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#rockbox log for 2020-07-17

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00:25:23__builtinmy first time as well :)
00:26:31__builtinalthough the cynic in me thinks that non-broken stuff is a sign nothing is getting done :p
00:27:10__builtinspeachy: here's an idea - add a graph of build stats, speeds, etc.
00:27:37speachythere's rasher's old buildgraphs stuff; it doesn't render right any more but the raw data's been there all along
00:29:03__builtinah, right
00:29:14__builtinI don't think I've ever seen _those_ working either
00:39:44speachyokay, hwcodec is about 50% done, g#2550. total of all three patches so far is about 52K net deletions
00:39:46fs-bluebotGerrit review #2550 at : WIP: Remove HWCODEC support by Solomon Peachy
00:40:10speachyI got the graphs "working" when I did the www migration but they seem to have broken again
00:48:13TheEaterOfSoulsDoes no one have Archos players anymore?
00:48:23TheEaterOfSoulsOr are they just too old to be practical?
00:48:41TheEaterOfSoulsProbably both, I imagine
01:13:04speachyif someone fees like trying to fix them or has a different dataviz in mind, I'm all ears
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01:27:04speachyTheEaterOfSouls, both. they're architecurally _way_ outside everything else that rockbox works on, and hardly anyone still has one in working order
01:32:36speachyoh, here's the master index working too:
01:32:55speachygoing back to the start of the git era.
01:34:26speachyactually have stuff going back much further into the svn era but it lacks proper timestamps and it's a lot harder to order the data.
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01:39:07speachyfixed that too, now all old data is there
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09:35:15speachyokay, hwcodec is excised now. total deletions now total about 61K lines.
09:44:43speachyfixing up the build errors on hosted..
09:44:57speachyI still have to finish the charcell lcd removal
09:45:47speachyor rather, the elses in '#ifdef HAS_LCD_BITMAP .... #else ..... #endif'
09:46:23__Bilgus_yeah theres a lot of those
09:46:42speachystill several hundred to go.
09:49:07__Bilgus_and after thats theres another metric FT of obscure ifdefs littered around
09:50:12__Bilgus_FT is fuck tonne its clearly an Imperial measurement
09:50:58speachyno, this uses Metric FTs
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09:53:37speachyThat header #include fix I committed last night worries me. Or rather, I worry about how many more there might be
09:55:45speachyplus more manual excising
09:57:27speachyI think the build problem I'm hunting is another instance of an implicit #include going away
10:00:22__Bilgus_i'm looking through the HWCODEC one now gonna take me a bit..
10:07:20speachylet me push what I ahve first
10:07:51speachythere will be at least one more update to that once I figure out this build issue
10:11:54speachyfound it. all of my targets now build cleanly now. changes pushed.
10:13:08speachyI'll keep slogging at the HAVE_LCD_BITMAP stuff. 718 references to go.
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11:00:21mendelmunkisspeachy: I am looking forward to rebasing all my custom stuff :)
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11:59:33__Bilgus_speachy everything you changed looked good to me some of the hairy ones looked suspicious but were right as well
11:59:53speachy__Bilgus_, that was was the HWCODEC one only, correct?
12:00:52__builtinspeachy: plot build times by date?
12:01:23__builtinboth actual times and adjusted for builder power
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12:29:52speachyall done.
12:30:33speachyfourth patch added, g#2551, finishing the last of the HAS_LCD_BITMAP stuff
12:30:35fs-bluebotGerrit review #2551 at : [4/4] Remove HAVE_LCD_BITMAP, as it's now the only choice. by Solomon Peachy
12:32:13speachynet is 52257 lines deleted.
12:32:29speachystill have further work on the manual
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12:41:04blebare there any good mp3 players that take a normal (non-mini) sd card?
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12:44:19Strife89An iPod with an iFlash Solo :P
12:46:06Strife89I think all of the supported targets which include card slots all use microSD
12:49:32__Bilgus_speachy found one error in the char cell code
12:49:43speachyfound several bugs
12:49:51speachybroke the makefile so final linking didn't happen
12:51:22speachyjust pushed updated patches
12:52:34__Bilgus_there were some very old players that used the full size SD IIRC
12:52:34speachybut nothing in charcell yet. so you may be ahead of me there
12:52:49speachyno wait that was MMC not SD
12:55:25blebi want an mp3 player with an easily accessible full-size sd card slot
12:55:36blebso ipod+iflash is no good
12:55:52blebgoal is to be able to select my music with minimal interaction with a computer interface
12:56:04blebi.e. basically use sd cards as a replacement for minidisc
12:56:13blebi guess nobody does this lol
13:00:36__builtinjust leave the ipod case open
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13:06:19speachyokay, need to re-run all of my other builds before I push things again.
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13:19:01celaZen xfi has a full size sd card slot,but you have to but it second hand.
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13:21:39Strife89You could use a Palm OS or PocketPC device with a card slot :)
13:22:17speachynew set of patches up.
13:23:03speachywell, there is a prelimary port to the Palm Tungsten E2 sitting in Gerrit.. :)
13:23:45Strife89I got so excited when I originally heard about that
13:24:32Strife89I don't know anyone with both the skills and interest in furthering work on it
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13:36:55__Bilgus_okspeachy HWCODEC and CHARCEll looks good I'll have to look over the other two later
13:37:47speachythere are probably additional tools/ that can get nuked
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13:39:11__Bilgus_sure but if they aren't overly conspicuous or causing issues it can wait
13:39:48Bugieshelo is Rockbox suport sql database of gogear hddWyniki wyszukiwania
13:39:48BugiesWyniki wyszukiwania w sieci
13:39:48BugiesHDD6330 with mp3 files ?
