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#rockbox log for 2020-07-11

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08:09:03speachymendel_munkis, see FS #13213
08:09:05fs-bluebot Patch 2466 - 'Try mounting as "superfloppy" first' breaks iPods 5G, 4G, nano 1G (bugs, unconfirmed)
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11:01:38fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision aad57ea, 295 builds, 10 clients.
11:12:14speachysweet. I have a table-driven multi-language "daily" voice build running. Supports multiple voices per language, per-voice engine/option selection, etc.
11:12:39speachyhosting infra automagically picks up whatever's present and shows it as a download option.
11:18:01fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 983 seconds.
11:18:04fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision aad57ea result: All green
11:30:58speachymendel_munkis, I think the problem is due to the removal of the partition type filter, so rockbox is mounting the system partition instead.
12:17:11speachyhuh, that's strange. Russian voice files are 3x the size of English. And Greek is >5x.
12:17:41speachySerbian is nearly 4x.
12:18:37speachyit would be really useful if someone who speaks/understands those languages could sanity-check these voices.
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14:29:04fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision aa20b6a, 295 builds, 10 clients.
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14:44:41fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 937 seconds.
14:44:43fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision aa20b6a result: All green
15:32:53Strife89speachy: Sorry, I haven't tried it yet! I wrote 3.15 to it last night and have been avoiding USB in Rockbox. I had a lot of trouble last night just unmounting the damn thing.
15:33:46Strife89But I will install aa20b6af7a shortly
15:38:46speachymendel_munkis, it looks like the dumps provided in that ticket show a valid FAT header in the boot sector of those ipods.
15:39:21Strife89speachy: It, uh, got worse
15:39:34Strife89"No .rockbox directory. Installation incomplete"
15:39:55speachythat might be the problem referenced in the ticket I'm digging at right now
15:39:58Strife89Under Rockbox Info: "Int: 0KiB/119GiB"
15:40:06speachywhat's the partinfo say?
15:41:28Strife89P0: S:3f
15:41:28Strife89T:0 39 MB
15:41:28Strife89P1: S:139c5
15:41:28DBUGEnqueued KICK Strife89
15:41:28Strife89T:b 121902 MB
15:41:28Strife89P2: S:0
15:41:28***Alert Mode level 1
15:41:28Strife89T:0 0 MB
15:41:28***Alert Mode level 2
15:41:28Strife89P3: S:0
15:41:29***Alert Mode level 3
15:41:29Strife89T:0 0 MB
15:43:20speachyif you revert 7fb438b06 it should work
15:44:11Strife89Also, here's disk info:
15:44:36Strife89Revert to that commit, you mean?
15:45:02speachyno, run 'git revert 7fb438b06' from master..
15:46:44Strife89Ah, okay
15:49:40speachy...the right solution might be to simply not do superfloppy boots on "disk" storage.
15:50:59speachyeven with SSD conversions, the various OFs expect proper partitioning.
15:51:30***Alert Mode OFF
15:53:28gevaertsOne problem with these things is that sometimes disks have remnants of previous formatting on them, and that can sometimes confuse things
15:54:10speachymy mini2g works but I have dumps from several others that fail.
15:54:21speachytrying to compare the boot sector to see what's what.
15:55:50speachyto set mine up I used the boot sector/etc off the RB wiki.
15:55:58speachysince mine came formatted for the mac out of the box
16:16:23speachyok, I think I have a fix
16:17:29speachyWe're not actually checking the fat32 fsinfo sector signature.
16:18:12speachyso I put in a check. on sane filessystems it will work. on the "b0rked superfloppy" with quasi-valid fat32 headers it should fail.
16:19:43speachycompiling it now to make sure it doesn't regress on my mini2g
16:20:11speachyStrife89, I can generate a build for you or send you a patch to try, what would you prefer?
