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#rockbox log for 2020-07-25

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08:28:28bluebrotherspeachy: thanks :)
08:28:54speachyStrife89: That's wonderful. And a complete surprise if I'm honest
08:48:32fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 683323b, 280 builds, 9 clients.
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09:00:20bluebrotherhmm. Any thoughts on moving the Rockbox Utility build system to cmake?
09:04:49gevaertsA more natural fit for qt stuff?
09:04:50speachywell, it's already qmake-based
09:05:09speachyhow well will cmake play with that?
09:06:02bluebrothercmake supports Qt just fine.
09:06:19bluebrotherin fact Qt is moving to cmake as its build system afaik.
09:06:39bluebrotherthe problem is that qmake is rather limited. I've been looking into how to solve the sudo issue with bootloader installation.
09:06:50speachyI just don't want us to have to reinvent the wheels that qmake solves for us
09:07:45bluebrotheron mac you can start a separate application elevated, so I was pondering the option to simply build a bootloader install helper. But with qmake I need to restructure everything.
09:08:21bluebrothersince I want to build everything in one go, and maybe even embed the binary.
09:08:32speachyunder linux we could play games to request elevated priviliges via the desktop environment too
09:09:00bluebrotheryes. And on Windows we can get rid of the elevation request in Rockbox Utiltiy itself, and also run a helper that requests them.
09:09:30bluebrotherbasically what some installers are doing: you can start them just fine as normal user, but at some point a UAC promt comes up asking you for elevated permissions.
09:09:54bluebrotheron Linux pkexec seems like a way to go, though I haven't investigated that completely yet.
09:11:10bluebrotherwtf Qt installer. Why on earth do you need to always install Creator? I don't need multiple copies of that :/
09:12:00bluebrotheras for cmake, it comes with support for Qt. Depending on your OS you need to invoke it with an argument to set the path to your Qt installation, but that's about it.
09:12:26bluebrotherwell, Qt5 that is. But I'm going to remove Qt4 support anyway, that is really outdated. So no loss here.
09:13:00fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 1468 seconds.
09:13:12fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 683323b result: All green
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10:06:53Strife89speachy: I fell asleep last night with it still playing music just fine. Haven't tested much else, but I can vouch that the MpegPlayer and Lamp plugins work. :)
10:08:57Strife89(Also, the sleep timer. Although my only proof that it worked is that the battery was not dead when I tried to retrieve the iPod from between my mattress and headboard.)
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11:48:07speachyneed to audit rbutil (and themeeditor) to make sure all relevant players are in there
11:54:39speachyhow hard would it be to extend rbutil to allow it to create voicefiles without recognizing the player? ie supply a .rockbox dir and have it just use the rockboxinfo and to build the .voice file(s)?
11:55:19speachyor if that's already how it works, nevermind. :)
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12:28:08bluebrotherspeachy: iirc it tries to read the and builds the voicefile from that. Don't know if there is a player id in the voicefile though. So in theory you should be able to select a different player and still get a working voicefile.
12:28:31bluebrotherthough I haven't looked into that since ... long, so I'm not completely sure about that. Should be easy to test though.
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15:41:52Strife89speachy: Warning while generating makefile for Android build
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15:59:06Strife89Oh, installing sdk19 made that warning go away
16:00:33Strife89Nevermind, I spoke too soon. Didn't go away, I just overlooked something
16:01:39Strife89I'll just try to compile (once I free up some disk space) and see what happens
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16:21:04majimanjiI have a question about the xDuoo X3. I updated from Igor's build to today's official nightly (June 25). When I turn the device on after updating, the volume is set to 0dB regardless of what is in config.cfg or fixed.cfg. Does anyone know what could be causing this??
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17:55:47speachyusing the line in or headphone jack?
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18:14:41Strife89Finally attempted a compile. It worked it's way through a build for a little while, but it abruptly quit trying partway through, so I presumably need to grab the correct CC
18:14:53Strife89I just ... know know how, or from where
18:18:09Strife89But on the other hand, make zip and make apk appear to complete with "only" warnings.
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18:49:13Strife89Anyone here willing to test my .apk? It just crashes on startup on a Droid DNA (runs KitKat).
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19:14:11speachyif you're using the correct NDK, you will get no warnings. NDK 10a, IIRC
19:16:22majimanjispeachy: The volume resets no matter what is plugged in. I also tried with nothing plugged in, and it still reset.
19:17:28speachyyou can adjust the volume, correct? Is it just a matter of the saved value not being respected?
19:18:18speachyI use mine daily but always via the line out, which bypasses any volume control
19:19:36pablocastellanosSorry, I'm searching info about a port
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19:20:04speachyI make no promises about anything newer.
19:21:15pablocastellanosAccording to this, two models are available, MC15B and MC15S, but, get no info about these models, only described as AGPTEK Rocker and AGPTEK Rocker v2
19:21:25speachythe NDK I mean.
19:21:41speachyB vs S refer to the color of the case, I believe.
19:21:47majimanjiYes, I can adjust the volume while it is turned on and I can hear the difference. It seems to also reset the saved value; if I check the config.cfg after the volume resets, the line for volume is gone.
19:21:56pablocastellanosspeachy: Is this AGPTEC Rocker v2 supported?
19:22:48pablocastellanosspeachy: Last time, (december 2007) I bought a Sansa e280 and received a Sansa e280v2 from amazon and at that time, the e200v2 series where not supported by rockbox
19:22:52speachyI'm not aware of any differences between the v1 and v2. As far as I am aware, they are identical from rockbox's perspective.
19:23:03pablocastellanosspeachy: Thank you
19:24:21speachyI have to go away again for a while; more manual labor.
19:24:27pablocastellanosspeachy: In the AGPTEK web page, the only difference beetween Rocker and Rocker V2 is color, V2 is black and the other one is silver.
19:24:34pablocastellanosspeachy: OK, bye
19:25:08speachymajimanji, I'll see if I can recreate it when I'm driving to my next destination. I think I know what it is, if it is failing.
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19:54:55Strife89NDK 10 isn't available in the download list (in Android Studio). Current is 21, it only goes back to 16.
20:03:17Strife89Oh, found links here.
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22:10:23speachygrab r10e from there
22:10:55speachyit has arm-linux-androideabi-4.9
22:11:24speachya newer version might too but I didnt' want to throw a compiler untested on other rockbox platforms into the mix
22:12:02speachymajimanji, I recreated it on my X3. on my todo list to hunt down.
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22:23:21majimanjispeachy: Thanks. It's not a fatal issue but certainly annoying, 0dB on the X3 turns my earbuds into speakers.
22:27:42Strife89speachy: Thanks, i'll try to download and test before I go to bed
22:28:11Strife89Wanting to enable Android builds on ranpuraa's build client today
22:30:50*speachy files several bugs
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23:42:59__builtinspeachy: time to remove the archoses from the front page?
23:43:06__builtinor perhaps mark them as retired
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