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#rockbox log for 2020-08-15

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05:41:57johnb5__Bilgus_ : with that pastebin, the batterybench works fine (tested on two devices).
05:43:13__Bilgus_that stinks I guess Ill try to get to the bottom of this before I just revert to a static stack
05:44:00__Bilgus_I just wonder why the announce plugin doesn't exhibit the same
05:46:06johnb5Just to make sure: the ask for the second trial was
05:46:08johnb5static struct event_queue thread_q SHAREDBSS_ATTR;
05:46:14johnb5static struct event_queue thread_q;
05:47:14johnb5yep, that's what I had done.
05:50:40__Bilgus_Ah I found where builtin did something similar for a plugin lets try copying in his implementation
05:51:03__Bilgus_probably just a weird arm alignment thing I hope
06:16:29__Bilgus_In __builtin's code he initializes the buffer with tlsf first so maybe it handles the alignment better
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08:39:19__Bilgus_johnb when you get a chance couild you try g#2661 ?
08:39:21fs-bluebotGerrit review #2661 at : Battery_bench stack alignment fix by William Wilgus
08:56:55__Bilgus_oh you know what I bet I'm wrong on the stack growing down in that original code
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09:15:01johnb2__Bilgus_ : Do you still want me to test your current g#2661 or should I wait?
09:15:03fs-bluebotGerrit review #2661 at : Battery_bench stack alignment fix by William Wilgus
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09:17:57__Bilgus_i'm compiling now to check if I have the stack backwards
09:18:31__Bilgus_I just happen to be on my laptop so it takes forever
09:23:51__builtin__Bilgus_: why are you bothering to align the result of malloc?
09:24:18__builtinit should already be aligned, otherwise something is very broken
09:25:13__Bilgus_get_plugin_buffer isn't aligned for you
09:25:36__Bilgus_any malloc code is from your puzzles plugin
09:26:00__Bilgus_I think my issue is that I thought the stack grows up but it apparently doesnt
09:26:32__builtinyeah, stacks on arm are descending in numerical address
09:27:01__builtinI still don't think you need to manually align though
09:27:56__builtinhave you tested to verify that malloc is actually returning an unaligned result?
09:28:29__Bilgus_johnb try this one
09:28:49__Bilgus_funny thing is that it works either way on my player
09:28:59__builtinalso - why do you even need tlsf for a single allocation?
09:29:25__Bilgus___builtin malloc has nothing to do with this
09:29:51__Bilgus_I moved battery bench to using the plugin buffer for stack
09:30:23__Bilgus_worked fine here and I assume for mendel but johnb and strife both had issues
09:30:56__Bilgus_the other plugin where I used a 'dynamic' stack like that worked fine as well
09:31:07__builtinwhat exactly is going wrong?
09:31:10__Bilgus_including johnb
09:31:31__Bilgus_unchecked stack overflow
09:32:13__builtinwhat do you mean by "unchecked?"
09:32:15__Bilgus_I assume its hangs and crashes so I figured we'd try your implementation and see if it fixed it for john
09:32:49__builtinbut you aren't sure it's actually a stkov?
09:32:53__Bilgus_as in it doesn't catch the stack ovfl it runs some invalid memory address
09:33:12johnb2yes, this one works
09:33:29__Bilgus_it was that I had the stack growing the wrong way
09:33:40__builtindo you get a crash dump?
09:33:41__Bilgus_which I realized when I saw your code
09:34:08__builtinoh wait - what?
09:34:29__Bilgus_I was looking at your implementation
09:34:38__Bilgus_and realized I flipped the stack
09:34:44__builtinI'm almost certain you don't pass the high limit of the stack to create_thread
09:34:55__Bilgus_because your code did not flip the stack
09:34:59__builtinthat's almost definitely wrong
09:36:28__builtinyou pass create_thread the starting, lower address and it takes care of the platform quirks for you
09:36:44__Bilgus_what I did is most definitely wrong per johnb 's experience
09:37:07__Bilgus_but its been working for 2+ years elsewhere for me
09:37:14__builtinin no case should you have to account for the stack growth direction
09:37:26__Bilgus_so good lesson to remember
09:37:46__builtinjeez, you've done this elsewhere too?
09:38:24__Bilgus_not in anything in the codebase except the announce plugin
09:38:39__builtinyeah I'd fix that haha
09:39:59__builtinwhat I'd do if a thread needs a bigger stack is just declare a global long[] array
09:40:25__Bilgus_it ends up in the same region either way
09:40:27__builtinthat'll take care of alignment and avoids tlsf
09:40:45__builtinyeah, but with less opportunities to shoot yourself in the foot
09:40:54__Bilgus_tlsf isn't going to be used
09:41:11__Bilgus_look at that last pb
09:41:33__Bilgus_I just take the rest of the buffer
09:42:41fs-bluebotGerrit review #2661 at : Battery_bench stack alignment fix by William Wilgus
09:43:20__builtinoh pastebin
09:43:22__Bilgus_ @654
09:46:38__builtinwhere is ALIGN_BUFFER coming from?
10:02:52fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 84bfd68, 280 builds, 9 clients.
10:03:40__Bilgus_johnb thanks for your help as always should be fixed in head now
10:06:41johnb2__Bilgus_ : for something completely different: I was thinking of enabling multiboot for the e200 and had started mimicking what you had done for the AMS based devices, until I hit the CRT / assembler related changes, which is beyond my knowledge.
10:07:02__Bilgus_pamaury helped me with that originally
10:07:08johnb2bootdata that is.
10:09:57__Bilgus_johnb2 where is the ctr file for uhe e200?
10:10:48__Bilgus_crt lol
10:12:36__Bilgus_if its an arm device you shouldn't need to do anything
10:18:44johnb2I couldn't even determine the location pp / arm.
10:18:52fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 960 seconds.
10:18:54fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 84bfd68 result: All green
10:20:57johnb2I if recall correctly, while compiling I got an error that the structure "bootdata" was missing, so I assumed it was related to your changes into crt.
10:22:25__Bilgus_very well possible
10:22:41__Bilgus_if you look in the map file you should be able to tell which
10:23:08__Bilgus_it could also be that you don't have it defined properly
10:23:25__Bilgus_there were like 2 or 3 different commits for that
10:25:58__Bilgus_I think maybe there wasn't enough room but it might have been one of the other players
10:29:16johnb2You might have misunderstood: I was referring to e200 v1 which is portalplayer based. I had tried the v2 before (and we chatted about it), here the BL didn't fit into the firmware image (amspatcher complained).
10:29:58johnb2For v2 I didn't succeed in reducing the BL size enough.
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10:36:37__Bilgus_does this naive try work?
10:37:11__Bilgus_I'm really not familar with the quirks for the crt files that why pamaury did that part
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12:35:10Bilgusjohnb you added the definition 2x in rolo.c
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15:44:44johnb4__Bilgus_ : yes, that was a desperate trial, but it is still missing (see the error message). Ain't I ending up in the MI4_FORMAT clause?
15:59:37johnb4Error : rolo.c:(.text+0xf4): undefined reference to `write_bootdata'
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16:00:14johnb4 g#2662
16:00:16fs-bluebotGerrit review #2662 at : Enable boot from SD for Sansa e200 (WIP) by Johannes Rauh
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20:22:02__Bilgus_johnb g#2662 compiles now it needs tested though and there might be other gotchas I've missed
20:22:04fs-bluebotGerrit review #2662 at : Enable boot from SD for Sansa e200 (WIP) by Johannes Rauh
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