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#rockbox log for 2020-08-21

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03:04:18johnb4__Bilgus : A very minor thing: have you ever noticed that when using multiboot, System->Rockbox info only reports the the MSD? I see this with all my Sansas.
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08:51:12__Bilgusjohnb known issue just use the debug menu->disks
08:51:52johnb2sure, no worries.
08:51:54__Bilgusroot redirect does it right but thats going to be awhile before thats in any decent shape
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09:38:55ThoranagaThis new bootloader for sansa e200 (with multiboot or boot from SD_card ) is available for download or I need to compile it from Rockbox development source?
09:39:52johnb2gimme a sec
09:42:28johnb2you have to use sansapatcher to install it: sansapatcher -a PP5022.mi4
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09:54:49Thoranagainstalled bootloader . On SD card i have to put en empty file called rockbox_main.e200 and rokbox firmware ?
09:55:41johnb2You need a / in that file, other than that: yes
09:56:23johnb2the latest dev firmware.
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10:15:25johnb2Thoranaga : any success?
10:17:54Thoranagai am using linux.Put renamed bootloader to PP5022.mi4 and put in /home together with sansapatcher.Run as sudo the above command ,
10:18:26ThoranagaGot this [INFO] Scanning disk devices...[INFO] e200 found - /dev/sdc[INFO] Reading partition table from /dev/sdc[INFO] Sector size is 512 bytes[INFO] Part Start Sector End Sector Size (MB) Type[INFO] 0 515 3885055 1896.7 FAT16 (0x06)[INFO] 1 3885056 3926015 20.0 OS/2 hidden C: drive
10:18:27Thoranaga(0x84)[INFO] Bootloader PP5022.mi4 written to device.
10:19:27johnb2looks good.
10:20:33Thoranagaput .rockbox on SD and and file rockbox_main.e200 with just an / in it and reboot
10:21:51ThoranagaBut no boot from SD !
10:22:57Thoranaga32GB sdcard from Sandisk
10:23:21johnb2During boot, do you see a bootloader version string !- 6.0, rather ...-200820 ?
10:24:19johnb2Just to make sure: you have a model e200 v1 and not v2, right?
10:26:42johnb2SD formatted with FAT32?
10:26:45ThoranagaI see ver. a92013..... 200820
10:27:03Thoranagasd as fat32
10:27:34johnb2How do you tell it's not booting from SD?
10:27:52Thoranagachange font size in theme
10:29:47Thoranagav1 firmware
10:30:09johnb2please check: System->Debug and then the last item "boot data"
10:30:28johnb2Does the first line have <0> or <1>
10:31:49Thoranagaone sec
10:33:20Thoranagamy bad.I vas using an old .rockbox .It works now! Thanks !
10:33:38johnb2Glad to hear that.
10:33:47Thoranagaboot volume 1
10:34:05johnb2Great, you are good.
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10:34:27Thoranagathe old build does not have boot data menu in debug.
10:34:43johnb2True :-)
10:35:52ThoranagaGreat to to see this player is stil used and mantained.
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11:26:37ThoranagaTryed new bootloader for sansa e200 (with multiboot or boot from SD_card ) with my second device (an 6GB Sansa E260 ) and it works .Got this : [ e200 found - /dev/sdc[Reading partition table from /dev/sdc[Sector size is 512 bytes[ Part Start Sector End Sector Size (MB) Type[ 0 592 11739135 5731.7 W95 FAT32
11:26:38Thoranaga(0x0b)[ 1 11739136 11780095 20.0 OS/2 hidden C: drive (0x84)[ Bootloader PP5022.mi4 written to device.
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15:22:30bluebrother^speachy: something is off with the build-info file on the server. The Archos player show up as stable and the xduuox3ii as retired.
15:23:04bluebrother^is there a reason you used the value 0 for retired status? That's the default value when missing, and should not get caught, resulting in a status "unknown"
15:23:33bluebrother^seems the xduuox3ii isn't in the status section of build-info
15:23:55bluebrother^xduoox20 too btw.
