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#rockbox log for 2020-08-08

00:02:12Strife89__Bilgus_: Only on the Clip+ and Clip Zip
00:03:11Strife89But I will temporarily revert those to booting from internal storage for further testing
00:04:33__builtinanother note to self: the SDL1.2 PlayAudio() function is buggy as hell
00:05:25__Bilgus_Strife I've been running this bench since I said I'd try to repro
00:05:39__Bilgus_on the clipzip not the clip+
00:05:56__Bilgus_pretty similar hardware in the processor dept
00:06:29__Bilgus_next time I get back to my house I'll grab my Clip+ and try if I haven't reproduced by then
00:06:50__Bilgus_also are you compiling your own builds or using the dev versions?
00:16:28__builtinaaand we have sound on SDL2.0! :D
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01:08:35__builtinand now SDLPoP compiles :)
01:08:39__builtinthis has been a productive 24 hours
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02:45:38fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision d7b9eb6, 280 builds, 10 clients.
02:46:44__Bilgus_well that took entirely longer than I expected
02:47:24__Bilgus_the resulting code is pretty minimal but it sure took a long while to figure out how best to do it
02:48:09__Bilgus_Anyways hopefully this build is GREEN! if so ROLO will now work with multiboot redirects
02:49:00__Bilgus_Strife89 I suspect this may be the issue you were experiencing or your two sansas
02:49:50__Bilgus_basically ROLO loads your multiboot firmware but when the new firmware comes back up it uses the internal drive
02:50:23__Bilgus_now it should act like the bootloader and pass the boot drive to the new fw
03:05:39fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 1202 seconds.
03:05:41fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision d7b9eb6 result: All green
03:06:02__Bilgus_WOO night.
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04:16:56fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 48d2927 result: All green
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10:32:14speachy__builtin: so, how about porting over System Shock? :D That'll be a fun UI with only five keys...
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11:09:04Strife89__Bilgus_: Awesome! Will update and test.
11:11:01Strife89Using official dev builds on everything but my m250
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14:12:37bluebrotherhmpf. Why do people always need to use custom types?
14:13:07*bluebrother is looking at libtomcrypt (quite nice), and there's a macro "byte" that conflicts with the type "byte" in sbtools.
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14:37:13speachylibtom has to work in all sorts of nonstandard environments..
14:38:55speachyand, heh, it probably predates pretty much everything else used in/by rbutil
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15:04:06bluebrotherthe macro is annoying, but what annoys me more is this custom type "byte". Seems to be a leftover of the old crypto functions in sbtools / mkimxboot
15:04:19bluebrotheranyway, I've got Rockbox Utility without libcryptopp :)
15:04:38bluebrotherand mkimxboot creates a binary that is identical to the previous one. So it seems to work correctly.
15:05:01bluebrothernow for some cleanup, then push it to gerrit so someone with more knowledge of that stuff can review it.
15:40:05__Bilgus_heh bluebrother thats you bud !
15:40:47bluebrotherthat's me?
15:46:16__Bilgus_out of the (6?) of us yeah lol
15:48:41__Bilgus_someone with more knowledge of that stuff can review it.
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15:52:27bluebrotherhmm, it ended up as 4 reviews. Well, it's been 4 commits :)
15:57:38speachyadded my feedback
16:01:50bluebrotherhmm. If I have multiple commits pushed to a review, and then edit one of those commit, then push it again. Will gerrit update my reviews?
16:06:22speachyonly the ones that changed. I don't recall if a simple rebase counts
16:06:45speachyI do need to do another gerrit upgrade soon
16:07:31bluebrotherok, but that sounds like what I'd expect. Nice :)
16:10:12speachythe X3 is randomly dropping the volume when using the lineout −− basically the LO or HP detect is triggering a volume reduction but nothing pushes it back up...
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16:16:02bluebrotherpamaury: can you please have a look at g#2644?
16:16:05fs-bluebotGerrit review #2644 at : sbtools: convert crypto to libtomcrypt. by Dominik Riebeling
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16:26:43salty-horsegot another bug with the xduoo x3 ii. I paused playback, waited <10 minutes (not sure how many), then resumed. nothing happened. the UI was still working, and pressing "play" showed the play symbol in wps, but nothing was playing. Seeking didn't help. Still trying to reproduce it.
16:27:41salty-horsespeachy, there's a typo in the wiki page title. It says "xDooo" -
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16:32:04pamaurybluebrother: will have a look, did you test it on actual files ?
16:38:58pamaurybluebrother: I have tried to run it but the code looks okay. I suspect that with this change the sbtools themselves don
16:39:05pamaury't compiel anymore though
16:39:20pamauryI'll have look at fixing their makefiles
16:39:56pamauryah great it's in g#2645, so perfect :)
16:39:57bluebrotherpamaury: I've tried it with a fuze+ sb file. The result was identical.
16:39:58fs-bluebotGerrit review #2645 at : sbtools: Change crypto wrapper implementation to C. by Dominik Riebeling
16:40:33bluebrotherI did try to compile sbtools too :)
16:43:59pamauryand yeah byte is leftover from old code
16:45:33bluebrotherI figured that crypto++ also has a type byte.
