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#rockbox log for 2020-08-18

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02:38:51amdj speachy │ did you try threatening it with physical violence?
02:38:53amdjpercussive maintenance.
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07:56:08speachyamdj: exactly.
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09:45:36__Bilgusjohnb your player doesn't have HAVE_MULTIVOLUME defined whic is needed to define HAVE_BOOTDATA
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10:22:24johnb2__Bilgus: good catch. I will add it and try again
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10:23:25__Bilguslooking at it though it doesn't like it being enabled in the bootloader so probably not all that simple
10:23:48__Bilgusprobably going to have to trach down why it has multivol disabled in the bootloader
10:26:26johnb2In that BL screenshot I pasted, it said it is trying to load /system/OF.mi4. I have renamed the OF filename to OF.mi4 and put it into /system. The BL picked it up and I could boot into the OF again. RB still being the default.
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10:45:27johnb2__Bilgus: HAVE_MULTIVOLUME or HAVE_MULTIDRIVE?
10:46:11johnb2clip+ has HAVE_MULTIDRIVE
10:46:35speachyI'd think it would need MULTIDRIVE
10:46:47speachyMULTIVOLUME is basically multiple partitions per drive.
10:50:21johnb2From what I understand, the e200 has 2 partitions (one hidden system partition): see bootloader/main-pp.c @103
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11:10:00__Bilgusjohnb I highlighted in gerrit where it is blocked
11:10:22__Bilgusmulti drive requires multi drive & number of drives defined
11:10:45__Bilgusmulti VOLUME requires multi drive & number of drives defined
11:11:15__Bilgusmulti boot needs to know how many drives it should search
11:11:25speachyHmm, I thought multivolume is kosher with only one drive
11:11:42__Bilgusdon't think so dbl check
11:12:05speachyIIRC some of the older creative targets are multivolume, single drive
11:13:45speachymultidrive turns on multivolume, but multivolume doesn't require multidrive
11:13:48gevaertsYou can do single-drive multivolume
11:14:03__Bilgussounds right
11:14:28__Bilgusthe note just below eludes that
11:15:03__Bilgusnote to remove multi-partition booting this could be changed to MULTIDRIVE
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11:17:28__Bilgusin the e200 bootloader
11:17:58__Bilgusso here maybe you can bypass the multidrive and define HAVE_MULTI_VOLUME directly
11:18:34speachyI had a patch that turns on MULTIVOLUME for all non-flash targets
11:19:16speachyin case folks wanted to get more creative with their disk partitioning..
11:19:54__Bilgusthe issue is the num drives part
11:20:57speachywoudln't the bootloader need MULTIDRIVE if it's oging to access more than one, well, drive?
11:21:38__BilgusI'd assume so
11:21:57__Bilgusbut I don't know why its getting ifdefed out during the bootloader
11:22:05speachyI don't think NUM_DRIVES > 1 does anything if MULTIDRIVE isn't defined
11:22:20__Bilguslikely it needs to be gone through to take in account that there are multi drives
11:22:21speachy(besides waste space for a larger volume table)
11:22:56speachydoing the original x3 port merge I went
11:23:29speachy..went through all of this andhad to revisit it more recently for reasons that now elude me
11:23:50speachyw00t, air condiditioning folks are finally here.
11:24:19__Bilgusso then the ifdef at 181 needs removed and the bootloader needs to be gone through and either ifdef whatever fails and or make it aware of multi drives
11:27:24__Bilgusjohnb2 ^
11:28:36johnb2So just the 181 and 185, that's it?
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11:38:04johnb2Compiling bootloader I get this:
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11:44:36__Bilgusjohnb2 yes at first at least
11:45:42__Bilgusthere is some reason its ifdef maybe thats just for code size or maybe its fundamental to the scheme whomever set up the bootloader decided to go with
11:46:01speachytypically bootloaders need to be as small as possible
11:47:04__Bilgusindeed if he's lucky thats the case but he also keeps talking about a hidden partition 0 or drive?
11:48:06johnb2In the debug->Partition info, I see one with 4GB and one with 20MB.
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11:49:57johnb2*Debug->View Partitions
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11:50:57johnb2Actually, there are 8 partitions listed, but only 2 with values != 0
11:51:11__Bilgusdoesn't matter what the firmware does with it after its booted
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13:12:29__Bilgusjohnb it looks like in load_mi4_part its going to need to define a drive to look in i'm guessing you can do something like ifdef bootdata and pas sthe drive
13:13:28__Bilgusthe other issue is that even when you pass the drive you'll have to check for the hidden partition if drive = 0 and figure out where to look when it is the sd card
13:13:59__Bilgusits at least slightly complicated
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13:37:13__Bilgusjohnb g#2662 *MIGHT* work now
13:37:14fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #2662 at : Enable boot from SD for Sansa e200 (WIP) by Johannes Rauh
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14:11:39__BILGUS17I swear I hate this web interface
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14:43:09__BILGUS17johnb2 any luck?
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17:02:01johnb2__BILGUS17: both BL and RB compiled. Installation worked, dual boot is possible, but it is only booting from the internal drive <0>. CRC: BAD
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18:30:26__BILGUS17johnb2 what crc does it give you is it 0x0 or 0xFFFFFF?
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19:06:42__BILGUS17johnb looking at the firmware file the boot_data is being placed very close to the end of the search area
19:08:18__BILGUS17you could try upping that to 2048
19:08:53__BILGUS17if that works we can try moving it back in the crt file
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