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#rockbox log for 2020-08-23

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07:43:03__BilgusWell running either compiled binary on a recent ubuntu is a hell no
07:43:56__Bilgusfor rbutil, and here I thought thats something appimages were supposed to help with
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09:27:25fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 53dedd4, 280 builds, 11 clients.
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09:46:42__Bilgusspeachy what firmware is rbutil expecting for the X3?
09:47:02speachyIIRC that's the latest one they've released
09:47:13speachyas documented on the wiki page. :P
09:50:19__BilgusUH link to that please?
09:50:27speachythe only official download links are on a google drive, and the firmware is inside a rar file
09:51:05speachyoh wait, that's the x3ii. the x3 was v1.1
09:51:18speachyalso on that page
09:51:41__BilgusI don't see a thing about the firmware except something about the format
09:51:49__Bilguson our wiki..
09:52:16speachyyeah I only documented the x3ii/x20 and rocker.
09:52:43speachythe x3 was an afterthought. heh, the "patch" to the firmware is nearly as large as the actual firmware itself.
09:53:18__Bilgusok I thought it was just me being dense
09:53:31__BilgusI'll get that cleaned up a bit
09:53:53speachyI also need to update the x3ii etc pages to reflect rbutil support
09:54:08__Bilgusalso both the rbutil options for linux would not work for me versions too old I suppose
09:54:21speachythough I'll probably leave the pre-patched images up until we get a new rbutil release out
09:54:39__Bilgusended up being easier to just compile my own but I have a few updates for the wiki for that as well
09:54:49speachyyeah, bluebrother's doing a bunch of rbutil cleanup ot try and make a new release simpler
09:56:02__Bilgusthis is why we need to build from nothing from time to time its pretty easy once you hgave it set up but the countless hours Ive wasted getting to that point is too much to ask for some
09:56:03speachyspeaking of the x3ii, the one I ordered showed up; I need to dig up an sd card and get it rockbox'd
09:56:37speachyyeah, that's a goodly part of why I've spent so much time kicking our toolchain and other build stuff into the sunlight
09:56:57__Bilgusprobably just need to spin up a new set up vm again but it'd be nice if it were more OOB
09:57:21speachybut rbutil is something I largely ignored. Heck, I don't recall ever using it prior to a few months ago. :)
09:58:05__Bilgusthis is the first time ive used it
09:58:31__Bilgusbut I figured it was the easier way to get the bin patched although I nearly did it manually
09:59:49speachyyou can use bspatch on the cmdline to patch the bin. or, heh, sacrifice a chicken/goat/firstborn to get the proper filesystem patcher to patch in the firmware executable directly. :)
10:00:17speachythe script I put up works well but the tools it relies on are a little finicky to get installed correctly
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10:01:18speachyIf I ever get around to giving the hiby "bootloader" some needed love I will probably try to automate things a little better.
10:01:50__BilgusI assume i'm supposed to supply but I get error messages
10:02:54__Bilguszip detected, could not find firmware in archive, error reading firmware
10:03:07speachyfrom rbutil?
10:05:01__Bilgushmm wonder if something is broken when I built it
10:05:55speachyI could have sworn I tested the X3's patching out in rbutil. (famous last words)
10:06:01speachymanual patching on the cmdline works, okay.
10:06:22speachyokay, let's try this via rbutil
10:07:23speachy[re]building now..
10:10:09speachyugh, it looks like rbutil is trying to unzip the file. wtf.
10:10:20speachyso I guess I didn't test it after all.
10:11:46__Bilgushey at least its not me :)
10:12:04*bluebrother^ looks around
10:12:05__Bilgusmaybe if I bury it in another zip
10:12:10speachyyeah, that will probably work.
10:12:48speachybluebrother^: it looks like rbutil is trying to treate the '' as a file that needs to be extracted, rather than as the file we want itself.
