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#rockbox log for 2020-07-16

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01:09:05DrkNinjaI was looking to see if I could get some assistance with a Rockbox issue
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01:13:59mendel_munkisDrkNinja: what's the issue?
01:14:38DrkNinjaUm I just installed Rockbox and I was wondering if there was a way to get the clicking feature enabled through rockbox?
01:14:56DrkNinjaI only used RB because I have a bunch of FLAC music and itunes hates that
01:15:17mendel_munkiswhich ipod do you have?
01:15:19DrkNinjaBut I LOVE that click sound that comes from the ipod
01:15:24DrkNinja5th Gen 30GB
01:15:34DrkNinjaalready installed a iFlash Quad
01:16:12DrkNinjaI found a "patch" for rockbox that was said to fix it...
01:16:19DrkNinjabut I can't figure out how to install it
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01:18:41DrkNinjamendel_munkis is there anything?
01:19:08mendel_munkisI am not familiar with that system but most targets have a setting keyclick (maybe under settings->general settings->system)
01:20:54DrkNinjaThat seemed to do it
01:20:55DrkNinjathank you
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01:21:09mendel_munkisyou're welcome.
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10:58:49speachyso, any comments on the first two rip-out-archos patches? (still WIP but I don't see any point in continuing unless there's agreement they should land sooner rather than later)
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11:10:28speachyalready covers something like 42K lines of code removed, and that's not even touching the HWCODEC stuff and some chunks of HAVE_LCD_CHARCELL
11:15:33edhelasthat's impressive
11:22:23TheEaterOfSoulsLooks like the default voices use eSpeak now, nice
11:22:33TheEaterOfSoulsAuto-generated voices, I should say
11:23:32speachyI think festival sounded better (at least untweaked) but it was considerably slower
11:23:45speachyand was only useful for english
11:25:30speachyI have the mbrola voice sets installed now too, will need to play with 'em a bit more.
11:29:02TheEaterOfSoulsIf we're talking about the same Festival voice, IMO it was terrible
11:29:27speachymaybe I just like [fake] female voices better.
11:29:45TheEaterOfSoulsMaybe not. It wasn't female
11:30:08speachyheh, nevermind then
11:31:09TheEaterOfSoulsFlite, I think
11:35:00TheEaterOfSoulsTrying to get an ADB shell on this X3ii but I can't find the menu option. I'll have someone sighted look at it later
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11:57:39TheEaterOfSoulsecho "$list"
11:57:52TheEaterOfSoulsAh sorry, wrong window
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14:03:53mokkurkalveI have just received a Sansa Clip+ and installed rockbox on it. (I'm working from a Arch Linux laptop BTW.) Tested with 3.15 stable and then latest snapshot. I get some problems with usb and fat32 filesystem integrity. In original FW i can mount internal drive, I can fsck.fat the internal drive and get it fixed. As soon as I boot into rockbox FW i can not mount the internal drive, and trying to
14:03:59mokkurkalvefsck.fat returns messages like "fsck.fat 4.1 (2017-01-24) Read 32 bytes at 240627712:Input/output error".
14:04:14mokkurkalveAnybody have any idea?
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14:08:15mokkurkalveBTW I also have a Sansa e200 for ages and running rockbox dev versions on it. Recently I could not boot past bootloader. I found now that there where filsystems errors on internal drive and it seems I have fixed this with problem with fsck.fat. I have to use this player a while again to see if that was all there was to it.
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14:09:42speachysounds a lot like the internal flash is on its way out
14:11:32mokkurkalveCould be. I just don't get why behavior is different on the Clip regarding OF and rockbox. I'm fsck.fat'ing from the same linux system.
14:12:10speachycould be that rockbox uses a lower power setting or something like that
14:12:21speachyit is more aggressive with respect to power consumption
14:12:25mokkurkalveAnd it behaves differently whether its OF or rocxbox that handles the usb connection
14:13:35mokkurkalveDo you think a USB hub with it's own power supply could make a difference?
14:13:42speachyIIRC the sansa firmware doesn't show a raw view of the internal flash; it has extra stuff that it hides from the host system
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15:14:40mokkurkalveUsing a hub with power it's the same on the Clip+ ; I can access internal drive with OF usb but not with rockbox usb
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15:55:40speachyhere's a long-overdue cleanup patch: g#2547
15:55:42fs-bluebotGerrit review #2547 at : plugins: convert plugin struct to C99 named initializers by Solomon Peachy
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16:06:59TheEaterOfSoulsThose ##stuff## folders
16:07:06TheEaterOfSoulsHate that
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16:14:57__builtinspeachy: does that warn if you miss one?
