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#rockbox log for 2020-08-06

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09:16:38Strife89 A look at some of the bugginess in the m200v4 port.
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09:23:46speachyso the display driver is buggy as hell, looks like a good starting point. :)
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10:19:40__Bilgus_the snake bug is probably just incorrect keymap
10:21:11__Bilgus_display bugs OTOH might just be plain wrong or it could also be something to do with the lcd_write commands
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10:53:53__Bilgus_I wonder if the m200 and the m200v4 actually have the same lcd ()
10:54:14__Bilgus_Strife89 in the debug menu does it give the dbop clock?
10:58:50Strife89__Bilgus_: Yep, 62 MHz SET, 31 MHz ACTUAL.
10:59:28__Bilgus_are you able to compile?
11:02:03Strife89Here's a photo of that whole page from the Debug screen
11:05:30__Bilgus_in firmware/export/config/sansam200v4.h comment out HAVE_ADJUSTABLE_CPU_FREQ
11:09:44__Bilgus_after that revisit your bug testing if its still there we'll look at the dbop clock, if its too fast or too slow weird stuff happens
11:10:23__Bilgus_more so too fast but too slow makes it act really funny too
11:17:46__Bilgus_after that if it still glitches go to firmware/target/arm/as3525/clock-target.h and mess around with the clocks
11:17:57__Bilgus_AS3525_DBOP_FREQ try dividing by 2
11:18:57Strife89Promising start, the WPS isn't glitching yet
11:20:43__Bilgus_it could just be the voltage is set too low when it adjust the cpu freq
11:22:02__Bilgus_are you by chance using a rechargable battery? I'd think the voltage regulator would take care of it but who knows..
11:22:20Strife89Nah, I've got a regular AAA in there
11:24:10Strife89Which just died :/
11:25:12Strife89Popped in a new one, Rockbox is behaving right as rain
11:26:55__Bilgus_hmm so we should just be able to up the cpu voltage
11:27:08__Bilgus_give me a minute let me find that
11:27:53speachyone of these days I'll try to take another crack at the jz47xx reclocking
11:28:06Strife89And the LCD is - so far - consistently correct when Rockbox starts.
11:29:24Strife89Rockbox does still shut down if I raise the volume high enough, though
11:29:46Strife89Said volume doesn't sound very loud, though, even at +-0
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11:31:33Strife89I shouldn't say that Rockbox shuts down; the player itself suddenly shuts off
11:32:36Strife89I know my unit can do better in the volume department (I listened to it's radio for a bit in the OF, before I installed Rockbox)
11:33:43Strife89__Bilgus_: So far I've only tested with #HAVE_ADJUSTABLE_CPU_FREQ commented out; haven't messed with the clocks
11:37:29__Bilgus_its the cpu voltage i'm pretty sure
11:38:07__Bilgus_ill paste bin you a change to try once I figure out the define for the target
11:42:00Strife89Battery life is a bit concerning, although I don't have a baseline to compare to.
11:44:03Strife89~ -0.028 per minute with music playing (MP3 160k)
11:45:45Strife89Oh, that was at peak anyway. Guess that was when buffering.
11:46:06Strife89I'll just do a battery bench once I switch to another fresh batt.
11:50:56__Bilgus_also put back the have adjustable cpu voltage
11:50:58Strife89As a reference, -10dB on the m200v4 sounds roughly equivalent to -50dB on an iPod Color
11:51:39__Bilgus_that could easily be a misconfigured ground
11:53:07__Bilgus_or even bad impedance matching..
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11:58:26salty-horsewith xduoo x3ii, when starting playback or seeking, I get a short high pitch distortion sound. known issue?
11:59:06__Bilgus_try adding M200V4 here as well
12:00:37__Bilgus_other things probably need to change here as well but see if it increases your volume first'
12:04:47__Bilgus_I'll need to look at the data sheet for the AS3514/AS3543 before I can tell you what else to try but I gtg till this eve
12:06:50salty-horseshould the build process for the xduoo have generated the cabbie theme files? I have a cabbiev2.cfg but no bitmaps. Been years since I built for a new target so I'm probably missing a step
12:10:59__Bilgus_bah I don't have the 3514 datasheet on this PC
12:16:57__Bilgus_oh it also has a settable gain, which might be the issue but low battery life pushes me towards something being misconfigured
12:18:26Strife89I can't actually confirm that it has "low battery life"
12:18:40Strife89But it did go from 100% to 82% in 20 minutes
12:18:58__Bilgus_a single AAA you say?
