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#rockbox log for 2020-07-31

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07:07:31flowxhey there, I use speech for menus and folders/files on a sansaclipplus with 3.15. Folders/files are spoken, by the voice I selected in Windows, but menus are spoken by the I suppose downloaded rockbox voice. Can I use the windows voice I selected in Utility?
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08:02:35speachyyup, just create it in rbutil
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08:58:49salty-horsehi. I'm trying to install a voice file in rockbox. I don't have a working screen. I copied the voice file to .rockbox/langs/ and don't hear anything when I move between menu items. In .rockbox/config.cfg I have "talk dir: spell" and "lang: /.rockbox/langs/english.lng" so I made sure the voice file is english.voice. Anything else I'm missing?
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09:28:01speachydoes the voice file match the build?
09:41:00salty-horsespeachy, it matches my device. I got it from the daily builds, while I built rockbox myself. is that bad?
09:41:45speachyif they're based on the same commit you'd be okay
09:43:08speachyyou don't have a display so we can't check the debug info to see what's going on
09:43:23salty-horsethey're not. will rebuild. where is the debug info?
09:43:46speachyrockbox info/debug/voice
09:46:50salty-horseI only have a rockbox-info.txt file, no directory
09:46:54flowxwhere in a windows system does rbutil place the generated voice file so I can copy it on the device? or does rbutil do that?
09:47:36salty-horse... why am I building quake. sigh
09:48:48speachyIIRC rbutil puts the voice file on the actual device
10:20:30salty-horsespeachy, got it oto work, thanks. I think it shouls say "main menu" when I reach the main menu, though
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10:39:38flowxspeachy: extrapolating from your nick: did you by any chance have anything to do with the development of the rockbox speech system?
10:40:33speachyflowx: it's derived from my actual meatspace name
10:41:43speachyI had little to do with the original development of anything but I've coincidentally spent a great deal of time on the voice and i18n infrastructure recently
10:49:48flowxwell, I have to put my THX somewhere, pass it along if you will: I did not use my SansaClipPlus for well some 7 years now I think, since I started to turn blind. Now I discovered by chance just out of curiosity of the state of the rockbox project, that I now can talk, which it couldnt back in the days. Thank you guys and gals so much for that, I can use my Clip again, cause it now talks!
10:53:56speachyI'm glad it's proving useful
10:59:48flowxThe Clip+ has a microSDC Slot. I wasn't able to generate speech files for that yet with rbutil, it provides me only with the build in memory
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12:30:29salty-horseto build for xduoo I need mipsel-rockbox-linux-gnu-cpp −− which target arch should I choose in ? mips or mipslinux?
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12:56:57Strife89That's mipslinux I think
13:14:07salty-horselooks like it. thanks
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23:07:19__Bilgus_any comments / criticisms on g#2623?
23:07:21fs-bluebotGerrit review #2623 at : Add open_plugin to core by William Wilgus
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