16:20:57Strife89Please build
16:21:03Strife89Am driving
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16:26:18speachy g#2516
16:26:20fs-bluebotGerrit review #2516 at : build: Switch to '-Os' as default for all targets, and enable -Wextra by Solomon Peachy
16:26:35speachywhoops I mean g#2523
16:26:37fs-bluebotGerrit review #2523 at : fat: Validate FS Info Sector signature when attempting to mount volume by Solomon Peachy
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16:32:37speachyIt didn't regress on my sanely-formatted mini2g, so I think I got the signature check right
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16:44:44Strife89speachy: Thanks! About to grab my laptop.
16:47:45speachyuploading a new version. same filename, patch tweaked.
16:48:36Strife89Cool, I'll grab that
16:48:46Strife89I haven't even finished my original download
16:48:57speachyeither will work
16:52:20speachyhmm. looks like I should test both intead of just one.
16:53:19Strife89Hmmm, it appears to be stuck on the Apple logo as I try to boot it
16:54:00Strife89Tried again, it makes it to the Rockbox logo
16:54:43Strife89Seems it does.
16:55:10speachyok. will have another one for you shortly.
16:55:11Strife89Third boot attempt: Apple logo.
16:57:34speachy(wouldn't have expected a hang at the apple logo..)
16:59:02Strife89I'm praying that the old HDD was the source of corruption problems I was experiencing, and not an issue with the logic board or the HDD connector ...
16:59:34speachythough come to think of it, I did that build using a newer toolchain. that could still have issues on your device.
17:00:02Strife89Ah, so there's a lot it could be
17:00:26speachyif this doesn't work I'll rebuild it with the "official" toolchain
17:01:16Strife894 minutes in and the download's still not done. 4.88MB completed
17:02:01Strife89I must have one of the shittiest DSL lines still in use
17:02:10speachybetter than nothing
17:03:16CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
17:03:16*__builtin ran on DSL until far too recently
17:03:42*speachy is still on DSL.
17:04:35speachyok, got a confirmation in the ticket that this patch supposedly worked on the ipodcolor
17:04:52Strife89Crap, it's still hanging on the Apple logo
17:05:10speachyI'm in the middle of a rebuild with the old toolchain\
17:05:23Strife89Thank you
17:06:00Strife89Third boot attempt made it to the Rockbox logo but very quickly dropped to a white text on black screen:
17:06:10Strife89"No partition found. Insert USB cable and fix it."
17:06:36speachythis isn't code that would be nondeterministic. either it works, or it doesn't
17:07:18speachymore likely that there's still some miscompiled/optmized code in the 4gcolor build.
17:07:33Strife89I still wouldn't rule out problems with my HW
17:08:49Strife89dmesg when I plug in the iPod, still on that "no partition" screen
17:09:38speachythat's happening in "disk mode"?
17:10:10speachythat paste you showed is ... worrisome.
17:10:19Strife89This is what I get in Disk Mode
17:10:51speachyso sector numbers are being misreported.
17:12:04speachythe partition table claims the disk is bigger than the actual disk capacity.
17:12:31speachyrockbox could be legitimately rejecting that.
17:13:35Strife89I'll run fsck on it
17:14:19Strife89fsck output
17:15:16Strife89Booting 0e49829800
17:15:28Strife89"No partition found. Insert USB cable and fix it."
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17:18:22Strife89Would it help if I went back to 3.15 and gathered some details?
17:19:15speachylinux claims the partitioning is wonky
17:21:46Strife89fdisk -l on the iPod
17:23:31speachyif 3.15 works, then sure
17:24:04Strife89Before I put the SD card into the iPod, I reformatted it's exFAT partition to FAT32, without changing the MBR. Then I put it in the iFlash and put that in the iPod, then booted it straight into disk mode and connected it to a PC running Windows 10 and iTunes, which I used to "restore" the iPod.
17:24:40Strife89Then I ran ipodpatcher from my laptop (booted into Debian) on it, and copied a Rockbox build
17:27:22Strife893.15 boot as desired
17:30:13Strife89dmesg after connecting to USB while booted into Rockbox 3.15
17:31:49Strife89Additional output. The iPod isn't appearing in lsblk
17:32:34speachythat last paste only has 6 lines of dmesg pcie errors.
