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#rockbox log for 2020-08-02

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05:02:24mendel_munkispamaury: I am trying to figure out the relative speeds of writing and reading to/from registers but can't figure out where in the datasheet to look. can you give me any pointers?
05:13:43pamaurymendel_munkis: you mean hardware registers?
05:14:47pamaurywell I don't have any figures, it might depend on which bus it is but most internal buses run at least several tens of MHz, so probably it takes at least one cycle, a bit more for a read. Why does it matter?
05:16:37pamauryto be more precise (I have to leave but I git you pointer from what I remember): there is the "slow" APB bus (look up ts frequency, probably 24Mhz) and the fast APH bus (frequency can change, at least 100Mhz)
05:17:17mendel_munkisI am thinking of replacing the "set on init" in the freescale RTC with a set conditional on elapsed Seconds and was wondering if replaceing a write with a read would slow things down at all.
05:21:13pamaurysorry AHB so APH
05:21:45pamaurynot I think it's completely okay, one read every second is nothing
05:21:56pamauryI need to leave but I stay online and read things later
05:25:03pamauryif you put it on gerrit I'll have a look. I guess this is for the alarm? Isn't the IRQ working?
05:26:02mendel_munkisno this a reworking of the loss of power fix.
05:27:05pamaurywhy is that needed btw? There is a brownout IRQ/FIQ for loss of power
05:29:55mendel_munkisMy recent 2601 and 2616 patches are primally meant to deal with the case of a total loss of power to chip (battery removal) A way of making that only run where necessary occurred to me and that is what I am trying to implement.
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09:56:10__Bilgus_mendel_munkis did you find the do_setting and do_menu code for displaying the settings?
09:56:51mendel_munkisyes. thanks now I just need to test before I put it up on gerrit.
09:57:12mendel_munkis(I managed to freeze my fuzeplus so I have to wait for the battery to drain)
10:00:17__Bilgus_I've found several ways to do that to the Fuze+
10:00:55mendel_munkisMy new favorite is opening a plugin while battery_bench is running.
10:00:58__Bilgus_freaked me out the first time I've also corrupted the install so bad I had to recover it
10:01:32mendel_munkisand unlike most of the other sansas holding power for a minute wont reset the chip
10:01:35__Bilgus_I think battery bench might be a TSR as well does it not handle it?
10:02:07__Bilgus_Ive locked up the clip+ that bad before too
10:02:28mendel_munkisusually running a plugin during battery bench will pop it up asking if you want to exit. if you do it will load the plugin that you had selected.
10:02:49__Bilgus_yeah thats the TSR handler
10:02:54mendel_munkisI tried running a lua plugin erlier today selected close battery_bench and then nada.
10:03:05__Bilgus_that uses a lot of ram though
10:03:16__Bilgus_I bet the TSR stack isn't big enough
10:03:41__Bilgus_well the thread it calls back into
10:04:43speachyyeah, I've been running into that with my attempts to throw up a prompt on usb insertion
10:05:11__Bilgus_tahts the same reason you get a playlist control file error too I think
10:10:32__Bilgus_the stack in battery bench is static
10:11:08__Bilgus_I used the rest of the plugin buffer in that VoiceTSR plugin
10:11:37__Bilgus_mendel would you be willing to try again with a patch once your fuze is back up
10:11:56__Bilgus_like maybe don't charge it fully in case it BSODs again
10:12:09mendel_munkissure. however I first need to test a patch of my own.
10:12:26mendel_munkisalso I am not sure I can reproduce it right now.
10:12:31__Bilgus_I'm just going to put it on gerrit so at your leisure
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11:15:23__Bilgus_I wonder how hard it would be to make the USB screen a plugin
11:51:16__Bilgus_mendel_munkis #g2625
11:51:29__Bilgus_ g#2625
11:51:31fs-bluebotGerrit review #2625 at : Battery_Bench use plugin buffer for thread stack, stop scrolling by William Wilgus
11:51:57__Bilgus_it also stops the scrolling message after you choose to continue the battery bench
11:52:31__Bilgus_that was kinda annoying, I've tested it on the ClipZip and works fine I could probably just push it
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12:39:34pamaurymendel_munkis: why did you want to detect complete battery loss?
12:43:32pamauryI think one possibility (which is essentially what the OF uses to prevent time rollback) is use a persistent register that stores the boot time. If the battery is removed or empty, the SECONDS counter will be less than this and hence you can detect that.
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13:25:37mendel_munkispamaury: because there are some registers which need to be set only after a full power loss.
13:26:18mendel_munkismy solution is very similar to the one you mentioned
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13:58:07mendel_munkisI take it theres no way to force poweroff a fuse+ besides removing the battery?
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14:22:59speachy__Bilgus_: 2625 looks sane.
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14:45:49pamaurymendel_munkis: depends what you meant to power off. You can power off programmatically sure, it's not going to reset the analog registers like the RTC though
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15:37:34mendel_munkisno I just meant power down the chip.
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15:38:21mendel_munkis(while it's not responding)
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18:28:44pamaurymendel_munkis: on the fuze+, holding power for 10 seconds will always power down
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