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#rockbox log for 2020-08-13

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10:45:05t0matois iflash boards not vibing well with rockbox('s usb drivers?) a known issue? I'm getting corruption in multiple tracks, but only on the ones transferred while booted into rockbox. tracks transferred while booted into stock fw have no issues at all.
10:46:02__Bilgus_known issue though progress might have been made in the latest dev builds
10:46:46t0matowould only transferring files while booted into stock fw be a valid workaround, or are there other points where corruption could occur as well that I haven't noticed yet?
10:47:50__Bilgus_forum haspost documenting it t0mato,52560.0.html
10:47:53speachyt0mato: I have multiple reports that the SD-based iFlash adapters are working
10:48:02speachywith recent-ish dev builds, that is
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10:48:36__Bilgus_t0mato you could be another successful data point!
10:48:55t0matoneat, is upgrading to dev builds as simple as selecting them in the utility, or is there anything special I have to do?
10:49:16speachythe mSATA (or nvme ones?) are a different matter though. I haven't heard anything about those, though I do recall reports talking about how with the stock firmware the battery life tanks with 'em.
10:51:16speachyt0mato: essentially, yes. if you're using voiced menus make sure you install or generate updated voices too.
11:03:56t0matoat first listen (and glance at spek) it doesn't look like there's any corruption
11:04:07t0matothen again my sample size currently is one album, but it's looking good so far
11:05:55t0matoit's also transferring at a *much* higher speed than before, pretty much on par with, if not exceeding, the default firmware
11:07:33speachywhat model of player?
11:10:22t0mato30GB iPod Video w/ search function, so probably 5.5g
11:13:47__Bilgus_that is excellent news!
11:18:14t0matocopied over ten 10MB files, all have matching hashes
11:18:24t0matosuper glad I won't have to boot into ofw to transfer files now
11:18:41speachysweet. every other report I've had was from the 4th gen family
11:29:44__Bilgus_speachyt what did you end up changing for that patch?
11:29:57__Bilgus_or is it just the fact it goes into disk mode now?
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11:37:21Lonoxmonti had iflash sd issues with corruption during file transfer as well
11:37:29Lonoxmontworked around by booting to disk mode
11:37:55Lonoxmontipod video 5.5g, iflash quad with 4x256gb sd cards (iirc)
11:38:26speachy__Bilgus_: instead of assuming the mandatory ATA power management commands were supported, I gated them behind a feature flag check
11:39:21speachygot that idea from seeing a random blog post about using those SD adapters in an old PC −− there was a screenshot of the supported features from a diagnostic tool
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11:40:38speachyso we never put the ATA subsystem to sleep, which means we never issue the sleep commands (and more importantly, I suspect) shut down the power supply to the ATA interface.
11:41:56speachyso in theory we take a battery hit, but even running all the time it's a lot less juice than the spinning rust averages out to be..
11:42:30Lonoxmontyeah spinnyrusts are lol for battery
11:43:12Lonoxmonton my original battery it was so marginal that if the batteyr wasnt fully charged you could sometimes have the ipod reset from the voltage dip trying to spin the drive up
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12:36:54__Bilgus_johnb4 any updates on battery bench?
12:37:51johnb4I am sorry, I didn't quite get what you want me to do. Recompile with the code from pastebin?
12:38:41t0matohmm, looks like the ipod got disconnected during file transfer, drive just disappeared from explorer, while the screen still showed the usb connection
12:38:48__Bilgus_yeah it just comments out the part that gets all the battery infos
12:39:01t0matoafter hard rebooting the connection works again, but Windows has been stuck at scanning & fixing for a couple minutes, not sure if the fs got yote hard
12:39:23speachyt0mato: from rockbox's perspective it's still plugged into USB; it has no way of knowing the host dropped off.
12:40:12t0matoso there's not keepalive or similar checks when the host just drops the connection?
12:40:33speachycorrect; rockbox considers it still connected as long as it's getting power via the USB connector
12:41:28t0matosee, that's the thing - I unplugged the cable
12:41:41speachythere was some discussion about how the DMA clocks differed from the OF; rockbox's tuning was faster for spinning rust but was supposedly less optimal for these SSD adapters
12:41:54speachy(which were tuned for the OF's settings)
12:42:13johnb4__Bilgus_: I will give it a try, I need to go to the computer that has the VM to compile ...
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12:46:35Lonoxmontyeah the toolchain was 'fun' to get working last time i tried
12:46:44Lonoxmontidk if that got fixed yet
12:47:09speachyafaik there are no known issues buillding the toolchains, even on relatively modern systems.
12:47:09__Bilgus_I trhink I spent 3 days the first time
12:47:32Lonoxmontmaybe now youve gone and worked on them yeah
12:47:47Lonoxmontbut when i tried it took me like 3 or 4 different computers to find some combo of OS that worked
12:47:48speachyall of those little pebbles add up
12:48:14__Bilgus_mainly just getting the dependencies right
12:48:16Lonoxmonteven then iirc i had to edit a header of some sort to get the toolchain to build
12:48:24Lonoxmontit kept getting stuck
12:48:28speachyI still intend to uprev everything to gcc494.
12:49:00Lonoxmontonce i finally got it to build it was fine though
12:49:10Lonoxmonteverything after that was fine
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12:57:03johnb5__Bilgus_: pastebin has expired :-(
13:02:27__Bilgus_and the other try might be try removing SHAREDBSS_ATTR from the even queue @328
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13:56:06johnb5__Bilgus_ : #1: playback continued for few seconds then hung.
13:57:18johnb5as for SHAREDBSS_ATTR, that change is on top of the commented section, right?
13:57:47johnb5With this I got a crash with the prefetch message.
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14:30:58t0matoweird, it seems like rockbox is kind of freezing up for a couple seconds/minutes while transferring files via usb - I say "kinda" because it repeats the last media control sent while it froze ad infinitum, the transfer rate drops to 0, but it still reacts to hitting the clickwheel by lighting up the screen
14:31:31t0matois there a debug logging setting that could help me figure out why/what's happening?
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14:40:36Strife89Hmmm, maybe some USB issues I've been silent about weren't just bad cables after all
14:41:11Strife89iPod Color owner here, with an iFlash
14:43:08speachycan't comment on that. :)
14:45:58Strife89To be fair, speachy, I still think that some other part of my iPod's HW might be malfunctioning
14:46:17Strife89The HDD I pulled from it has worked perfectly so far in the iRiver
14:51:36t0matohuh, it just disconnected completely again
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15:33:26speachyI have a couple of USB cables that trigger disconnects a lot. Or maybe it's a flaky port on the hub
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15:37:37t0matoI've never had it happen on this cable/port combo before, though that's always the case before stuff breaks haha
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15:59:43speachyI'm not aware of any known USB issues with ipods. at least nothing that presents itself with stock spinning rust.
16:00:09speachyand even if the ATA timings are a little wonky that wouldn't cause USB disconnects.
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16:09:54Strife89I dread the thought, but there's always the possibility that the iFlash itself is the root cause
16:13:13t0matorebooted into ofw to test with the same setup, and while the transfer speeds are halved there haven't been any disconnects so far
16:29:31speachyis it an iflash solo or one of the fancier ones?
16:30:00t0matojust the plain-jane solo
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17:24:05thinkofsomethingI am unable to enter recovery mode on a Sandisk Sansa Fuze+. I left it to charge overnight and today I have tried to enter recovery mode. It still does not work sadly.
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20:17:42__Bilgus_ I hoped one of those helped but apparently not
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21:47:27__Bilgus_john b did you say 3.15 or 3.14 worked ok?
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