot Smarter release scripts (patches, new)
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04:39:36mendel_munkisdoes the plugin api have any functions for extracting basename?
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07:40:12mendel_munkisis anyone able to test FS #10089? the underlying cause seems to be gone
07:40:14fs-bluebot Scrolling doesn't pause at the top or bottom of a list on 2nd Gen iPod (bugs, unconfirmed)
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08:43:46__builtinmendel_munkis: funny you asked. Quake actually has its own, see apps/plugins/sdl/progs/quake/common.c
08:44:12mendel_munkisSo just do it from scratch. got it
08:45:00__builtinhmm, actually: firmware/export/pathfuncs.h:size_t path_basename(const char *name, const char **nameptr);
08:45:23__builtinit's not exposed via the api though
08:45:35mendel_munkisI just realized what I want isn't basename its basename+ext
08:45:48mendel_munkiswhich is easy enough to do
08:45:57mendel_munkisjust read bac intill /
08:46:55__builtinhmm, exporting those functions via the api isn't a bad idea
08:47:12__builtinbut of course some plugin would have to use it for it to be worthwhile
08:47:16mendel_munkisand here I am busy trying to take things out of the api
08:47:44__builtinoh, why?
08:48:17mendel_munkisso that the core can do weird things without bothering plugins.
08:48:34mendel_munkisalso side benifit of freeing op plugin ram space
08:51:09__builtinah, like what?
08:51:29mendel_munkismostly make the screen stand up and dance.
08:51:36mendel_munkis(or turn on its side)
08:51:52__builtinlike compiz? :)
08:51:59mendel_munkisnot quite
08:52:24mendel_munkisalso I feel like plugin authors shouldn't have to account for screen differences as much as they do
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09:58:54mendel_munkisspeachy: what do you think about adding a plugins/new category to flyspray?
10:01:56speachythis this a feature request sort of thing?
10:02:27mendel_munkisI was thinking about all the tasks which include most of a plugin already written
10:03:00mendel_munkisIt makes browsing the tracker easier to exclude or only view those.
10:04:06speachywhat would the text of that sub-category be?
10:05:08speachy(ie how would the reporter know to put stuff in that vs the existing 'plugins' category?)
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10:07:29mendel_munkisplugins/new plugin?
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10:13:57mendel_munkishow do I go about adding a string to the language files?
10:17:17speachyI don't think there's a tool to do it automagically; when I've done it I just cut-n-pasted the last entry and changed it as needed.
10:17:39mendel_munkisso orginization is a pipe dream?
10:17:44speachythe most important thing is that each 'id' isstring is unique.
10:18:31speachyas that's used in the lang enumeration
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10:21:50speachyI wouldn't call it a pipe dream.. just that there's been little point to organizing it as it's not really meant to be consumed by humans. non-English files are generally created by the translate web site too
10:23:33speachyoh yuck. big spammer registration push on the forum..
10:28:03mendel_munkiswhats user in the lang files?
10:28:14mendel_munkisthe documentation on the wiki is outof date
10:34:08speachyI'm sorry, I can't parse your querstion...
10:34:54mendel_munkisthe lang files have a field user which seems to be core in every entry. I am wondering what it's meeant to be used for
10:36:13speachyah, good question. I don't think anything actually references that.
10:36:42speachynon-core stuff couldn't use languages until very recently
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10:41:19mendel_munkishust to be sure that means double tap left correct?
10:57:45speachyI _think_ so, but don't take my word for it.
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11:31:06speachysweet, looks like I've managed to get clang's static analyzer to run on top of the rockbox codebase.
11:34:16speachyprobably should kicked it off on a diffeent system. load average is over 16 already.
11:40:49mendel_munkisanyone know if nwza860 keymap is complete?
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12:44:04speachyfinally finished. it found over 500 issues:
12:45:54__builtin can you do a color build?
12:46:02__builtinfor sdl apps and puzzles
12:46:13speachysure, it'll take a while though.
12:50:42speachyat least it'll be a parallel build this time
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12:58:41mendel_munkisspeachy: some of those are not actually bugs (I think)
12:58:58speachyoh to be sure, there are very likely false positives
12:59:38speachyI did this to see if it might help find why the new gcc on PP targets is assploding so badly.