17:33:11speachythere are too many factors in play here
17:33:15Strife89I wasn't sure whether they were related or not, sorry
17:33:53Strife89What can I do to rule out one or more factors?
17:34:14speachywell, since going back to the orignal drive isn't really feasible any more..
17:35:08Strife89I still have the drive
17:35:24Strife89Probably wouldn't take me long to switch it in
17:37:46speachythe iflash adapters are known to be a little wonky. I have two other patches that may affect that
17:40:38speachydd if=/dev/sdX bs=512 count=10 of=/tmp/sdX.img
17:40:45speachydd if=/dev/sdX1 bs=512 count=10 of=/tmp/sdX1.img
17:40:49speachydd if=/dev/sdX2 bs=512 count=10 of=/tmp/sdX2.img
17:40:54speachyreplace 'X' as appropriate
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17:44:17Strife89Clone the original drive to the iFlash's card?
17:45:16speachythe above lines will just dump the first few sectors of the drive and each partition
17:45:30speachyI want to eyeball them to see how they compare with the other stuff I have handy
17:46:12Strife89Oh you want me to dump sectors from the iFlash?
17:46:40Strife89Can do
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18:00:38speachythat looks sane.
18:01:06speachyWhat would be most useful diagnostically is to eliminate the iflash from the equation −− go back to the old spinning rust drive
18:02:35speachyif that works (or doesn't) with the latest build, we will know where to go sniffing next.
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18:08:33speachythat 'no partition found' is emitted by the bootloader, not the running rockbox binary
18:10:29speachynevermind, found it in the main firmware
18:17:42speachyok, have independent confirmation that patches 3/4 are bad, but 1 (and by definition 2) should be okay.
18:19:26speachyStrife89, so hang on with the disassembly if it's not too late. :)
18:23:21Strife89I've been waiting just in case. :)
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18:26:44efqwDarn it. I was trying to find the boot select pins on the FiiO M3K, and looks like I won't be able to find it unless I pull the SoC off.
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18:27:47efqwboot_sel[0] (PB28) is tied to Volume Down, which is nice I guess
18:28:49efqwWhat I wanted was PB29, which is not defined in the source unfortunately. I could make it boot from mmc if I pull down PB29.
18:29:09 Join ac_laptop [0] (~ac_laptop@
18:40:45Strife89Yikes. Good luck, efqw
18:44:54Strife89speachy: It boots!
18:45:27Strife89It complained about a "failure reading .voice", which I haven't seen before
18:46:11Strife89But other than that, so far, so good
18:48:12Strife89Disk activity is very slow.
18:48:22speachycan't comn
18:48:44speachycan't comment on the speed, though I have some stuff in the works that _might_ improve things.
18:49:11Strife89So slow that right now, I'm not sure that it's not hung
18:49:34Strife89Trying to move up a directory in the file browser while waiting on a music track to start playing
18:49:35speachythe voice thing is a new one too. might be related to b64a286a
18:51:13fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 7249fab, 295 builds, 9 clients.
18:51:51Strife89The LCD backlight still fades in and out when I brush the Click Wheel, but otherwise I'm convinced that it's effectively hung
18:52:41speachytry this one:
18:52:54Strife89So this time (rebooted) I went directly to a file that I've successfully played before, and it plays fine
18:53:00speachyit might help with the disk performance, by disabling use of ATA power management altgether.
18:53:11Strife89Importantly, it loads as snappily as a "native" flash player
18:53:28speachythe iflash adapters claim to not support power management, in spite of it being a mandatory part of the ATA spec since the beginning
18:53:28Strife89I'll still try that build, though
18:54:07Strife89I think I still have a bunch of corrupt(?) files and directories, despite having run fsck on the drive
18:54:45Strife89Or at least files, because entering one of my previously "empty" directories now works fine
18:56:03Strife89Trying to play an album in /Music/Video Games/ since that was one of the "empty" ones
18:57:14Strife89It took roughly 6 seconds to switch to the WPS after I clicked on a file, and it's not playing any of them. It moves to the next track ("X of 34") after roughly 6 seconds
18:57:31speachywelcome to the iflash wonkiness.
