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#rockbox log for 2020-07-30

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08:42:56speachyI turned on some CAPCHAs on the bug tracker registration. I'm getting several dozen fradulent registration attempts a day now.
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09:36:21speachy__builtin, can you change your rockbox forum email address? it's bouncing.
09:40:38speachy(you're the only one that's bouncing that has logged in within the past 3 years...)
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11:47:27__builtinthat should be going to my email
11:47:48__builtinwhich I'm pretty sure still works
11:48:08__builtinyeah, could it be your server having trouble sending mail to itself?
12:13:44speachyI don't handle mail.
12:18:15speachy... okay, let's try that again.
12:18:44speachythere was a straggler catchall rule I had in place to allow outbound mail from, before I'd reconfigured the various webapps/etc to send mail from domains I control.
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14:26:32__builtinspeachy: I got your "test, redux" email btw
14:43:08speachywas actually the fifth attempt.
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15:31:47speachy...make that several _hundred_ fraudulent registrations/day. sheesh.
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16:30:46salty-horsehi. my sansa e200 screen finally broke, so I'm looking at other devices. For the xduoo x3ii, the chart says "Rb doesn't differentiate between Charge/Data" −− what does that mean in practical terms?
16:32:02speachyit means that when you plug the USB cable in, it assumes you're trying to transfer data to it, so it halts music playback etc.
16:32:13speachyunless you hold PLAY when you plug it it
16:32:45speachythere are patches out there to make that configurable, but I have a somewhat-delayed WIP patch that prompts the user upon unsertion.
16:35:01salty-horseso if I don't care about music playback while plugging a usb, it's a non-issue?
16:38:38speachyit's not a well-baked port, so there are likely sub-optimal keymaps etc but AFAIK everything works.
16:40:19salty-horsethe only thing that worries is me is the size. but I assume there are no devices like the sansa e200 on the shelf, as far as I could find. I'm specifically looking for ones with a screen that's more than a few lines, and still kind of small
16:40:43speachynothing that will run rockbox anyway
16:50:24salty-horsedoes rockbox support bluetooth headphones?
16:51:38salty-horsenm, found that info
16:51:51salty-horsewell I don't have them anyway, and now don't need to consider it
16:52:09speachythe hardare and OS supports it; there's just no rockbox UI to make it happen.
16:53:16salty-horsethanks! ordered :)
16:53:48salty-horsespeachy, so it's just a UI issue? like, listing devices and selecting them...?
16:54:43speachyamong other things, yes. also mundane details like acutally switching outputs and stuff like that.
17:02:08salty-horsenot going to attempt it for now, but good to know. I still have some bookmarking fixes in my todo list
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23:02:59Strife89I ended up buying a Sansa m250 off fleaBay today
23:03:57Strife89The seller offered a discount not long after I'd watched the item (started at $30, they knocked it to $20)
23:05:28Strife89Place your bets now on whether or not it's a v4 :)
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