13:00:58speachythe failures it's reporting at the end are things that even GCC says "... cannot be depended upon to work reliably and are not supported"
13:03:52speachythen there's this construct:
13:04:29mendel_munkiswhats wrong with that?
13:04:45speachynon-static initialization of array length
13:05:21speachygcc accepts it but clang goes "oh hell no". :)
13:06:07__builtinah, FAMs strike back
13:06:11speachythe one time I was able to get a usable stack trace out of the PP crash, it was in the middel of dircache operations
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14:00:28mendel_munkisIs adding a string to english-us.lang enough to use it?
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14:09:42speachy'english.lang' is the master, not 'english-us'
14:12:12mendel_munkisthat would explain the errors
14:13:57mendel_munkisby the way whats with the license for the headers from the linux kernel?
14:14:22speachyunless otherwise noted, GPLv2
14:14:51mendel_munkisbut isn't rockbox is released as gpl2+?
14:14:57speachyindividual files may be something different (GPLv2+, BSD, MIT, MPL, etc)
14:18:40speachy824 total "bugs"
14:19:26speachy__builtin: enjoy. :)
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14:21:57__builtinplenty from quake, I see :)
14:22:35__builtinthat ought to keep me busy for a while
14:23:00gevaertsYes, part of the problem with those things is that at least historically we haven't really touched imported code unless really needed
14:25:35speachythere's plenty of issues inside "purely rockbox" code.
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14:41:44bluebrotherFS #13198 complains about ipodpatcher and Rockbox Utility not running on Catalina, which isn't surprising since Apple remove 32bit support.
14:41:45fs-bluebot ipodpatcher and Rockbox Utility do not work in macOS Catalina (10.15) (bugs, unconfirmed)
14:42:27bluebrotherAs for ipodpatcher, what's the best solution here? I did build a 64bit ipodpatcher (with the released bootloaders), but it's from current HEAD, thus a different version than we have right now.
14:42:41bluebrotherbut given that Rockbox Utility builds ipodpatcher HEAD I don't see an issue with that.
14:42:58speachyit's not just the 64-bit-only nature; there are also stricter code signing/etc requirements.
14:44:17bluebrotheryeah, but you can ignore that to some extent. You just can't simply left-click things anymore :)
14:44:29bluebrotherright-click, open, confirm warning, runs.
14:44:35speachyis there really any reason to not just tag and build 1.4.n+1 from HEAD?
14:45:31bluebrotherthere's one bug in the Makefile, so it doesn't build the dmg. But that's a dead simple fix. And ipodpatcher was last versioned as 5.0
14:45:45bluebrotherbut yeah, we could tag ipodpatcher 5.1 and build it.
14:51:45bluebrotherhmm, there seems to be a problem with attaching a link to a comment in Flyspray. When I paste a Google Drive link into the comment it works, when adding it using the "attach link" it doesn't. Seems it gets cut off.
14:53:05mendel_munkisany idea why lcd_puts segfaults in the sim with ID2P as the string arg?
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15:10:49bluebrotherhmm, the same issue should be present for sansapatcher
15:13:37bluebrother... and beastpatcher
15:13:48bluebrotherok, not today anymore :)
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15:41:35speachyhmm. I wonder if these naked-with-non-simple-asm functions are to blame for the PP screwups..
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18:28:48__Bilgus_mendel_munkis you should start giving a snippet of code with these questions.
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18:46:01speachyI think, at minimum, the arm corelock asm code was broken. I rejiggered it so it no longer uses naked functions (and proper asm annotations) and now the gcc494 pp builds blow up in a different place.
18:47:06speachyinterestingly, I disabled the asm code and moved back to the C corelock code, and it now blows up the same way as the "fixed" asm code.
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18:49:07speachynow I'm geting PANICs about the wrong thread.
18:49:15speachyfor mutex unlocks
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19:41:09speachysweet, no immediate regressions on the old toolchain.
19:41:33speachyso, anyone with arm asm skillz care to give some feedback on g#2459?
19:41:35fs-bluebotGerrit review #2459 at : ARM: Rejigger the asm corelock functions by Solomon Peachy
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21:35:59speachyI'd appreciate it if someone else with a PP-based device could double-check that patch to make sure it doesn't cause regressions.
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