16:16:09__builtinif not I think we should leave it as-is, because gcc will spew warnings if the prototypes get misaligned currently
16:17:25speachy__builtin, no, but it didn't before either
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16:18:09__builtinhmm, so the risk of the current one is that we'll forget one when adding to the end
16:18:20speachyI believe we can turn on a warning that will catch something, but we need gcc 4.7 (I think) to do it on the fly.
16:19:01__builtinwhereas with the change the compiler would let you miss one in the middle _in addition_ to the end
16:20:30__builtindoes that work with 4.4.4?
16:21:02__builtinand will it raise a bunch of new false positives where we intentionally leave things uninitialized?
16:21:10speachysure, we just have to do it globally
16:22:05speachyin the case of the plugin structure, we do _not_ want anything uninitialized.
16:22:14__builtinI definitely agree there
16:22:31speachyIIRC we actually have that warning explicitly disabled in many places
16:22:45speachyor used to
16:24:25speachyit gets turned on with -Wextra, which we're not using right now. My toolchain bump patches include it and I've been fixing up the warnings over the past few months or so
16:25:19speachywait, the option does not warn about designiated initializers, so it won't catch something missing.
16:27:37speachyheh, this is funny −− it's actually implemented, but the docs are/were wrong.
16:28:05speachyat some point in the past few years.
16:29:42speachy... but only for C++, not C. Ha!
16:29:46*speachy shakes his head
16:33:44speachyputting that aside, g#2545 and g#2546 are now up to a net 43.5K lines removed.
16:33:48fs-bluebotGerrit review #2545 at : WIP: Remove sh support and all archos targets by Solomon Peachy
16:33:48fs-bluebotGerrit review #2546 at : WIP: get rid of HAVE_LCD_CHARCELLS by Solomon Peachy
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19:27:05__Bilgus_speachy? that still leaves HW CODEC
19:27:19speachyI haven't got that far yet.
19:27:43__Bilgus_so even more to go then
19:28:28speachyneed to finish getting the archos-related warnings gone (plugin keymappings), finish the charcell stuff (only ever used by the original player) and only then tackle hwcodec.
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19:29:20speachyplus, um, review everyting to make sure I didn't accidently delete an #ifndef instead of an #ifdef
19:29:42speachy(which I have managed to catch in many places but I'm sure there are more)
19:30:47__Bilgus_thats what 20 years of ifdefs
19:31:54speachythere are over 700 #ifdef HAVE_LCD_BITMAP to go over.
19:32:10speachy(many of them have #else clauses
19:34:01speachybut.. I guess the question is, keep going?
19:35:22speachypossibly do this as a series of smaller chunks vs a MEGACOMMIT?
19:38:43speachybtw, LCD_CHARCELL vs LCD_BITMAP is actually more involved than HWCODEC vs SWCODEC
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20:00:56__Bilgus_I'm biased I want it gone..
20:02:35__Bilgus_as far as one vs several commits IDK I think mega commit is probably better if we are never going back multiple commits if we want easier reversion
20:02:53speachymultiple commits are easier to review
20:03:07speachybut I agree it's an all-or-nothing sort of deal.
20:09:50speachysomething in that 43.5K worth of diff broke the ihp120 build
20:16:04__builtinYeah, breaking it up makes sense in bisecting, etc
20:16:23__builtinperhaps do it by directory/plugin?
20:16:56speachyI'm about a third of the way through the files changed. one mistake caught so far
20:17:36__builtinI assume you're regexing this, no?
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20:18:09speachylots of git grep, but most of the editing was by hand.
20:19:03*speachy adds 'MEMORYSIZE <= 2' to the stack
20:19:30speachydo we even have any swcodec lowmem targets?
20:25:23__Bilgus_ I bet the clipv1
20:25:53__builtinyeah, it's 2MB
20:26:06speachyok, so that makes sense
20:26:17__builtinand the sansa m200
20:26:22__builtinlook in tools/configure btw
20:26:31__builtinerr, memory=
20:28:11__builtinand the iriver ifp7xx, whatever that is
20:30:00*__builtin wonders if anyone other than the original port author has ever used that
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21:56:57speachyouch, the ihp failure was because a header that was getting implicitly included wasn't any more, causing a HAVE_xxx define to go away.
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22:38:52fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 805f531, 295 builds, 12 clients.
22:39:51speachynew versions up. up to a combined total of nearly 45K lines. all that's left is the manual now.
22:59:09fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 1217 seconds.
22:59:13fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 805f531 result: All green
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23:26:15fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 2b9c85a, 295 builds, 13 clients.
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23:45:44fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 1169 seconds.
23:45:46fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 2b9c85a result: All green
23:50:33Strife89I think my clients held up that build
23:50:46Strife89Slow Internet caused them both to time out
23:52:06Strife89Neither have gotten the "all green" yet
23:56:23speachycompletely green board. only the second time I've ever seen that

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