12:19:23Strife89A good Duracell, not a cheapo
12:21:02speachyI think NiMH rechargeables have more usable power than an Alkakine. more instantaneous current too
12:21:42__Bilgus_pretty sure aaa have around 1000mah'
12:22:13__Bilgus_but thats also going through a boost convertor
12:22:35__Bilgus_at best 80% efficiency so already at 800 mah probably
12:22:36speachyI'm sure the m200 uses a switching buck/boost supply so the lower max voltage won't matter
12:23:41Strife89The "set batt capacity" option has 1500mAh as it's *lowest* option for some reason
12:23:47Strife89Goes up to 3000
12:24:12Strife89I know that's mainly for runtime calculation, but hey
12:25:18__Bilgus_its been a long while since I went through the AS3514 stuff but I remember there are a bunch settings for the power regulators and weird things that happen with the audio driver when settings are mis-configured like higher power draw
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12:26:59Strife89I had to step AFK earlier, finally made the changes. Compiling now.
12:28:19__Bilgus_let me know how it turns out once I go through the datasheet we can try a few things but if it works get a battery bench pref. the same pack of batteries and we can tweak a few things and see how it fares
12:30:03Strife89I'm working through at 16-pack of the same batteries, we should be good there. :)
12:30:48Strife89At work ATM but there's 12 of 'em at home
12:32:25Strife89I should buy some more soon, though, I also use them for my older Palms
12:32:36Strife89and a Game Boy Pocket
12:33:56__Bilgus_its amazing how many batteries were needed from 1980 - 2004
12:35:40Strife89Welp, I disconnected the player, had RoLo reload, and the LCD immediately went dark (same as it did in the video, with text barely readable)
12:36:22salty-horsespeachy, may I bother you with some xduoo questions? after building rockbox, I'm missing the cabbie v2 theme. Is there a build step I forgot? I'm also getting some distortion (as noted above)
12:36:32Strife89Second boot the same, third boot correct contrast
12:37:00Strife89WPS immediately made the screen blank
12:37:07Strife89Going AFK for a bit
12:37:13speachysalty-horse: I don't actually have an x3ii. and afaik you're the first person to report any such issue
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12:38:03speachybut the default wps theme is built in, yeah.
12:38:16salty-horsespeachy, ah. you edited the wiki page :D. should I open a bug about the distortion?
12:38:43speachysure, I just don't have any way to investigate, much less fix, the problem.
12:38:48salty-horsespeachy, built-in means I didn't miss a step...? by default I got the old "theme" without graphics, since the bitmaps were missing
12:39:15salty-horsespeachy, are there people involved with the port I can talk to?
12:41:52speachydid you install this thing from files, or did you start with the original xvortex port?
12:46:30salty-horseonly the rockbox repository
12:46:48salty-horseI also have a keymapping suggestion
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13:14:01Strife89Any iRiver fans in here? I just snagged an H320.
13:14:53Strife89The seller wrote, "One thing I did notice is that when it is turned on it makes a ticking noise that is noticeable," which concerns me a little. Wondering if it's a known problem among H320 users in here.
13:15:09speachyheh, I saw that listing
13:15:15Strife89(Sorry, I know this isn't a Rockbox question.)
13:15:29Strife89speachy: They offered me half off :D
13:15:48Strife89Well, s/me/all watchers/
13:16:10Strife89But obviously I was the first to jump
13:17:04speachysalty-horse: don't know what to say; beyond file bugs with as much detail as possible. and confirm it's recreatable with the builds you can download as opposed to those you make yourself..
13:18:11salty-horsespeachy, what can go wrong with the builds I make myself if I make no code changes?
13:19:06speachysalty-horse: it's possible there's something wrong with your environment or some lingering config/files on the player itself.
