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#rockbox log for 2020-08-19

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02:18:07fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision 8ee035b, 280 builds, 10 clients.
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02:35:08fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 1022 seconds.
02:35:10fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision 8ee035b result: All green
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03:34:18johnb2__Bilgus: It is 0xFFFFFF. I will try the 2048
03:35:39johnb2BTW, while reading up on sansapatcher, I found
03:42:00__BilgusI'm thinking the hidden partition shouldn't matter now
03:44:08__Bilgusbut it is weird that the CRC isn't c704dd7b rather that FFFFFFFF
03:48:23johnb2Oh, wait: the last line in the debug page says 00: ff ff ff ff
03:49:01johnb2CRC itself is hard to read ;-)
03:49:10johnb2let me take a picture
03:50:46johnb2616d6272 already with the BOOT_DATA_SEARCH_SIZE 2048
03:51:25__Bilguspicture will help ..
03:52:04__Bilgusdid you or do you get the same crc with search sz of 1024?
03:57:20johnb2I didn't pay proper attention while using 1024 :-(
03:57:35johnb2Should I go back to 1024?
03:59:08__Bilgusok that crc corresponds to 'rbma'
03:59:34__Bilgusso we are never writing the boot data at all
04:00:14__Bilgusprobably going to be the same at 1024
04:01:40__Bilgusprobably be a good idea to emit some messages to see whats going on
04:06:31johnb2same CRC
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04:25:20__Bilgustry that it should give at least some indication where it is failing
04:28:57johnb2Do I have to rebuild BL and RB?
04:29:08__Bilgusnot rb
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04:38:54mendel_munkisdoes anyone know if fuze+ requires a battery to boot?
04:39:46__BilgusIIRC it does
04:40:22__Bilgusand I think there might be a special fw for that on the wiki
04:41:12johnb2__Bilgus : I don't see any messages during boot :-(
04:41:20mendel_munkisinteresting. I added a new wire between my battery and the pcb (I plan on adding a switch eventually ) on an old fuze+ and now can only boot into OF and recovery.
04:41:29johnb2CC firmware/target/arm/pp/mi4-loader.c
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04:41:54__Bilguslike no extra message not even an extra Loading..?
04:41:58mendel_munkisI will assume bad wiring and replace it. thanks __Bilgus
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04:42:33__Bilguswell its picking it up the warnings shouldn't matter
04:45:20__Bilgusit says you have to press a button to get messages?
04:45:33__Bilguswell the code does
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04:49:03__Bilgusoh I also see that main is calling load_mi4 with a full path
04:49:04johnb2Now, it prints something. I have to video tape that (disappeared to fast).
04:49:19__Bilgusgot one other idea on this
04:49:44__Bilgusyou can leave that as is
04:53:49__Bilgusline 399
04:54:11__BilgusI think thats probably the issue
04:55:12__Bilgusit was passing a full path rather than just the file name which then bypasses our logic
05:13:36__Bilgusjohnb2 I updated the code in gerrit I think that should get it working but if not I'll keep staring at it till something else pops out
05:14:00johnb2gimme a few minutes ...
05:22:09johnb2Interesting: CRC: OK!, CRC: c704dd7b, but Boot Volume is <0>, also confirmed by the file browser: <microsd1> is really the SD.
05:23:24__Bilgusok so got bootdata written now but it either didn't find the redirect file, or the fw found has no boot data
05:25:30__Bilgusmight be that its not able to read the drive or it could be the redirect file is misspelled or needs a single /
05:29:43johnb2rockbox_main.e200 had the single /, but as for special chars, I now reused a working one from clip+ and just renamed the extension. Unfortunately same result.
05:30:48johnb2rockbox-info.txt says ...play_frequency:boot_data:multi_boot
05:31:58johnb2the FW sitting on the Sd card.