18:58:16Strife89Figures that I'd have to learn the hard way about how poor an experience this is.
18:58:54Strife89I thought I'd be fine because I ordered the model with one SD slot, instead of four microSD slots
19:01:47Strife89Are there better flash options out there that don't cost a ton?
19:12:21speachythe CF stuff is a lot more reliable, because it's native ATA.
19:12:36speachybut pricier, naturally.
19:13:18fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 1325 seconds.
19:13:21fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 7249fab result: All green
19:14:43speachyhowever, we do not use the same ATA controller clocking and settings as the stock ipod firmware
19:15:25speachyso it's quite likely that has a lot to do with it, given that the iflash adapters supposedly work well with that.
19:16:49Strife89That reminds me, I do have an iPod Mini that I need to repair (needs new battery), so I guess I should get a CompactFlash card for it too
19:19:37Strife89(And that is *all* I need, right? The CF card?)
19:21:28speachyyep; unplug the microdrive and plug in the CF card. you might want to attach a shim to keep it from wobbling around.
19:22:07speachyoh, before I forget, can you go into the debug menu, and dump the ata identify info?
19:22:15speachyit spits out a file on the root filesytem
19:26:25Strife89Sure, in a bit
19:26:52Strife89Oh, USB seems fixed too, on the previous build
19:27:18Strife89(*Still* trying to download 29a03a3c25)
19:30:14Strife89Okay, correction: USB doesn't crash Rockbox anymore when I disconnect it and it tries to remount storage
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20:57:16Strife89speachy: (file is above)
21:04:12speachyyeah, got it
21:16:25Strife89I feel like I simply made a bad purchase (on the iFlash) and I should consider the money lost.
21:16:47Strife89Back to the drawing board, as it were.
21:17:22speachyit's not a lost cause.. there's at least incremental progress being made these days
21:20:32Strife89speachy: Sending a PM
21:37:40Strife89Hmmm, suppose I pulled the SD card out of the iFlash and dumped partition headers again?
21:37:56Strife89(and ran fsck, and copied all my music)
21:42:13speachyyou partitioned/formatted it after the iflash was assembled, I think. (as part of the iTunes restore)
21:43:21mendel_munkisspeachy: sorry I was afk. thanks for taking care of it
21:44:46speachyhey, it gave me an excuse to explore code I'd never seen before. And a tangible "that doesn't make sense" problem to distract me from being crushed by the weight of my own mortality
21:44:47mendel_munkisAlso FWIW that was probably also the problem on superfloppy that caused the original revert of G#2464
21:44:49fs-bluebotGerrit review #2464 at : Allow any partition type, not just known FAT types. by Moshe Piekarski
21:45:06*speachy nods.
21:45:25speachyso now we follow the fat32 spec a bit more strictly, and the problems go away. :D
21:45:33mendel_munkiswhich means that we should be able to revert 2466 and gain a tiny speedup at mount
21:46:38speachynah, I think it should be kept as-is, unless you want to tweak it to not bother with superfloppy mount attempts if we're on spinning rust
21:46:51Strife89speachy: I did, I was just spitballing that idea
21:47:41mendel_munkiswhy? moving the superfloppy attempt back after will remove mount attempts that will usually fail.
21:48:08mendel_munkisalso spinning rust can also have a superfloppy.
21:48:17speachywe're talking about gains on the order of a few ms here.
21:48:40speachyeven less on flash-based storage
21:59:22Strife89speachy: Can't believe I haven't tried this already: playing the files from my iPod on my PC
22:00:00Strife89An album I tried earlier on the iPod (which wouldn't play) is playing fine in VLC (loading the copy directly from the mounted iPod)
22:00:12speachyvia rockbox usb, or disk mode?
22:00:25Strife89Rockbox USB, even
22:01:00speachydid oyu ever try that last image I sent over?
22:01:05Strife89This is on 29a03a3c25
22:01:28Strife89Oh, well, it's playing in Rockbox too
22:02:01Strife89So maybe you fixed it?