13:19:44speachypristine install from a supposedly-good source will at least confirm or eliminate tha possibility
13:20:16speachyand thus affect the decision tree
13:21:00salty-horseok, will test with official build before reporting. for now I'm making a patch for improved button mapping
13:21:41speachythe keymaps were largely copied from the original X3, as the xvortex port sources we started with didn't include any.
13:21:58speachyso patches will be (very) welcome
13:24:33salty-horsenow I'm copying button mapping for the power key from e200 :D Sad to have a merged play/select on the xduoo but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
13:25:36speachypamaury: I'm thinking of trying to dust off your not-touched-in-a-decade USB MTP patches. Any thoughts, beyond perhaps that I should do something more useful with my life?
13:27:48salty-horseI see that the official xduoo daily build is also missing the cabbiev2 bitmaps. the daily build for sansa e200 has it - is that a problem I should report?
13:37:07speachyhmm. give me a moment
13:45:00fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision d51dfbf, 280 builds, 10 clients.
13:45:15speachysalty-horse: this build should have the missing bitmaps/etc
13:45:31speachydo a git pull/build yourseif if you don't want to wait
13:50:45bluebrotherStrife89: I remember a ticking noise being a problem on the h100 / h300 players when a remote is attached. Can't remember too much details about it though, it's been really long and I never noticed that on my h120.
13:51:50salty-horsespeachy, thanks
13:53:53Strife89bluebrother: Interesting to know at least, thanks.
13:54:46bluebrotherI guess the logs should have something on that. Like ... 10 years ago :)
13:55:26Strife89I thought I would go ahead an do an informal Battery Bench since I'm going to be busy ... but the m250 didn't like that.
13:57:30Strife89I think it was about to play the next track when the Panic occurred.
13:58:19fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 799 seconds.
13:58:22fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision d51dfbf result: All green
13:59:31Strife89salty-horse: ^
14:00:57salty-horsequestion about button mapping. when a button code says BUTTON_POWER|BUTTON_REL I understand it's when the power button is short-pressed. what does this mean? BUTTON_POWER|BUTTON_RIGHT
14:01:59Strife89I think that might simply be a two-button code?
14:02:12Strife89Not a dev at all here.
14:02:51Strife89But I know that some targets have features where two buttons must be pressed simultaneously to trigger.
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14:29:44bluebrotherspeachy: why did you add bzip2 to Rockbox Utility instead of simply linking the system one?
14:30:37speachymy understanding was that rbutil was to be a depdendency-free as possible, including external libraries
14:31:31bluebrotherok, fair point :)
14:32:02bluebrotherit breaks when building for Windows, since Qt seems to export those symbols too. A similar issue exists with zlib.
14:32:19bluebrotherI'm going to not link bzip2 on Windows for now, so at least that will build again.
14:32:43speachyand sorting this stuff out is why you're paid the big bucks!
14:33:03bluebrotherI'm getting paid? o.O
14:33:12*bluebrother hasn't seen any money :D
14:33:17speachywith exposure!
14:33:39bluebrotheroh noes!
14:33:41*bluebrother hides
14:34:53bluebrotherok, I'm going to drop Qt4 support soonish. Plus some changes that will kill warnings with current Qt (but that won't work on Qt4 anymore)
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14:38:54Strife89bluebrother: All the money you're paid gets sucked right back into the server costs, black hole style :P
14:39:24bluebrotherstrange. I'm not paying for those servers.
14:39:40*bluebrother has the feeling something is off here. And he's getting ripped off. :P
14:42:34speachydrat, you caught us. you're the only one not getting showered in gold
14:43:46fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 7c5b9a4, 280 builds, 10 clients.
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14:56:02bluebrotherok, so I uploaded a Windows development binary of Rockbox Utility for all those people whining on the forums about AGPtek.
14:58:04fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 859 seconds.
14:58:07fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 7c5b9a4 result: All green
15:01:18speachybluebrother, I'd been meaning to ask about FS #12947
15:01:19fs-bluebot Rockbox Utility manual version and installed program version can fail to accord (bugs, unconfirmed)
15:02:05speachyrbutil always grabs the latest nightly manual build, even when one installs a release package
15:07:10bluebrotherneeds fixing I guess :)
15:07:53bluebrotherthough I don't consider that too important −− those build issues actually are a major problem to me.
