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#rockbox log for 2020-08-10

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11:12:54speachyokay, I've now tested g#2648 on native mips, hosted mips, and three different ARM targets (pp502x, sansaams, s5l8700)
11:13:02fs-bluebotGerrit review #2648 at : mikmod: Upgrade mikmod core from v3.2.0 to v3.3.11 by Solomon Peachy
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11:36:43speachyoh! just found my 1st clip+, with its fried flash
12:16:06_Bilgus_I didn't make it to my house this weekend speachy but i'll try to this weekend
12:16:38_Bilgus_for the clipzips..
12:17:32speachyoh, there's no rush there. I already have more DAPs than I know what to do with.
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12:30:21speachyHuh, there's nearly 1.4M SLOC in the repo. C, C++, asm, perl, python, and shell.
12:33:33LonoxmontLOC = Lines Of Code, SLOC = ?
12:39:20speachySource Lines of Code
12:39:40Lonoxmontwhat is the differemce?
12:40:29speachyjust convention, I think.
12:40:38speachysource / physical vs logical
12:43:36Lonoxmontwhat would logical lines be? lines generated during the compilation somehow?
12:45:35speachystuff stripped out that doens't contribute to compilation −− eg comments or whitespace.
12:46:19speachythe 'cloc' tool yields nearly 10K more lines with the same set, hmm.
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12:47:14speachynearly 30% of the lines in our C/H files are comments or whitespace, for example
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14:32:18speachyoops I did it again..
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14:33:45speachyI really should start turning on -Werror
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17:45:00Strife89Woo, iRiver arrived
17:55:49Strife89Booo, the HDD is borked
17:56:35Strife89I've bought three HDD-based players this year and all three arrived with HDD problems.
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18:48:04speachyStrife89, that uses the same HDD as older ipods, righjt? with the CF-like 50pin connector?
18:48:37speachyI have an old MK3006GAL drive you can have if it'll work
18:53:14Strife89It does indeed! I just put in the HDD I took out of my iPod Color, since I have no better options handy.
18:53:35Strife89The iRiver recognizes it just fine, it seems!
18:53:48Strife89Thanks for the offer though
18:56:00speachyI have it and a battery for an ipod video
18:56:51speachyin my box of broken dreams
18:57:07Strife89I spoke too soon, of course.
18:57:15Strife89It played one song and then froze.
18:57:29Strife89Can't figure out how to force it to shut down.
19:01:32Strife89Oh, there's actually a reset hole on the side
19:01:36Strife89I like that
19:02:45speachythose iRiver units were very solid, well-thought out devices.
19:04:36Strife89 Once some more income lands, I think I'll get one of these (and an adapter)
19:05:40Strife89Anyway, trying to download rbutility now, because I don't feel like handling all of the firmware shenanigans manually
20:19:01Strife89Welp, putting my iRiver on a non-US firmware went well, but applying a patched firmware appears to have no effect
20:19:47Strife89I put it on 1.29K
20:24:00Strife89My patched firmware somehow doesn't match the md5sum on the IriverBoot page
20:24:49Lonoxmontwell yeah, you patched it
20:25:01Lonoxmontwho even knows when the last time that md5 was updated
20:25:24Lonoxmontand/or if even a single bit is flipped the md5sum wont match either
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21:04:20Strife89I tried doing the 1.28J firmware, and my patched version *does* match the md5 on the page
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21:04:50Strife89And applying it to the iRiver finally resulted in a working Rockbox bootloader on it
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21:06:15Strife89Lonoxmont: The "when" of the md5sum shouldn't matter, as long as it's for the specified version of the file in question.
21:07:08Strife89Also, the text of the wiki page makes it fairly clear the the tables of checksums are for patched files, not clean ones
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