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#rockbox log for 2020-08-03

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00:09:30fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision a74517a result: All green
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11:28:38speachy__Bilgus_: g#2617 ready?
11:28:40fs-bluebotGerrit review #2617 at : root_menu move tag cache init check to pictureflow plugin by William Wilgus
11:29:41mendel_munkis___Bilgus_: do you still need me to test 2625?
11:32:57speachymendel_munkis_: it's already merged, but I'm sure it another data point would help
11:33:03__Bilgus_its already been pushed
11:33:19__Bilgus_^ yeah that :p
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11:34:34mendel_munkisso yes but low priority. got it.
11:35:22__Bilgus_speachy 2617 is the parent to the open_plugin stuff I'll still be a bit on getting all the i's and t's before its ready
11:36:01__Bilgus_Ive got the back end all down but I need to finish ripping out the rest of Pictureflow
11:37:06__Bilgus_.. and figure out a way to create a default shortcut DAT file at compile time
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11:37:48__Bilgus_oh and make a viewer plugin
11:38:00__Bilgus_the list just gets longer :\
11:39:00speachyso I'm thinking I should try to get the new toolchains landed. it's going to require coordination from builders though.
11:40:07__Bilgus_so far with just getting PF out of the menus I'm up 1k on bin size pretty good considering 600 of that is a static struct
11:40:16speachymight be easier to uprev the m68k stuff first and let that settle before the big arm bump.
11:44:00__Bilgus_Aren't there are lots of new code warnings in the newer toolchains?
11:46:41speachyyes, but we're mostly clean on that front −− native mips, hosted arm, and hosted mips were already on 4.9.4
11:48:30speachyI've been fixing up all warnings (and some actual bugs) this toolchain (and -Os -Wextra) bump has uncovered.
11:49:02__Bilgus_oh the actual bugs part sounds interesting..
11:50:40speachym68k was already using -Os
11:50:56speachythe PP targets were pretty pathological
11:51:20__Bilgus_sounds like an ubuntu distro
11:52:07mendel_munkisdoes anyone have an imx233 family player (imx233, stmp36xx, stmp37xx) that is not a fuze+ zenxfi3 nwze360 or nwze370 that can ell me some debug screen data?
11:55:17speachyMajor issues in the multi-cpu ARM corelock asm routines, some pointer abuses that got optimized into null-pointer dereferences, and of course relying on, heh, undocumented ld behavior.
11:55:38mendel_munkiswhat's the heh?
11:56:15speachy"undocumented behavior" being an euphamism for "it's not clear why it ever worked"
11:56:54mendel_munkisMy favorite type of behavior
11:58:54speachyplus the usual smattering of various warnings all over the codebase
12:01:51speachythe PP targets triggered a lot of special cases due to their being the only native multi-core target.
12:02:22speachyand the ...abuses necessary to get two cores that weren't designed to work together coherently to not step on each other's toes.
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16:20:28pamaurymendel_munkis: I do have such targets but i'm on holiday abroad at the moment unfortunately, I might some dumps though, which register ?
16:21:23mendel_munkispamaury: I am trying to find out how the rtc registers react to power-on reset.
16:22:30mendel_munkisspecificly how the devices without PERSISTENT keep track of time offsets.
16:24:23pamaurymendel_munkis: they just assume that the value in SECONDS is since a fixed date (see rtc.c code)
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16:25:49pamauryby the way, the register POWER_STS, field PWRUP_SOURCE might be of interest to what you are doing. It contains the power up source
16:26:32mendel_munkiswhy would that be useful to me?
16:27:44mendel_munkiswhich means they will suffer from rollover sooner
16:28:32pamaurymendel_munkis: yes indeed
16:29:42pamauryI have some dumps from the sansa express, the ZEN, ZEN Mosaix, ZEN MX, ZEN V, ZEN X-Fi, ZEN X-Fi2, ZEN X-Fi Style
16:33:45mendel_munkisbtw why can't we use PERSISTENT on all imx233 targets and just initially set persistent2 to 315532800?
16:34:59mendel_munkiswhich will make dealing with rollover much easier (I think)
16:35:00pamaurymendel_munkis: rockbox tries to be compatible with OF as much as possible, if some targets don't use PERSISTENT2 to store the time, that would create a time difference between the two. Also to be honest I would rather not use persistent to store the time offset, it's a wate of persistent register
16:37:09mendel_munkispamaury: by storing the current value of YEAR1980 in persistent2 the value would be the same as that stored currently. also whats the problem with using an otherwise unused register?
16:38:01pamaurysome targets use persistent registers for various things (I think some targets I eventualy did not port rockbox to but could have), you could have conflicts
16:38:29pamauryhypothetically, an OF could use PERSISTENT2 for other purposes
16:38:47mendel_munkisok. I didn't see it referencced anywhere else so I figured it was going unused.
16:42:10pamauryit might be that no target actually uses PERSISTENT2 for another purpose and then you are good
16:45:59mendel_munkispamaury: is there any way to fiind that out besides dissambling all the OFs?
16:50:31mendel_munkisalso in 15 years I'd rather have to reset the epoch in as few places as possible.
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16:56:24pamaurymendel_munkis: not really, you can look at the value of PERSISTENT2 and see if it's either 0 or something compatible with epoch, but disassembly is the only sure option
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20:55:54Strife89I won the DAP lottery small league :)
20:56:07Strife89Ordered an m250 on fleaBay - got a v4
20:57:51Strife89I'm in the middle of trying to get it to take a patched Sansa firmware. It should be mounting as MSC, but when I unplug, it just updates the OF's music database and carries on
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21:42:24Strife89It utterly ignores the firmware. I've tried "m200p.bin" and "m200pa.bin"
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22:08:33Strife89speachy: I've run into trouble trying to compile rbutil
22:08:55Strife89Complains about missing .qm files for multiple languages
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22:44:29Strife89Nevermind, no longer need a dev build
22:45:28Strife89Somehow the m250 took a patched OF after I connected it to a Windows machine
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