15:09:34speachyyeah; we generally want folks to use newer manuals, but with the archos retirements, there are no longer daily manuals for them.
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16:16:11pamauryspeachy: re-MTP: possibly you should do something better with your life because as I recall it was annoying to understand what needs to be done to make Windows happy. But some people might find it useful and it's better than rotting on gerrit
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17:05:15fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 04d289f, 280 builds, 10 clients.
17:17:01fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 706 seconds.
17:17:03fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 04d289f result: All green
17:18:52Strife89Whoops, I started to render video during that build round
17:21:09Strife89I heard the fans making noise but I managed to convince myself that it was just a strange echo of the air conditioner sound
17:21:10Lonoxmonthaha computer go brrr
17:44:17speachythe jz4760 pll is ... annoying complicated.
17:49:51 Join ac_laptop [0] (~ac_laptop@
17:53:13pamauryspeachy: the doc is not particularly clear on that subject for sure
17:54:12pamauryspeachy: also beware of the difference between JZ4760 and JZ4760B, I think something was changed wrt to clocks
17:54:30speachythe rule about how the outclock * outdivisor has to be between 500 and 1500MHz is particularly fun
17:55:25speachydiscovered that after I'd recalculated the codec clocks as low as I could make it.
17:56:04speachybut I'm able to clock the PLL at 127MHz for 44KHz audio, which is a quarter of its old speed.
17:56:44pamaurythat's pretty good, should improve battery usage a lot
18:00:57speachymain CPU is still blazing along at 492MHz
18:02:04mendel_munkispamaury: I just noticed the imx233 rev 4 data sheet you put on the wiki Is missing some fields in the rev 1 generally available online.
18:15:15pamaurymendel_munkis: yeah it's weird
18:15:43pamauryI think I've used the rev 1 as a reference mostly
18:16:28mendel_munkisI know I have. I just noticed the rev 4 yesterday
18:20:29pamauryI don't remember spotted big differences though, and sometimes the stmp3700 datasheets contains interesting information too
18:20:54pamauryit's clear some functionality from the stmp3700 was removed from the manual but not from the hardware
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20:22:12speachyprobably IP owned by some 3rd party that didn't transfer to Freescale
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21:16:31__Bilgus_Strife89 I just changed the battery bench code to hopefully stop stack overflows is that built off the current head?
21:16:53__Bilgus_just did it as in last few days
21:18:28Strife89Built off 5d1d431b97
21:19:13Strife89So not current head but pretty close
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21:22:03saratogaspeachy: sorry just saw your question about merging my gerrit accounts, if that is possible it would be great
21:29:48__Bilgus_Strife89 that looks to be after my patch unfortunately
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22:16:17__Bilgus_Strife89 batterybench.c try changing #define BUF_SIZE 16000 to #define BUF_SIZE 8000
22:16:43__Bilgus_its higly doubtful its going to get 8 hrs let along 16
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22:27:08Strife89__Bilgus_: Alright, I'll give it a try.
22:27:58Strife89Building off the same revision, and the only other local change will be commenting out HAVE_ADJUSTABLE_CPU_FREQ in sansam200v4.h
22:30:46Strife89Then I'll test a clean build, same revision.
22:37:27Strife89Damn, it didn't even make it to the end of the first track. Undefined instruction
22:41:47Strife89I'll just try a clean build to make sure
22:53:26Strife89If I was smart, I would have built and copied a voice file for the clean build
22:54:02Strife89lol this is new, the LCD output is upside-down *and* mirrored
22:55:58Strife89Nope, still crashes in the middle of the first track
22:56:10Strife89With the added fun of not being able to see anything on the screen
22:57:53 Join ac_laptop [0] (~ac_laptop@
22:59:43Strife89It looks like Battery Bench did manage to write something.
