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#rockbox log for 2020-08-16

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12:41:35johnb2__Bilgus_: Shall I give it a try? Compile the BL first and see if it is picked up?
12:44:09__Bilgus_johnb2 I'm not sure if there is anything missing but with the patch i pushed earlier it looks right
12:44:47johnb2Alright, I will try.
12:46:52__Bilgus_only thing i'm not sure about is pulling the other CRC function into the bootloader
12:47:27__Bilgus_it should probably use the mi4_crc function and then the firmware needs to take it into account
12:49:07__Bilgus_but if it fits then maybe not too bad
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12:59:13johnb2I am compiling RB right now.
13:09:44johnb2Boot data is there in the debug menu, but it doesn't pick up RB from the SD card: still drive <0> and CRC: BAD
13:20:21johnb2The e200 has a second partition of 20MB. Is this getting in the way with loading RB from SD?
13:20:37johnb2I will be back later.
13:25:44__Bilgus_johnb I don't think the extra partition should matter it just looks for the redirect file and records the volume
13:26:55__Bilgus_BUT I don't have this player and consequently haven't studied the intricacies of the bootloader like I have for the AS2535 players
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23:34:12__builtin g#2105 has saved me far too many times :)
23:34:13fs-bluebotGerrit review #2105 at : system-arm: log PC address via ipod6g piezo on fault (HACK) by Franklin Wei
23:44:05__bILGUS_I haven't had the pleasure once :/
23:44:19__builtinit's super great
23:44:36__builtincherry-pick that and set the CR_A flag
23:44:41__bILGUS_i normally have to go trapping stuff or dig through asm
23:44:55__builtinthen it'll abort on unaligned accesses, but this time it'll beep out the addresses in binary
23:45:05__builtin(low-order to high-order bits)
23:45:18__bILGUS_pretty sure I tried this once before
23:45:26__builtinthe order is PC, faulting address, and fault type
23:45:49__builtinthough it needs an ipod6g for that specific patch set
23:46:43__bILGUS_the sansas don't have anything to get the signal out
23:46:54__bILGUS_maybe blink the backlight or something
23:47:21__bILGUS_but i'm having deja vu here

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