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#rockbox log for 2020-07-21

00:00:35mendel_munkiswith espeak fs#7650 is probably no longer useful?
00:00:37fs-bluebot Script to aid in building voices (especially helpful for Human voice) (patches, new)
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00:44:50speachyfound yet more problems with voice generation.
00:45:14speachyironically this one might have affected good 'ol English the most.
00:54:50Strife89I wonder if icypee's e260 could have a short somewhere
00:56:41Strife89Bad Power button pad also strikes me as still plausible
01:14:58speachyand two independent off-by-one errors that cancelled each other out
01:15:53speachybut one of those errors wasn't present in the code that generated the binary voicelist that rbutil relied on
01:16:02*speachy shakes his head.
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06:58:36edhelashi guys, thanks for the work on the code !
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08:01:18fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 688c89c, 295 builds, 11 clients.
08:06:19speachythis one will require the voicefiles regenerated. (tonight's nightly build will take care of that for most folks..)
08:07:24speachyI still need to make sure that rbutil can generate working voice files.
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08:15:43fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 866 seconds.
08:15:46fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 688c89c result: All green
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08:50:29__Bilgus_any one dislike g#2572, suggestions?
08:50:31fs-bluebotGerrit review #2572 at : keyboard add ability to specify temporary custom layouts by William Wilgus
08:51:38speachynot at a quick glance
08:53:13speachyI swear the language/voice stuff in rockbox is a giant onion. Many layers, each making me cry.
08:54:33__Bilgus_I mean thats not a really big surprise its a pretty complex system
08:55:10speachyI wonder if the android keyboard might break because the custom layout includes a char not in the android default?
08:55:26speachy(given the state of our android port that's probably quite moot..)
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09:42:41__Bilgus_speachy the keyboard layouts are dummies for android
09:44:20__Bilgus_it just has to follow the prototype but it doesn't even use load_kbd
09:45:04__Bilgus_ I was worried about the same and was prepared to do different versions for Player/ android but Player is going away and android is locked to whatever the underlying OS assigns
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11:18:46mendel_munkisspeachy: there are a bunch of utils and patches in flyspray to make it easier to generate a fuul voice set. am I correct in assuming those are mostly obsolete since espeak?
11:21:46Strife89How much RAM is typically needed for compiling the Android port?
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12:16:53speachyyes and no. I think it would need to be done on a case-by-case basis because folks may want to record actual speech instead of using a tts engine
12:18:05speachyStrife89, the NDK portion is about the same as the usual crossbuilds. the SDK portion.. who knows. probably isn't terribly bad.
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12:45:08ShadowHntrHey I got a question about Rockbox and the iPod Classic 6th gen
12:46:12ShadowHntrI know the Rockbox bootloader will remove the 128GB limit of storage, but can I install the bootloader for Rockbox and keep the Apple firmware, or does using it with Apple make it incompatible
12:46:37__builtinyou can dual-boot, yes
12:46:56__builtineverything will work as expected
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13:03:57ShadowHntrawesome! Is this covered in the Rockbox Wiki?
13:23:05fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision a5df94b, 295 builds, 12 clients.
13:23:32speachyI think it's in the manual too.
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13:35:41fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 756 seconds.
13:35:43fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision a5df94b result: All green
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15:18:37Strife89Holy COW. ranpuraa did 94 builds
15:18:59Strife89Most of them were small non-upload ones, but still.
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15:21:03Strife89It's i7 CPU is an octa-core model, so I imagine it chews through what it gets handed
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16:50:54ShadowHntri had a question again about the iPod 6G Classic
16:51:30ShadowHntrit's firmware has an LBA addressing bug that limits it to 128GB. the Rockbox firmware gets around that. Will that also apply to the iPod original firmware when dualbooting?
16:52:33ShadowHntrI want to know because the hard drive in mine has failed, and I can get as far as loading the Rockbox bootloader, but it can't find the firmware file and gets stuck. I want to get an iFlash device and load it up with 256GB or more storage. Can that be done?
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16:55:43ShadowHntrLBA28 addressing is what iTunes firmware supposedly uses
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17:36:45blebhow well does rockbox support hot-swapping sd cards?
17:36:52blebi imagine it depends on the device?
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21:22:56speachybleb, it depends on the target/device. Generally speaking if the sd card is where the .rockbox directory lives, then you're not going to have great success hotswapping things.
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22:45:23blebmakes sense
22:45:56blebdo you know if any devices work particularly well with hot-swapping?
22:46:39blebit would be great if removing the sd card paused the music, and inerting a new one started playing the new music right away, like a cd player
22:47:25blebi guess rockbox doesn't do this by default, but if it handles hot-swapping gracefully it seems like you could implement that functionality without getting too much into the weeds
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23:17:41saratogathe sandisk players don't store the .rockbox folder on sd, so you can hotswap easily
23:17:58saratogaits not going to randomly pick files on the new card and start playing them though
23:18:09speachysaratoga, unless you use the multiboot firmwarae because you don't want to wear out the onboard flash
23:18:12saratogayou have to actually select a playlist or folder or whatever
23:25:58Strife89If you use the Database, you'd likely want to stop using it, because otherwise it's only got the data for one card
23:27:05Strife89I think you could *technically* hotswap while playing a track as long as the device has enough RAM to load entire track(s) in advance, but this is inadvisable.
23:29:04saratogaa feature i always wanted but never got around to trying to implement was to recursively merge the sd card and the main storage into one volume
23:29:24saratogai remember XBMC doing this in the early 2000s and it was absolutely awesome
23:34:09speachyit's a lot easier to do when you have a full OS with gobs of RAM below you.
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23:38:18saratogai think you could do it efficiently by parsing one file tree, and then parsing the other and merging as you go
23:38:24saratogabut i never looked at our code
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