22:03:11speachymaybe, but I'd do things like let the system idle for a minute or two, then throw random I/O around
22:03:35speachythere's also the old g#469
22:03:37fs-bluebotGerrit review #469 at : pp5020: use ipod firmware timings for ATA PIO. by Torne Wuff
22:04:24speachythe adapter should be doing most transfers in (U)DMA but some stuff still happens via PIO
22:07:42Strife89Let it idle without playing music?
22:07:59Strife89(I know, I might be second-guessing "idle" a bit much)
22:08:53speachybut the downside of g#2500 (which is the only not-in-mainline change in that 29a03 build I sent you) is that the "disk" and its controller never get powered off. so battery life could suffer −− but compared to spinning rust you're probably coming out way ahead.
22:08:54fs-bluebotGerrit review #2500 at : ATA: Make sure "hard disk" supports power management by Solomon Peachy
22:08:56Strife89Poking around so far has been as snappy as I've been *hoping* for, for the first time since installing this thing
22:10:05Strife89I'll have to keep that patch handy for my local checkout, then
22:10:06speachyif you leave it playing it would normally power the disk down after being idle for 5 seconds, and then spin it back up again up to 5 seconds before the playback buffer runs out. which could be a minutes.
22:10:38 Quit livvy (Remote host closed the connection)
22:10:43speachyuntil you sent that photo of the screen I didn't know if the iflash adatpers claimed to not support power management
22:11:00speachys/a minutes/many minutes/
22:11:04Strife89Okay, so I should see whether it can make it through an album without a single button press
22:11:40Strife89Other than volume adjustment, at least
22:11:54Strife89Other than volume adjustment, at least
22:11:55speachyunfortunately if this does work then I don't know if there's any middle ground to be had −− it could be that the powerdown works but the wakeup process causes the iflash unit to lose its mind.
22:13:32Strife89These tracks average something like 2 minutes (maybe 2-3 MB in q3 Vorbis?) and I'm on track 9 so far without any perceived issues
22:16:05Strife89I'm considering trying to copy the rest of my music library to the iPod, using Rockbox's USB
22:16:09speachyfrom what I can tell rockbox strictly adheres to the sequence laid out in the ATA spec. Which the iflash controller might not like.
22:16:48speachybeat the crap out of it.
22:18:06Strife89Shutting down still seems to take a while (I decided to power cycle to make sure my settings got saved)
22:18:25Strife89And they did!
22:18:26speachythat's normal.
22:18:40speachythe ipod soft-poweroff is very slow/conservative on purpose.
22:19:59speachyto initiate shutdown, that is −− once it starts, it's not really much worse than any other hdd-based player. There are delays and other things in there assuming spinning rust takes time to write and get ready for a safe shutdown.
22:20:50Strife89*Jeez* my video game collection is immense. 48 GB (out of roughly 67 GB for my phone's entire Music folder)
22:21:03Strife89So this *will* hammer the iFlash for a while. 3 hour estimate
22:21:08speachythat's one of the things I intend to play with when I get that CF card for my mini2g; see if I can detect solid-state stuff reliably at runtime and adjust delays and other hdd-assuming behaviours as appropriate.
22:21:29speachy...just don't put anything on there you can't afford to get eaten
22:22:01Strife89Naturally. There are copies on both my phone and NAS already.
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22:40:24Strife89Annnnd the transfer seems to have frozen already. 1.7 GB copied
22:40:54speachy...which is probably a separate problem to the power management issue I'm theorizing is responsible for a lot of woes.
22:41:06Strife89Scratch that, it's not frozen
22:41:21Strife89Just paused by a prompt asking whether I wanted to merge a folder
22:41:36Strife89Nemo has this annoying habit of popping up the prompt behind another window
22:45:58speachytoo bad I don't have a good way to measure current draw on a USB cable.
22:49:42Strife89 Something like one of these?
22:51:07speachyhmm, that will certianly work more nicely than hacking a cable and routing it through a multimeter
22:56:44Strife89Hope it works well for you.
23:25:05Strife8910 GB copied without any signs of trouble - hopefully this bodes well.
23:25:31Strife89I'll hopefully be asleep by the time it finishes
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