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#rockbox log for 2020-07-03

00:00:30speachyso I can reduce the technical baggage of other targets that are only slightly less obsolete. :)
00:00:48speachy...and ultimately make it easier for new folks to build our codebase
00:01:06speachy...even I question my sanity...
00:01:06mendel_munkis__builtin: I have that page saved to my fuze+
00:01:09__builtin... I maintain first-person shooters for mp3 players
00:01:19speachyokay, you win there. :D
00:01:54mendel_munkis__builtin: I have beat at least one FPS o my mp3 player
00:02:19mendel_munkisso thank you.
00:02:39fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 1131 seconds.
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00:03:11speachynow what I really question is the port of frotz.
00:03:25mendel_munkishey I used it at least twice.
00:03:29__builtineven I haven't figured that one out
00:04:08mendel_munkis(in highschool I went through a phase of trying every rockbox feature at least once to pass classtime)
00:05:21mendel_munkishow are the txt irc log urls formatted?
00:05:28__builtinI still think user890104 takes the cake with his x86 emulator
00:05:52mendel_munkiswait what
00:06:02__builtinoh, you're unaware?
00:06:20mendel_munkisI was working on other projects for a few years.
00:06:42speachythe raw logs store the text as, well text. the log viewer on the www site uses regexps to convert them to links (and do many other quality-of-life-isms as well)
00:07:12mendel_munkisI am aware. just any links to the raw logs appear to be broken
00:07:27mendel_munkisI am trying to figure out what url I would need to access them
00:07:35__builtinthey seem to work for me, e.g.
00:07:47mendel_munkisah the year in the url is new
00:08:32__builtinright, I think speachy did that to aid in archiving
00:08:56mendel_munkisalso now they are at d.r.o not r.o/irc
00:09:17__builtinyeah, that's all a byproduct of the transition
00:09:25mendel_munkismakes sense
00:09:30speachyare there dangling links on the site that need fixing?
00:09:43mendel_munkisa few in golden quotes.
00:09:44speachythought I got all of the ones that were programically generated
00:10:09__builtinmaybe a rewrite rule would be wise
00:10:15mendel_munkisfar more when I try to search the logs with a search engine to avoid repeating questions
00:11:18speachyit's getting quite late, do me a favor and file a ticket under infra/www and list an example of old vs new URLs
00:11:36__builtinmendel_munkis: for fake86, btw
00:11:39speachyand I'll hack in a redirection
00:12:35speachyanyhoo. gotta go turn into a pumpkin now.
00:12:42mendel_munkisgood night
00:12:51mendel_munkisthanks for the link __builtin
00:13:23__builtinbuilding a JIT for that would be a very cool project
00:14:02__builtinon newer targets we definitely have the raw horsepower necessary for realtime performance
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02:48:07efqw_Hello everyone, I'm trying to register an account on the rockbox wiki to add some info about a device, but the registration is currently disabled. Should I email that rbwiki-noreply address, or do I have to contact someone else?
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07:12:59speachyefqw_, that would be me.
07:13:54speachyif you know how to use private messages here, send me your full name and email address and I'll get to it later today
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08:11:07mendel_munkisspeachy: thanks for the redirect.
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08:19:08efqw_speachy: details sent, thanks.
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16:45:52speachyI think it's time to move the AGPTek Rocker, X3ii and X20 threads out of the "new ports" section of the forum. Since they basically work and all that's really lacking is tweaking keymaps and (eventually) rbutil and a manual entry..
16:46:08speachythe wiki has enough documentation to get folks started.
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17:36:50fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 905e199, 294 builds, 11 clients.
17:38:25speachyon the binutils 2.21+ front, my original "fix" was wrong and it had accidentally given me a false positive. I figured out the correct fix, but I'm still unclear why it is necessary.
17:39:03speachyplugins/codecs still don't work; the problem with that appears to be different versus the main executable.
17:51:20fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 868 seconds.
17:51:21fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 905e199 result: All green
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18:18:30mendel_munkisdoes anyone have any clue why when screen flip is enabled the statusbar will occasionally be drawn at the wrong position?
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18:30:19speachyany pattern to when it happens?
18:30:59mendel_munkisIt seems to happen every couple of frames while menuing.
18:31:17mendel_munkisbut as far as I can tell the position won't change when idle.
18:31:34speachyI'd bet tehre's ssomething getting called that always updates the position without taking into account the flip.
18:32:08speachyand it gets overwritten nearly immediately, but sometimes not untila fter the screen repaint has started
18:32:20speachybut specifically, no clue
18:32:22mendel_munkisspeachy: that thought occurred to me but as I was about to say this is a target where flip is controlled by a driver register
18:33:09speachysometing inadvertantly toggling that register then?
18:33:18mendel_munkiswhich I just relized means that something is taking into account the flip that shoulldnt.
18:33:19speachybecause otherwise it's purely within the driver/hardware
18:33:29speachyand that too
18:33:41speachyought to be easy to grep for that
18:33:43mendel_munkisit not toggling thebit because the orientation is correct
18:33:56speachyoh, you have a fuze+, right?
18:34:10mendel_munkisthat is My primary device yes
18:34:41speachythink you could try out a gcc49 build and see how well it works? (namely, does it work at all, and do plugins/codecs work too)
18:35:09mendel_munkisno problem. (I was going to offer last night bbut forgot)
18:35:55speachyI'm rebuilding all of my toolchains right now so it'll be a while.
18:36:39mendel_munkisyeah I dont actually know much about building toolchains besides run rbdev and pray.
18:39:49mendel_munkisI will be afk until saturday night so take your time
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21:02:37speachyHmm. I wonder if it's the plugin _loader_ that's b0rked rather than the plugin itself. or probably more likely the threading code is still screwy.
21:25:54__builtinany idea where it's failing?
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21:29:33speachylaunching a plugin gives the LANG_PLUGIN_CANT_OPEN splash
21:29:57speachywas going to instrument lc_open() to see where in there it's failing and work my way back from there
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23:02:18speachymendel_munkis, −− built with gcc444 and bintuils 2.21. It's git head plus the imx233 rtc patch and the linker script changes in g#2473
23:02:20fs-bluebotGerrit review #2473 at : arm: Fix PortalPlayer linker scripts with binutils 2.21+ by Solomon Peachy
23:12:12speachyaaand I think my well-used mini2g just croaked.
23:12:57speachythat or the cable
23:14:50__builtinalways happens at the best time, doesn't that?
23:15:19speachycable's ok. turns out I had an extra and both work on the accidentally-purchased nano
23:15:33speachyit's a shame the nano doesn't have expandable/replaceable storage
23:18:43speachyso.. the question is if it's worth taking a chance on a battery for the mini2g or just find another one for cheap.
23:20:30speachy(it's not even drawing enough current to make the hub think something's plugged in)
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23:39:00speachywhew. pulling it apart and disconnecting the battery for a few minutes was enough to get it to recover.

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