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#rockbox log for 2020-07-09

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05:57:51efqwspeachy: I looked it up and apparently hiby r3[pro], shanling q1, m0, m2x are also using the X1000E SoC.
05:58:58efqwunfortunately those are all touchscreen devices so I don't think rb is going to work very well on them
05:59:33efqwsame goes for the recent me pro from fiio, that is a touchscreen device as well
05:59:39efqw*m3 pro
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08:01:08speachyefqw, there are quite a few more built on the x1000e, and if one includes the jz47xx SoCs, even more.
08:02:04speachyI'd wager that for the past decade, those SoCs comprise the majority of the mid-high end of the Chinese DAP market.
08:04:06speachythe likes of rknano and atj2127 on the low end.
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08:07:31speachy(ie stuff with only a tiny amount of on-chip RAM and hardware-based decoding)
08:13:38efqwYeah, I think xuelin had some of those RKNANOD stuff.
08:14:57efqwFiiO's X1 (1st gen, mark II and mark III) are all using JZ4760[B] I think.
08:15:55speachyI have a X1 (1st gen) in a box; the wheel is a little flaky so I got it for cheap.
08:17:30speachyif I find myself with more time than sense, I'll probably dust off that port and try to get it in usable shape.
08:18:12speachy(it was done prior to the xDuoo X3, and a lot of the outstanding MIPS issues have already been resolved)
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08:22:56pamauryI have some unfinished work on the JZ4760B and the Fiio X1 1st gen, I think most of it is on gerrit
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08:26:26pamauryour touchscreen implementation is really subpar though, it makes touchscreen-based targets not so nice to use
08:26:43speachyyeah, refactoring the common jz47xx code will probably be a decent amount of effort.
08:27:01speachyour touchscreen implementation sucks. no sense in being polite about it. :D
08:28:15speachyour entire UI is designed around use of dedicated off-screen buttons.
08:30:14speachytouchscreens require a completely different approach to things.
08:32:37efqwIs the jz47xx rb running on Linux or is it bare-metal?
08:32:47speachygranted we could sort of cheat and dedicate part of the screen to virtual buttons...
08:33:04speachyefqw, bare-metal
08:33:50speachyI think it's the most performant native target we have.
08:34:13efqwOh, I thought you were running rb on the 2.x BSP kernel, lol
08:35:21speachyI think the OF for all of the jz47xx targets runs on top of Linux(+hibyplayer)
08:37:43speachyI still want to implement CPU reclocking on the jz4760 to (vastly) improve its battery life..
08:39:19speachyspeaking of, I don't think the x1000e linux kernels have any meaninful power management turned on either.
08:40:55efqwThe battery life of the m3k is at least 14h on the stock firmware, which imo is actually decent already.
08:41:26efqw(continuous flac playback)
08:42:19speachyfiio probably tweaked things a bit. (I believe the rocker runs all-out)
08:42:35efqwspeachy: speaking of which, have you been able to disassemble the stock fw of the m3k and extract that
08:42:44speachyhaven't touched it
08:43:06pamauryspeachy: the Fiio X1 1st gen doesn't use linux iirc, 2nd gen does
08:44:00pamaurybut most JZ-based devices use linux indeed
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09:02:47*speachy stands corrected.
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09:32:12speachypamaury, you have a truly epic amount of WIP patches in gerrit
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10:09:42speachyless than 400 open gerrit changesets now, woo!
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10:30:10pamauryspeachy: yeah I know...
10:30:21pamauryand then it rots
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14:30:49__builtinhehe, g#2512
14:30:50fs-bluebotGerrit review #2512 at : Audio playback via piezo PWM (HACK) by Franklin Wei
14:31:03__builtintry it if you don't value your ears
14:38:27speachyit's nice to see an uptick of activity. even if it's of the ear-bleeding variety
14:39:04__builtinpart of me wants to merge that into mainline
14:42:51speachyit's arguably more useful than another FPS... :D
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15:00:06speachyIs g#1206 still relevant? It still applies, anyway..
