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#rockbox log for 2020-07-18

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07:22:14ulmutulbleb: the Creative Zen has a full size SD card slot.
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07:52:27__Bilgus_I'm wanting to add kbd_load to the plugin API anyone else have functions they want broken out at the API bump?
07:53:12__Bilgus_mendelmunkis, __builtin, speachy ^
08:02:07__Bilgus_ g#2553
08:02:09fs-bluebotGerrit review #2553 at : PluginAPI −− Add function kbd_load by William Wilgus
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08:48:51speachynothing offhand..
08:49:24speachythough I should have bumped the API with the hwcodec removal
08:50:20__Bilgus_i have the playlist stuff too assuming I don't figure out another way to do it
08:51:40speachyoh for the voice wps stuff?
08:57:41__Bilgus_I'm still working on the interface and I think i'm going to use an array of function ptrs to store the talk items
08:58:04__Bilgus_well I should say I am using but that might change
08:58:46__Bilgus_I don't really like parsing the fmt string every run
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09:05:37speachythere's no need to overengineer this
09:06:47speachyparsing is fairly lightweight
09:07:14__Bilgus_thats why it may change i've not tested it yet
09:08:54__Bilgus_i've also implemented a few other options like announcing group each time the hotkey is pressed or every n seconds and possibly on track change
09:09:33speachythe original "do this via the skin engine" relied had something like that.
09:09:58__Bilgus_group is a little obscure I mean given 10 items and a group of two every hotkey press talks 2 items
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21:59:50mendel_munkis__Bilgus_: my only skin in the api is g#2415
21:59:53fs-bluebotGerrit review #2415 at : make the plugin API frambuffer agnostic by Moshe Piekarski
22:00:46mendel_munkisalthough can I ask why you want plugins changing the keyboard?
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22:25:47speachyI was wondering if we should consider _shrinking_ the plugin API
22:26:10mendel_munkisspeachy: I second that.
22:26:16speachy(and I say this after greatly expanding it with voice support...)
22:30:17speachywith the exising of sh/hwcodec there are likely some functions in the api that are no longer used
22:30:45mendel_munkismaybe I will take a look at that.
22:30:50speachycreate_xing_header is now only used in a single plugin now, and not in the core/apps at all.
22:31:11speachy(got to get that merged first though)
22:33:54speachyditto with count_mp3_frames()
22:46:51speachybut they rely on shared code in the library, so... not gonna happen.
22:50:53speachygranted a lot of the plugins were done to keep stuff out of the main core for the lowmem players.
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