13:40:47Bugiessorry for "wyszukiwania w sieci"
13:54:08speachyBugies, if you are asking if rockbox will work with the HDD6330's stock firmware "database" then no, it will not.
13:55:55Bugiesthx i have some problems with music folder
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14:57:13bleblol this is cool
14:57:15bleband dumb
14:57:22blebmicrosd is too small for this
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15:16:53Strife89The iPod battery arrived! \o/
15:17:24Strife89Right now I'm struggling - carefully - to slide the guts back into the shell
15:17:56speachyI used the tip of a screwdriver to nudge the pcb over the lip of the clickwheel
15:20:49Strife89I get the sad iPod almost instantly
15:21:25Strife89After pressing Select on the Click Wheel to revive it, that is
15:24:22Strife89I tried holding the buttons and managed to put it into Disk Mode.
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15:26:28speachyI found that letting it restart 2-3x, while swiping the wheel, would pretty reliably let it boot
15:27:07Strife89iTunes doesn't see it
15:27:15Strife89Windows doesn't recognize
15:27:31speachywon't see it even in disk mode?
15:28:02Strife89Windows sees that there is a device, but no disk
15:28:16Strife89iTunes isnt even reacting
15:28:35Strife89I may have screwed up big time
15:34:08Strife89Hmmm, on MiniCF:
15:34:08Strife89Note: Regardless of which CF card is used, you may first have to upgrade the iPod via iTunes to a firmware more recent than version 1.3 (something in the iPod flash boot that doesn't work with CF in early software).
15:34:27speachymine had 1.3.1, was still quite flaky.
15:34:52speachyyou should have not reassembled it without testing :)
15:45:22Strife89The MicroDrive makes horrible scratchy sounds :(
15:45:30Strife89And it still goes to the sad iPod
15:56:53speachydo you have any old CF card lying around
15:58:46speachyand a CF reader that isn't the ipod?
15:58:48Strife89I have a 4GB one in an iPAQ
15:58:59Strife89And yes
15:59:26speachyI can throw an image of my unit's drive up and you can dump that over to the CF card. might make the ipod happy.
15:59:52Strife89Please do
16:00:00speachycompressing it now
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16:22:32Strife89If this fails and I really did kill the iPod ... well, I can still put the new CF card to use, I guess
16:22:48Strife89Stick it in one of my PocketPC devices and make *that* a jukebox.
16:36:39speachynext time I feel so inclined I'm going to try this ooold 1gb cf card here with the mini2g and see if it's more reliable.
16:39:45speachyone hidden upside to the archos retirement −− the nightly voice builds will take half the time because there's no longer a need to regen the same voice strings in mp3 format.
16:39:55speachyso everything can use rbspeex
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17:02:58speachyon a completely unrelated note, is there any reason to keep the 3.15 release candidate builds on the download server?
17:03:38Strife89Historics, maybe
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17:42:19mendel_munkisspeachy: whats the last stable LCD_CHARCELLS version?
17:42:35mendel_munkisStrife89: anyone who is that interested can build themselvess.
17:43:04speachy3.15? I mean, git HEAD supports it just fine today.
17:43:18speachyall of the CHARCELLS nonsense is only used by the original archos player
17:44:52mendel_munkisI thought you said recently that it didn't build.
17:44:59Strife89speachy: I remembered that is a thing
17:45:30Strife89But the site hosting the firmware has two different options for 1st-gen Minis, and it's not clear which to use
17:48:40Strife89I fear that if I pick the wrong one and it triggers a firmware upgrade, I may brick my iPod
17:49:02Strife89And the device lookup doesn't appear to work
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18:02:32Strife89I wrote 3/1.4.1 to the CF and am praying that it's the right one
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18:07:38Strife89It upgraded and boots!
18:08:29speachythat's good news
18:15:30Strife89Annnnd trying with the bigger CF
18:16:09Strife89It boots too
18:16:25Strife89However, it's only using 4 GB out of the 64 the card has
18:16:42Strife89So I guess I should try to get iTunes to "restore" it now
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18:20:12speachythat's the most reliable way, yes. a lot of resizing tools will trash the firmware partition.
18:27:45 Quit petur (Quit: Leaving)
18:34:29Strife89I started to do it via gparted, but then I remembered hearing something like that
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19:13:20speachythe ipods are kinda abusing the partition tables a bit
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19:44:38speachyfinally got around to actually _running_ a build with the archos-excising patches. Happy to say it seems okay
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20:46:28speachypatches updated again. now manual stripping is done, though there are probably some broken manual targets now.
20:47:15speachynet loss -52698 lines.
20:50:00Strife89 All went well with the restoration
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21:34:35speachyso it's all rockbox'd now? :)
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22:50:23Strife89Second boot into Rockbox hit a snag. "Can't find rockbox.ipod". It did boot successfully on a second attempt, but it's concerning.
22:51:04Strife89This wouldn't happen to be like the flakiness you referred to with your Mini 2G, would it, speachy
22:52:27speachynope. I would get sad ipod upon initial startup
22:53:06speachyafter a couple of restarts it would work okay
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23:00:51Strife89Doubt any of this will help, but figured why not
23:02:12speachyhmm. that error is generated by the bootloader
23:02:27speachyso any mucking about with the main binary won't matter
23:03:40speachywell, that tells me the CF card claims to support power management
23:03:50speachycan you generate the identify info?
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23:52:27Strife89speachy: In case it helps: this is the card I put in the Mini:
23:58:19speachyI almost bought one of those, actually.

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