15:25:20bluebrother^I'd prefer using 4 as value for retired, not 0. 0 is always ... special :)
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15:32:27fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision e002174, 280 builds, 11 clients.
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15:40:17speachybluebrother^: that's strange. but I picked 0 because in the infra side of things larger values mean "more" stable (and thus enable more site features)
15:40:54bluebrother^isn't retired more stable than stable? ;-)
15:41:15bluebrother^anyway, I've changed the default when reading the values from the config, so the missing ones now show up as unknown.
15:42:35speachythe reason the x3ii etc are missing is that there hasn't been a release with those targets.
15:43:29bluebrother^hmm. But shouldn't they have a status entry?
15:43:59speachythe 'build-info' file is the result of combining build-info.*
15:44:16bluebrother^right now I'm seeing agptek rocker: unstable, x3: unstable, x3ii, x20: unknown
15:45:02speachyI'll add the 'build-info' script to the nightly build jobs
15:45:06speachyso it'll get updated from now on
15:46:04bluebrother^nice, thanks.
15:46:29fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 841 seconds.
15:46:33fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision e002174 result: All green
15:50:09bluebrother^how do you define the status? That isn't in build-info.txt, is it?
15:50:30speachybunch of stuff keys off of that
15:50:55speachywe can pick a different value (eg 4) but various scripts will need fixing
15:52:02bluebrother^well, since I changed the default when reading build-info we can keep it at 0.
15:52:20speachybuild-info's updated, can you make sure it's picked up properly?
15:52:44speachywhjoops, it's broken. hang on
15:54:39speachyokay, now it's all there
15:56:13bluebrother^archos ones are missing from [status]
15:56:29speachyso they are
15:57:25bluebrother^so now those are unknown status :)
15:57:40bluebrother^but xduoo shows up fine now
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16:14:27fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision c7c4672, 280 builds, 11 clients.
16:14:40speachywhen this one finishes the build-info list should be sane.
16:16:02bluebrother^ok, thanks
16:16:15speachyhopfully without any regressions on the www site
16:29:21fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 894 seconds.
16:29:23fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision c7c4672 result: All green
16:31:39bluebrother^hmm. Maybe better HiDPI support would be in order these days ...
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16:57:43speachyoh, the build-info stuff seems okay now
17:01:12speachyand I guess no new movement on the crypto++ removal?
17:02:23speachybluebrother^: don't forget to include a pony too
17:03:16bluebrother^pamaury: did you have any chance to look into the tomcrypt stuff?
17:04:27speachyone other thing while I'm thinking about it −− are there any problems with rbutil's current codebase with respect to using https for downloads?
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17:17:37bluebrother^no, not in the codebase itself. It's just that the Qt library needs to have ssl enabled.
17:19:01bluebrother^Historically we wanted the Windows binary to be as small as possible, and single file only. For that you'd need to recompile Qt. Since ssl wasn't a topic back then the static Qt didn't include ssl support (at least the one I built), so the old Rockbox Utility binaries don't have ssl support. But that's purely because of the way they were build.
17:19:50bluebrother^for releases I usually did build on a Windows VM. Later I sometimes used mxe for dev builds, and mxe has ssl enabled. So those would've worked with ssl.
17:20:38bluebrother^since we're moving to Qt5, and building Qt5 is much more involved than Qt4 I have no intention to continue doing it like that. Either dynamically link or use mxe, which statically links and has ssl support.
17:21:17bluebrother^for macos that's not an issue at all since we never linked statically for that. App Bundles does the work for us.
17:22:14bluebrother^the only thing our codebase doesn't do: handle ssl errors. But that shouldn't be too hard to add.
17:36:17speachyfamous last words..
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18:29:13pamaurybluebrother^: sorry, I didn't have the time, please go ahead with it
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