15:00:08fs-bluebotGerrit review #1206 at : [Superdom] Bugfix by Franklin Wei
15:01:08__builtinthere was definitely a bug, yes
15:01:10__builtinwhich I introduced...
15:02:05speachythere was also g#1014 which just disabled the code instead of fixing it
15:02:07fs-bluebotGerrit review #1014 at : Superdom bugpatch: by Franklin Wei
15:03:32speachyoh, just before I forget −− Gerrit will now reject patches that don't have the Change-Id header. Apparently it wasn't enforcing it before.
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16:30:59speachy g#2513 is an experiment −− it's a noticable difference on the PP ipods
16:31:01fs-bluebotGerrit review #2513 at : settings: cache settings[i] lookup by Solomon Peachy
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16:39:03speachywith the new toolchain and optimization settings there's no difference.
16:40:37speachyincdently, new toolchain shrinks the binary size by 10% on the mini2g, and 7% on the ram size.
16:41:09speachyabout 70k each. that can't be coincidental.
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16:46:34mendelmunkisTIL: chip manufacturers don't like talking to me.
16:47:02 Nick mendelmunkis is now known as mendel_munkis (
16:48:11speachychipmakers don't generally like talking to folks that have order volumes under 7 digits.
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19:18:05speachynow here's an oddity. if you look at the page, some entries have 7-character ids and others have 10.
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20:35:01fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision c914b14, 295 builds, 9 clients.
20:41:21speachy...because older git clients defaulted to 7-char short hashes, newer ones 10-char. I updated the version script to use a fixed 10-char hash regardless of local git defaults
20:45:47speachywith that the gerrit hook can finally be told to use longer hashes.
20:48:43lemon_jesushey guys, I'm interested in doing some reverse engineering work on the iPod Nano 3g. I'm trying to run the notes exploit (using the codebase at to dump the firmware, but the payload just puts my iPod into a bootloop. Has anybody successfully used this exploit on their nano 3g? it's unclear to me if this exploit
20:48:43lemon_jesusis even compatible with it. if this isn't the best way to dump/decrypt the 3g firmware, what is?
20:57:20fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 1339 seconds.
20:57:21fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision c914b14 result: All green
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21:08:24speachylemon_jesus, I don't think anyone still active knows anything about the nano3g.
21:14:27lemon_jesushmmmm... that's unfortunate. do you think anybody knows about the Pwnage 2.0 exploit in general? that one has even less documentation surrounding it.
21:19:50speachyno idea. this stuff way predates my active involvement here
21:27:52lemon_jesusdarn. okay, I'll keep you posted if I make any progress.
21:30:28mendel_munkis_think its time to revive the rockbox player with skywater PDK?
21:30:42mendel_munkis_(yes I know thats not happening)
21:31:28speachyI don't think there's much point in desinging a new ASIC
21:38:44speachywhen it's the rest of the player design that's going to bite us in the posterior..
21:40:33speachynot to mention small-volume manufacturing overhead
21:41:05mendel_munkis_I know I know
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21:42:50speachyI've wanted to do a port to a modern Cortex-M MCU but very few sample boards support both SDRAM and easily-attachable displays.
21:50:24speachyoh, and audio.
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21:55:08__builtinspeachy: easy, just PWM it with g#2512
21:55:10fs-bluebotGerrit review #2512 at : Audio playback via piezo PWM (HACK) by Franklin Wei
21:55:56__builtinthe sound quality is surprisingly good if you balance the sample rate/PWM frequency
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22:13:48speachysomething like this:
22:14:14speachyI inherited one of their older kits (the open407)
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22:32:24speachythere's a higher-end version that's actually cheaper −− 480MHz Cortex-H7, 1MB SRAM (192K IRAM), 8MB external SDRAM, 2MB onboard flash.
22:37:01speachyplus enough peripherals to make even the elder gods slightly less grumpy.
22:45:25speachyand the MCU on that costs $8.68 in 1K quantities. vs $5 for an entire RPi Zero with 512MB RAM. :)
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