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#rockbox log for 2020-07-26

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00:42:58speachysure, just need to phrase it right
00:49:18speachyugh. to fix this translation site + genlang issue I might need to actually properly parse the language xml files.
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07:26:09SkyriderEy everyone
07:26:40SkyriderWas wondering if someone can help me out. Ever since a few weeks ago, my sansa clip+ USb started to stop working. It'll charge, but I can no longer transfer files.
07:26:59SkyriderI already tried a second system, and a different cable. Its refusing to create a partition on my system.
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08:13:33SkyriderAs I formatted to try that out.. Rockbox won't load anymore (duh) and partition is still not created.
08:13:47SkyriderInstaller is unable to detect the partition, yet for some reason keeps grabbing N:\
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08:27:57SkyriderI assume my clip is broken?
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08:49:47SkyriderSo pissed >_>
08:57:25SkyriderI hope someone can reply... eventually.
09:00:23SkyriderMost sucky thing is that all rockbox supported device are no longer sold.
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09:29:06__Bilgus_Skyrider, So the usb worked and deleted the partition?
09:29:43__Bilgus_*worked and allowed you to format the player?
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09:31:57SkyriderIt used to work a couple of months ago.
09:32:11SkyriderIt broke down, no longer creating any partition. Even linux can't find it.
09:32:27__Bilgus_oh good at least you are using linux
09:32:34SkyriderWindows, actually.
09:33:02SkyriderBut... the device is broken regardless. Mostly half of the sound is working on the left or right side.
09:33:09__Bilgus_did you format the player w/ windows?
09:33:21SkyriderI haven't touched it since last time I put new music onto it.
09:33:40__Bilgus_thats the headphone jack, its replacable at least
09:33:53SkyriderYa, I know.. But that thing is a bitch to open up >_>
09:34:08SkyriderAnd I don't really mind a new MP3 player.. but none of them support variable playback speed.
09:34:15__Bilgus_ok so player worked; player no usb; try again player won't boot?
09:34:40SkyriderIf I connect the USB port, it says its "connected" (in the default os)
09:34:58SkyriderEven if I change the USB mode, nothing. Recovery mode? (home button hold), nothing.
09:35:36__Bilgus_ok so the player boots into the OF still?
09:35:56__Bilgus_Original Firmware..
09:36:32SkyriderIf I force it to, yes.
09:36:43SkyriderBy default it says rockbox not found.. obviously, as I formatted it.
09:36:51SkyriderI was "hoping" that would do the trick
09:37:02__Bilgus_force it to? like holding volume on start you mean?
09:37:20SkyriderHome button on boot, yes.
09:37:22__Bilgus_ok getting somewhere
09:38:12__Bilgus_oh Clip+ then was thinking you had said clipzip
09:38:42SkyriderNope ^^
09:39:23__Bilgus_OK how did you format the device?
09:40:02__Bilgus_did you do that from within the OF or did you use a computer?
09:40:25SkyriderI have, no idea.. was years since I last formatted it
09:40:47SkyriderThe device itself was still working normally. Just unable to connect USB.
09:40:51__Bilgus_Skyrider09:36:32If I force it to, yes.By default it says rockbox not found.. obviously, as I formatted it.I was "hoping" that would do the trick
09:41:03SkyriderOh, that part.
09:41:09SkyriderUsing the device format option
09:41:23__Bilgus_ah ok good thank god not windows
09:42:08__Bilgus_windows like to wipe out the whole shebang when stuff goes south
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09:42:53SkyriderI assume I can't install rockbox by SD, can I
09:43:54__Bilgus_well it depoends when you actually did the bootloader installation, I've had a sd capable bootloader in mainline for at least a year'
09:44:35SkyriderI think I last updated last year.
09:44:44SkyriderBut only rockbox though.
09:45:34SkyriderBut I've been looking for a new mp3 player for a long while now... just, want, that, variable playback speed function..
09:45:53SkyriderNot sure if this was device specific or rockbox option.
09:45:54__Bilgus_if you have that bootloader we can boot for the sd by putting the .rockbox folder on the sd card and creating a file with a single / on root called rockbox_main.clip+
09:48:28__Bilgus_if not though, I'm not sure how we can get back into the player without usb, the OF is quite a rigid
09:49:41__Bilgus_You might try a known good usb cord and tweak it back a forth to see if you can get a connection to occur
09:50:29__Bilgus_you could take it apart and freshen up the solder on the usb connection
09:52:10SkyriderWhat is debug mode?
09:55:31__Bilgus_you mean recovery mode?
