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#rockbox log for 2020-07-02

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11:37:54fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 385a917 result: All green
11:38:41speachyI have a couple more test builds to make but I intend to commit g#2407
11:38:43fs-bluebotGerrit review #2407 at : toolchains: Bump all target toolchains to binutils 2.26.1 by Solomon Peachy
11:39:32speachywith the updated binutils all toolchains compile cleanly on modern systems, even finiky sh/gcc403
11:44:23speachyWTF... the arm7/PP crash is due to the binutils bump, not gcc. so somewhere between 2.20.1 and 2.26.1 things went very wrong.
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11:55:15pamaurycould mean something fucked up with do with the linker or symbols, or just a binutils bug but those are not so common I think
11:55:53speachymore inclined to think it's something that changed in the assembler
11:57:00speachyand really annoyingly binutils doesn't provide sane release notes, at least not that far back.
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12:01:59speachygonna try a binary search to narrow down the breakage window..
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12:11:15speachy2.23.1 hangs instead of panicing
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12:23:37speachy2.22 hangs too...
12:36:24speachy2.21.1 panics
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22:35:14speachyhmm. I think I found the problem... in the executable linked by binutils >=2.21, for some reason, '_end' is coming *after* '_audiobuffer'
22:35:38speachyso presumably the bss segment is getting trashed by stuff using the audiobuffer.
22:36:28speachyover 3KB of overlap
22:42:03speachythe ncbss segment is what's getting "lost", and that includes the mutexes that are triggering the panic.
22:56:19speachyokay, fixed it. I think.
22:57:27speachy(now the 2.20.1 and 2.21.1 symbol table is identical. Excellent!)
22:59:04speachythe gcc444/2.21 build works. now for a gcc494/2.26 build..
23:01:18speachyit lives!
23:11:18speachycodecs broke. fixing up the other ld scripts now
23:14:01*__builtin wonders if the quake crashes have to do with that, too
23:14:25speachyprobably not if it's on the old toolchain.
23:14:31speachyunless quake has its own linker script
23:14:34__builtinno, it was on 4.9.4
23:14:48__builtinit would crash due to a mysterious memory corruption on 4.9.4, but not 4.4.4
23:15:08speachythis only affected imx31, imx233, and pp targets
23:16:39speachyor rather, any target without NOCACHE_BASE. which I think is only those three series.
23:17:11__builtinah, right
23:17:28speachythat isn't to say there isn't something else going wrong.
23:17:51speachythe arm asm problem I had with the corelock functions was independent of this linker goof, for example
23:18:22__builtinadmittedly, I haven't given the quake crashes a proper investigation yet
23:18:38speachythere might be something important lurking amongst the bajillion warnings in the quake codebase. :)
23:19:40__builtinyeah, I had to cheat to get it to compile quietly
23:21:08speachynope, codecs still broken.
23:21:20speachymake that all plugins
23:23:54mendel_munkisis there a way to browse recently closed tasks in flyspray?
23:24:47__builtinperhaps do an advanced search for closed tasks, and sort by edit date?
23:26:54speachy^^ this
23:27:13speachyyou can save the search if you're logged in
23:27:56mendel_munkisdoes anyone have any comments on translating technical terms?
23:29:12mendel_munkisI added a text string "hashing" to md5sum.rock. speachy seems to think it should be added to the translate file
23:30:13speachyin that case, I was thinking more of voicing the text rather than translating it
23:30:41mendel_munkisok I misunderstood.
23:30:55__builtinoh, you translated "cancel" and not "hashing"?
23:31:34*mendel_munkis plans to eventually replace several extant strings with that one
23:32:15__builtinI'd say feel free to make it translatable, but it's definitely not necessary for something like md5sum.rock
23:32:44mendel_munkisis it possible to view close-requested tasks?
23:35:28speachyview, yes. modify, no
23:35:57mendel_munkissorry I wasn't clear I meant a list of close-requested tasks
23:36:12speachynot unless you're an admin
23:37:03__builtinhmm, it'd be interesting to get sgt-puzzles translated
23:37:06speachy(at least I don't think there's a way to search for them via the main search UI)
23:37:33speachydo you want me to just close all the ones you requested to be closed?
23:37:36mendel_munkisI'm trying to figure out the percentage of tasks I looked at this week that where obselete
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23:38:10mendel_munkisI don't remember what all of them where so I may have been mistaken about some of them.
23:38:29speachythere are 16 you requested closing
23:40:19mendel_munkiswhich means out of ~700 open tasks ~175 are probably obsolete
23:40:42__builtinsgt-puzzles are probably the most widely used games, and their UI is all localized in one file
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23:42:30mendel_munkisbtw does anyone have any problems with g#2465?
23:42:32fs-bluebotGerrit review #2465 at : Also remove the fat_partition_types array. by Moshe Piekarski
23:42:44mendel_munkissorry g#2460
23:42:46fs-bluebotGerrit review #2460 at : Fix logf warnings in more codecs by Moshe Piekarski
23:43:03__builtinthat's probably fine to merge
23:43:15speachygo for it
23:43:48fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 9cf2492, 294 builds, 10 clients.
23:50:03speachyokay, closed the last of the ones you requested
23:53:28speachymendel_munkis, I bumped you up to Developer access in the tracker. You should be able to directly close things as you see fit now.
23:53:42mendel_munkisthank you.
23:53:47 Join beencubed [0] (~beencubed@
23:53:47speachyno, thank you. :D
23:54:27mendel_munkisI feel like we've had this conversation before
23:57:07speachyyep, and I'm still grateful that you're helping to triage and clean out dusty old baggage.
23:57:30mendel_munkisthat's what happens when I'm bored for a week.
23:57:32__builtinmendel_munkis: I'm sure speachy couldn't be happier :)
23:57:59speachy"engineering is a highly productive behavioral disorder"
23:58:19mendel_munkisspeachy: do you have a source for that quote?
23:58:45speachya colleague of mine attributed it to his ex-wife.
23:58:57mendel_munkisI see

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