17:03:40speachysalty-horse: probably some powersaving feature in the underlying OS/firmware that needs to be explicitly kicked
17:04:19salty-horseI tested while waiting 2 and 3 minutes. need to test more
17:05:46salty-horseis it possible to make the bootloader boot straight to rockbox without making me choose a firmware? I would also like it if rockbox launched when I connect the usb instead of the original firmware, because it insists on scanning all the files after I disconnect the cable
17:06:22speachypossible, absolutely.. just needs appropriate TLC
17:06:49speachythough the mechanism for the OF-launched-upon-usb-insertion isn't known (AFAIK)
17:09:56salty-horsehave there been attempts to ask the company for specifications?
17:10:29speachynot that I'm aware of, but the the original author (ie xvortex) might have.
17:14:44speachymaking that timeout configurable is on the to-do list.
17:17:30salty-horseI see that the xduoo supports play/pause using the headphones cord button. Is that implemented yet? If not, I'd like to attempt it
17:18:00speachybluebrother, as far as I'm concerned that patch series can get merged.
17:19:21speachysalty-horse, presumably it gets translated to standard linux input events −− and if so, adding that to button_map in firmware/target/hosted/xduoo/button-xduoo.c
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17:20:08salty-horsespeachy, and there's a way to activate a debug log on the device to figure out which event it is?
17:20:13bluebrotherok, thanks. I'm off for today though, and I'd like not to rush it −− pamaury did the original work there so he might spot something I've missed.
17:21:22bluebrother(btw, sorry, missed that one comment about CREDITS before.)
17:25:16pamaurybluebrother: I'd like to at least test it on a couple files on my computer today or tomorrow before it gets merged, but if I don't answer in a couple days (as I am travelling), feel free to merge it
17:31:55salty-horsespeachy, if it's using regular android stuff, it should be KEYCODE_HEADSETHOOK −− will try next week and report back
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19:17:52speachy__builtin: what do you think about g#2646 (and we can probably abandon g#1777 too)
19:17:56fs-bluebotGerrit review #2646 at : plugins: properly build duke3d/quake/wolf3d on MIPS and HOSTED targets by Solomon Peachy
19:17:56fs-bluebotGerrit review #1777 at : duke3d: enable for non-ARM targets by Franklin Wei
19:18:19__builtindoes it actually work?
19:18:49speachyI recall running duke and wolf3d on the Rocker
19:18:53__builtinoh, and you need to edit SUBDIRS as well
19:19:01speachySUBDIRS was already done
19:19:08__builtinoh, was it?
19:19:19__builtinah, right
19:19:21speachyyeah, I did that a while back when I first got the SDL stuff running hosted
19:19:26__builtinwell, in that case definitely enable it
19:19:37speachybut somehow I missed the SOURCES bit
19:19:38__builtinbut since I don't have a MIPS target I can't test
19:19:55__builtinso you'll have to report what's broken :)
19:20:03__builtinbecause I'm sure lots of things are...
19:20:15speachyhosted works okay, native is probably fine too but I don't have a native MIPS with a screen capable of it.
19:20:27__builtinnative mips?
19:20:29speachy#1777 also enabled them for m68k
19:20:39speachythe xduoo x3 is native
19:20:48__builtinthe problem with the SDL programs is they do a lot of really nasty pointer stuff
19:20:49speachyx3ii, rocker, x20 are hosted mips
19:21:18__builtinI've done my best to clean them up, but it's likely that there's still unaligned accesses lurking somewhere
19:21:21speachythe issue I had with the hosted mips stuff was actually RAM limitations; the underlying OS doesn't give us a lot to play with.
19:21:39speachyyeah, I remember fixing up a bunch of that stuff during earlier forays into disabling warning suppression
19:21:58__builtinI have been meaning to do a deep clean myself
19:21:59speachybut unaligned access is a major issue on most of our ARM targets too
19:22:28speachyso I'd wager that for the most part the code is okay
19:22:46__builtinI've fixed what I can for ARM builds, but switching architectures might cause rearrangement memory, etc.
19:22:57fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision be2c873, 280 builds, 10 clients.
19:22:59__builtinso I say go ahead and merge it
19:24:52speachyyou can probably abandon #2284, 2285, and 2286 once bluebrother's libtom stuff lands.
19:37:04fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 848 seconds.
19:37:06fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision be2c873 result: All green
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22:30:42fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 08c4b70, 280 builds, 10 clients.
22:34:13speachyon jz4760, had to go back to the PLL for 11/22/44/88KHz audio. But I was able to reduce the clock from 508 to 169.5MHz so it's still a decent power savings.
22:44:20speachyI swear, this SoC is such a janky mess
22:44:56fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 854 seconds.
22:44:59fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 08c4b70 result: All green
22:50:27*__builtin is *not* a fan of the lseek() function
22:50:46mendel_munkiswhy not?
22:50:51__builtinit's too easy to write lseek(fd, SEEK_SET, 0) instead of lseek(fd, 0, SEEK_SET)
22:51:19speachybeen there, done that..
22:51:39speachyoh, anyone feel like looking at g#2648?
22:51:42fs-bluebotGerrit review #2648 at : mikmod: Upgrade mikmod core from v3.2.0 to v3.3.11 by Solomon Peachy
22:51:51__builtinaand now SDLPoP gets further before crashing :)
23:37:59__builtinwell, I'll be damned
23:38:01__builtinit works with sound :)
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