09:55:53Skyrider>now put sd card in device and reboot; Under Debug menu you should have a new entry 'Bootdata' that lists the current boot drive<
09:56:20__Bilgus_thats from within rockbox
09:57:02SkyriderWhich I no longer have
09:57:13__Bilgus_if you have the newer bootloader rb will boot from the sd card if not you are still at square 1
09:57:27SkyriderSays file not found still
09:58:10__Bilgus_then its the older one, you did put rockbox_main.clip+ on the root of the sd card?
10:00:22__Bilgus_and a DEV version of rockbox on there too, has to be a dev version from
10:02:16__Bilgus_if not though you are going to need the USB, the OF has no provision to move files around
10:08:50Skyriderlemme try
10:10:57SkyriderGuess thats a no go
10:11:14SkyriderDevice just boots normally into the default OS when I hold the home button, and file not found upon normal boot
10:14:51SkyriderGuess its time for a new mp3 player... maybe a sandisk jam or sport
10:17:48speachythose won't ever be rockboxed, fyi. and have a very limited feature set even by the clip's OF standards.
10:18:18speachycommercially-available options include the xduoo x3 (either version) or the agptek rocker.
10:19:03Strife89Skyrider: If you're willing, iPods are relatively easy to come by on fleaBay
10:19:37Strife89And you can swap out the HDD for flash storage
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10:23:53__Bilgus_but all those are SO much larger than the clip(s)
10:26:44SkyriderYa, I like the small packages of the clips.
10:26:58SkyriderAs I tend to swap music often, I keep the player in my hand.
10:30:40Strife89Sansa c250s come close, and I see a CIB one for $45 USD
10:31:12SkyriderSold in the NL? :p
10:31:22SkyriderAlso noticed the Clip+ is over 150$ on amazon..
10:31:26Strife89Oh, sorry, I missed that
10:31:32SkyriderI never mentioned it ^^
10:34:04SkyriderBut this sucks.. Shame companies aren't making normal mp3/4 players that isn't closed..
10:34:12SkyriderGive freedome to the users
10:44:48Strife89I really ought to buy an SSD for ranpuraa
10:45:11Strife89I continue to be amazed by it's compile times
10:45:42Strife89Even though an old rusty HDD is slightly holding it back.
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10:50:59Strife89My Android compile appeared to work without a hitch. However, Sdk/tools/bin/android list target gets some Java-related errors, so refuses to accept it
11:04:45__Bilgus_speachy in messing with the voice system did you see any way to tell when an empty string was supplied?
11:05:34__Bilgus_I'm trying to put VOICE_BLANK in a menu
11:05:54__Bilgus_it crashes anytime I try to do anything with the pointer
11:07:40__Bilgus_the strings are all "" except for voice but I guess the voice system doesn't point to \0
11:08:52__Bilgus_so how to detect the invalid pointer NO CLUE, I could look for the ID2P(VOICE_BLANK) but that doesn't really fix the underlying issue
11:13:44Skyriderspeachy: What's limited with the clips?
11:17:58speachythe new clip sport/jam
11:18:02speachyhighly limited
11:18:10speachythey have very little RAM
11:22:08speachyIIRC, VOICE_BLANK is special-cased
11:22:30SkyriderLittle ram is bad?
11:24:08speachybut there are existing users of VOICE_BLANK
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12:55:58Strife89Skyrider: IIRC, they don't have enough RAM to run Rockbox (less than a megabyte?)
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13:34:56SkyriderReferring to for normal use though.
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13:56:41mendel_munkis__builtin: can you Commit g#2457 and g#2458?
13:56:44fs-bluebotGerrit review #2457 at : Add standard cancel to lang by Moshe Piekarski
13:56:44fs-bluebotGerrit review #2458 at : Make md5sum more verbose by Moshe Piekarski
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15:07:32__builtinmendel_munkis: sure
15:07:50__builtinI've got a couple nitpicks to g#2458 but I'll fix those myself
15:07:52fs-bluebotGerrit review #2458 at : Make md5sum more verbose by Moshe Piekarski
15:20:03__builtinprotip: in the future watch out for trailing/dangling whitespace with an addon like ethan-wspace for emacs
15:20:26__builtinfor example, on line 252 you've got a space at the end
15:20:48__builtingerrit will highlight these automatically, but it's up to you to fix them
15:23:50speachyFWIW I have emacs set to strip all trailing whitespace automatically
15:26:43__builtinwe really ought to have it as a commit hook
15:26:54__builtinoverridable, of course, in the case of imported sources
15:27:06speachyI can set gerrit up to reject things with trailing whitespace... :)
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16:13:20mendel_munkis__builtin: nano flags them. usually I remove them but this time I must have missed it. sorry.
16:13:22mendel_munkisalso thanks
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17:17:30Strife89Constant voltage deltas of ±0.000. Wish I could tell whether this is Rockbox or the battery at fault.
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