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11:01:09speachy so the ongoing iFlash saga is probably a good incentive to do another release
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11:13:59__Bilgusjohnb2 I've added some printf statements and sleep so you can actually read results its up on gerrit
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11:27:37johnb2Does RB compile for you?
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11:28:07johnb2__Bilgus : ^^
11:28:57johnb2BL worked.
11:29:07__Bilgusyou don't need to recompile RB
11:30:11__Bilgusbasically the two are mostly independent
11:31:17gevaertsSerious iflash improvements seem to be a good release reason, yes
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11:33:18johnb2"Seraching [2] Volumes"
11:33:34__Bilgusah that should be 8
11:33:41johnb2Loading .. some gibberish (unreadable)
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11:43:58__Bilgusjohnb2 another try awaits
11:44:17__Bilgusso you should see the sabe searching 2 volumes
11:44:51__BilgusSAME* but there should be more listed in the partition list at the beginning
11:46:58__BilgusI hardcoded the number of volumes if it works this time we need to probably define HAVE_MULTIVOLUME
11:52:16johnb2Same [2] message. Then "Loading.. /.rockbox/rochbox.m" then truncated. But it is still booting from internal.
11:54:20johnb2__Bilgus : ^^
11:54:56__Bilgusmaybe the sd isn't getting mounted
11:55:42__Bilgusoh did it list more partitions at the beginning?
11:58:00johnb2OOOPs, in the previous version it listed partitio 0 with 4GB AND Partition 1 with 20MB.
11:58:30johnb2Now it is only part 0 with 4GB
11:59:27__Bilgushmm so mount_all only returns the internal drive
12:02:03__Bilgusah ok it uses num volumes too so lets try defining multivolume
12:03:33__Bilgusok heres one more
12:04:03__Bilgusif this doesn't work i'll have to regroup
12:13:01johnb2Again just Partition 0, but Seraching [8] Volumes, same Loading message. Sitll from internal
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12:17:37__Bilguswell I just don't know whats going on maybe it ifdefs out the sd card init or something
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12:42:37speachy__Bilgus: X3 in the mail btw
12:43:52__Bilgusok, ill should be able to make it to the PO tonight or tomorrow eve
12:45:22speachythere's no rush. I had to run some errands and the PO was on the way.
12:49:13__Bilgusjohnb I have one last idea for lunch time
12:50:37__Bilgusits up on gerrit now
12:50:51__Bilgusso this time hopefully you will see more partitions
12:51:37__BilgusI enabled hotswap on the other sansas I didn't need it in the bootloader but maybe this one does??
12:51:54johnb2Let's see ...
12:52:13__Bilgusif not do a little investigation of what volume is mounted for the sdcard once you boot into fw
12:52:53__Bilgusin the file browser <MICROSD1> should be the same as <1> or <2>
12:53:56__BilgusI guess what you could do is try saving some files and use <0>,/file.txt <1>/file.txt etc and see where they end up
12:54:25johnb2ok, will play with it
12:55:11__BilgusI'm guessing there's some obscure ifdef somewhere blocking the rest of the sd volumes but clearly i'm not sure
12:56:47__Bilguseither that or we just aren't waiting long enough but being that mount_all only returns 1 volumeI'm leaning towards a define somewhere..
12:58:17johnb2Boot Volume <1>
12:59:03johnb2File Browser starts on the SD
13:02:53__Bilgusok so it needs hotswap
13:03:22__Bilgusi'll clean it up tonight
13:03:47johnb2Great job! I just confirmed, that .playlist_control and config.cfg are update on the SD card.
13:04:17johnb2Enjoy you lunch!
13:05:26johnb2BTW, can you make yourself the author of that commit?
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13:07:21__Bilguswe'll just leave you on there we're both already in the credits
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19:23:56__BILGUSjohnb #2662 should be ready to go assuming it still works
19:24:53__BILGUS g#2662
19:24:55fs-bluebotGerrit review #2662 at : Enable boot from SD for Sansa e200 by Johannes Rauh
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