23:01:43Strife89Upside-mirrored screen:
23:02:13 Join S|h|a|w|n [0] (~shawn156@unaffiliated/shawn156)
23:03:24__Bilgus_strife that is interesting
23:04:29__Bilgus_hmm wonder what the undefined instruction is could you pastebin the map file for the build and for battery bench or the relevant portions thereof?
23:04:40Strife89Built off head, no changes, and another build with one change (BUF_SIZE 8000). Both crash before the end of a short track
23:05:05__Bilgus_which build is that undefined ins error from?
23:05:33__Bilgus_or is it the same pc and sp\?
23:06:03Strife89That was from 5d1d431b97, with change to BUF_SIZE and commenting out HAVE_ADJUSTABLE_CPU_FREQ
23:06:11Strife89Though I imagine I could reproduce
23:06:40__Bilgus_well the pc is going to be different between builds most likely
23:06:42Strife89Can't read the crash errors on this build because the LCD stays blank when it crashes :D
23:07:18Strife89So you still want the map file?
23:07:33__Bilgus_not sure where the not having a screen comes in at though tbh
23:07:37Strife89Or should I roll back and try to reproduce the exact same error
23:08:18__Bilgus_if the map matches the build that made the undefined ins error screen yes
23:08:21Strife89The screen frequently goes blank on me when entering the WPS
23:09:28__Bilgus_that could be the lcd controller locking up did you try halving the dbop clock?
23:09:42Strife89Haven't tried that
23:09:52Strife89Where is it
23:10:51__Bilgus_firmware/target/arm/as3525/clock-target.h and mess around with the clocks AS3525_DBOP_FREQ try dividing by 2
23:11:01Strife89Just made a new build, using head, with CPUFREQ commented out
23:11:29Strife89I will try to get it to reproduce the crash and then try halving the clock
23:13:27__Bilgus_ah ok
23:13:48Strife89Damn, I thought it was going to make it
23:13:59Strife89Track 1 is 53 seconds long, it crashed on 52
23:14:52Strife89__Bilgus_: Panic message:
23:15:43__Bilgus_ah you'll need to do the other thing too :/
23:15:57Strife89Which other thing
23:16:15__Bilgus_cutting down the buffer in battery bench
23:17:20__Bilgus_I wonder if the undefined instruction long jumping could cause the stack ovf
23:18:37Strife89I'm not sure which part to even change in clock-target.h so I'm going to leave that alone for now
23:18:47Strife89It's not part of the battery bench testing besides.
23:19:11speachyokay, here's a strange question −− does rockbox automagically resample everything to 44.1KHz?
23:21:43speachybecause it looks like, even for targets that support 48KHz, the mixer rate gets initialized at startup to HW_SAMPR_DEFAULT and is never actually changed by anything
23:23:37 Join Rower [0] (
23:23:44speachyunless HAVE_PLAY_FREQ is defined, and that's only done by the iBasso DX50/DX90
23:26:34Strife89If that's the case ... whoops.
23:28:09Strife89__Bilgus_, here's your crash.
23:28:39Strife89I played a longer song this time, and it still crashed around 52 seconds
23:30:01Strife89(I changed songs because I tried playing the 53-second song with no batt bench, as a sanity check, and this happened immediately after clicking on it in the file browser.
23:30:55__Bilgus_now just need the map so we can see whats at 0x302082B8
23:32:19__Bilgus_oh and maybe the battery bench one too
23:36:29__Bilgus_thank you sir bbiab
23:38:14__Bilgus_huh 302082B8 points to main()
23:38:44__Bilgus_sounds like an unhandled stack overflow perhaps
23:40:37__Bilgus_and 30212758 isn't even in the maps
23:41:25*Strife89 raises an eyebrow
23:42:29__Bilgus_theres something funky going on maybe the chip is glitching?
23:42:42__Bilgus_I assume it works fine with the OF
23:43:08Strife89As far as I know it does, but I didn't test it much
23:43:39__Bilgus_before we go chasing rabbits you might wanna check that out a bit
23:43:44fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision f554c78, 280 builds, 11 clients.
23:43:53Strife89Will do
23:44:26 Quit TheSeven (Disconnected by services)
23:44:36 Join [7] [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/TheSeven)
23:46:37Strife89For now I'm going to bed. Night, folks.

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