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#rockbox log for 2020-08-17

00:10:26__builtinugh, time for a language lawyer
00:11:13__builtinI've got a struct sound_buffer_type here:
00:11:38__builtinfor some reason the short converted.samples[] member of this type isn't properly word-aligned
00:14:22__builtinok, tracing it further...
00:14:36__builtinlooks like __alignof__(converted_audio_type) is 1, not 4 as I'd expect
00:16:33__builtineven though __alignof__(int) is 4, and converted_audio_type is a struct containing an int
00:18:24__bILGUS_a typedefed struct anything different if you do it ugly?
00:19:02__builtin__alignof__(struct converted_audio_type) == 1
00:19:45__builtinI must be misunderstanding C's structure alignment rules or something
00:21:06__bILGUS_so 1 is no alignment requirement
00:21:41__builtinwell, it's aligned to a multiple of 1
00:21:54__builtinso yeah, no alignment
00:22:00__builtinwhich causes things to bomb out on ARM
00:22:27__builtinthe same behavior is shown across compilers and architectures
00:23:07__builtinyeah, that'll fix it
00:23:11__builtinbut I want to understand _why_
00:23:33__bILGUS_yeah you'd figure it was implicit with the [0]
00:23:43__builtin#pragma pack()
00:24:06__bILGUS_that makes sense
00:24:08__builtinjeez, I'm getting deja vu
00:24:17__builtinwolf3d had me go down the exact same rabbit hole
00:24:25__builtinonly to find a #pragma pack() sitting right there
00:24:42__bILGUS_thats not a pragma I really like
00:25:19__builtinyeah, seriously
00:25:28__bILGUS_little hand optimizing usually knocks quite a bit off rather than packing stuff
00:25:28__builtin__attribute__((packed)) is ugly but for a good reason
00:25:53__bILGUS_quite visible
00:25:55__builtinwelp, at least I know what I have to fix now
00:26:05__builtinbut it is getting late...
00:26:24__builtinyou're on US time?
00:26:53__bILGUS_yeah est or cst atm
00:28:31__bILGUS_I'm trying to get through this open_plugins patch before I go all pumpkin
00:28:44__builtinhaven't quite followed that
00:28:47__builtinwhat are you trying to do?
00:30:14__bILGUS_I put in a way to store plugins with parameters
00:30:41__bILGUS_it replaces the pictureflow 'integration'
00:31:23__builtinwhat's the use case?
00:31:31__bILGUS_on top of that it comes with a viewer that allows you to edit that hash table you can export the entries as shortcuts
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00:32:39__bILGUS_internally it allows you to run any plugin on start screen, wps context menu, wps hotkey
00:32:59__bILGUS_oh also to run plugins from within other plugins
00:33:27__builtinhmm, I never realized that we didn't have that functionality
00:33:28__bILGUS_so shortcut viewer runs plugins now as well as the shortcuts menu
00:33:37__builtinapart from overlays I guess
00:33:48__builtingood work :)
00:33:53__bILGUS_after I added that I got the idea to add a plugin too
00:34:05__builtinthe announce thing?
00:34:24__bILGUS_no a open_plugins plugin for user side
00:34:50__bILGUS_allows editing the table of shortcuts and also exporting to a shortcut
00:35:46__bILGUS_for instance a shortcut called phonenumbers that opens the textviewer with the file /data/phonenums.txt
00:36:03__builtinah, so it's kind of like bash aliases?
00:36:11__builtinI can make an alias like `ll = ls -l`
00:36:32__builtinand then you can run it as just a shortcut from the shortcuts menu?
00:37:02__bILGUS_I suppose but its more menu driven i'd consider it like a windows shortcut
00:37:16__bILGUS_but it only opens plugins
00:37:20__builtinyeah, of course
00:37:23__builtinthe general idea is there though
00:39:17__bILGUS_theres room to expand the idea with scripting but I figured it was a bit on the obscure side
00:39:47__builtinwe only run one plugin at a time though, right?
00:39:55__bILGUS_the shortcuts call through the plugin so its not going to increase core
00:40:03__builtinand more strongly, we only have one plugin resident in memory at any one time
00:40:12__builtinso scripting is probably not super useful as-is
00:40:18__bILGUS_sure but now we can call another plugin
00:40:30__builtinbut that kills the parent plugin, right?
00:40:50__builtinit's more like an exec() than a fork() I guess
00:40:52__bILGUS_not that you can't save params and call back
00:41:02__builtinthat's true
00:41:07__builtinbut probably really messy
00:41:18__bILGUS_the announce plugin stays tsr till something else runs
00:41:18__builtinare you imagining a sort of ping-pong via disk?
00:41:45__builtini.e. one plugin calls writes its name to a file and exec()s another
00:42:00__bILGUS_sorta I don't think theres any need to goo too very deep with this
00:42:03__builtinand the child plugin reads the parent's name upon exiting and re-launches the parent?
00:42:29__builtinthis gets really complicated really fast
00:42:56__bILGUS_not the use case I really had in mind but its possible now I suppose
00:43:25__builtinin another sense it's basically the same thing as overlay loading, just in the plugin buffer
00:44:52__bILGUS_not really catching that one..
00:45:27__builtinwe already have an overlay loading mechanism
00:45:38__builtinone plugin can load an "overlay plugin" into the audio buffer
00:45:46__builtinand then call into the overlay
00:45:51__bILGUS_ah ok I get what you are saying
00:45:58__builtinwhat you've implemented is the same thing, just in the plugin buffer instead
00:46:59__bILGUS_I figure that opens more stuff being moved out of core
00:47:36__bILGUS_I'd like to see a few more things get pushed out there actually probably not the debug menu though
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10:17:38__bILGUS_weird wouldn't let me to do parent child, stacked commits
10:17:53__bILGUS_lets see what I broke..
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11:15:17__bILGUS_do you get pms speachy?
11:15:28__bILGUS_PM s lol
11:15:58speachyhmm? yeah. I'm.. still dealing with the aftermath of my workstation's SSD crapping a brick
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13:17:03speachygood news, the top-level DNS entry now points to the new server, so now works.
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14:32:55mendel_munkisbah my build sever doesnt want to come up after reboot
14:33:19speachydid you try threatening it with physical violence?
14:34:23mendel_munkisgiven that it spends most of its time decsed I think that would do more harm than good but thanks for the suggestion
14:35:05speachyany errors?
14:35:10speachyhow is it launched?
14:35:43mendel_munkisno clue I have no way to check. I hit power and then wait for it to show on my network.
14:36:07speachyhmm. so no console.
14:36:25mendel_munkisnot until it connects no
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