10:13:17speachyit's probably a matter of adding an one-line test in the right place
10:15:32bluebrother^yep, looks like that happens :)
10:16:19bluebrother^since the sansa files come as zip package we try to extract a zip, if present.
10:16:28bluebrother^and for some other we try cab.
10:17:34__Bilgusyes zipping it again worked
10:17:47bluebrother^zip in zip :)
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10:18:38__Bilgusbuttt still didn't work
10:18:43speachybluebrother^: can you add a test to bypass the unzipping if the zipfile matches the file we want?
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10:19:37bluebrother^sure. Just need to figure what's the best way to do that
10:22:54__Bilgusah lil sudo helped
10:23:27speachyd'oh, there's a typo, a missing '/'
10:23:30SkyriderCurious.. Anyone familiar with the XDUOO X2?
10:23:37bluebrother^sudo for what? Installing on the device? Or creating the file?
10:23:51__Bilgusjust the final install to device
10:23:53speachySkyrider: RKNano chipset, aka "rockbox will never happen"
10:24:02SkyriderOh, I know.
10:24:12SkyriderWas just curious how the volume level is on that device compared to the sansa clip+
10:26:20SkyriderLooking for a replacement for the clip.
10:32:47__BilgusSkyrider unfortunately I don't think there will be a replacement on par (ever?)
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10:35:18bluebrother^how does installing on the X3 work? Just copy the patched zip to the player?
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10:42:17__Bilguscreating output path failed for: "/media/bilgus/3934-6331/.rockbox/fonts/12-ProFont.fnt"
10:42:29__Bilgusstill trying to figure that out actually
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10:44:58bluebrother^interesting. Filesystem errors on the player?
10:45:15__Bilgusthe card atleast
10:45:42__BilgusI just had to hit the reset button so it might be it dipped out before it finished
10:46:06bluebrother^in that case Linux might have made the card read only.
10:46:17bluebrother^or rather, made the mount read only.
10:46:25__Bilgushmm went to upgrade and it says no fw file so maybe i'm missing something
10:46:59__Bilgusill start over and try again
10:47:55speachybluebrother^: yes.
10:48:43bluebrother^speachy: ok, just stumbled across another issue there. The filename in the ini file doesn't start with a /, thus copying it to the player fails.
10:48:47bluebrother^Fixing ...
10:48:55speachyyeah, was trying to hunt that one down
10:49:03bluebrother^(I was just wondering if that's because of my I-faked-the-player setup :)
10:49:14__Bilgusmoving patched bootloader to "/media/bilgus/
10:49:25speachy__Bilgus: exactly
10:49:37__BilgusI don't know if its because I supplied a zipped zip but its missing the slash
10:49:48__Bilgusah lol
10:51:19speachyfixed the missing '/' in the ini, rebuilt, and now it's installing rockbox.
10:51:40__Bilguswhere does it store the ini?
10:51:58speachyit embeds it into the binary
10:52:17speachybluebrother^: also, upon exiting it's segfaulting
10:52:26__Bilgusoh ok
10:52:58bluebrother^Rockbox Utility?
10:53:15speachyyeah. build using qt5.
10:53:27speachyif all I do is launch it, then file-quit, it exits with a segfault/coredump
10:54:11__BilgusWorks fine for me
10:54:41__BilgusQMake version 3.1Using Qt version 5.9.5 in /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu
10:55:15speachyqt 5.14.2 in my case
10:55:25speachy(fedora 32)
10:55:50speachybluebrother^: should I go ahead and commit the missing '/' in the ini or will you do it as part of something else?
10:56:04fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 0b5f0b9, 280 builds, 11 clients.
10:56:22bluebrother^speachy: just pushed that :)
10:56:38bluebrother^now it should work for the x3. Haven't tried the others, but those should be good as well.
10:57:09speachythe others use a iso9660 image with an 'upt' extension
10:57:20bluebrother^btw, I'm planning to move the installation of the manual from the extra tab to the main install one.
10:57:26speachyoh good.
10:57:31bluebrother^so those shouldn't be affected.
10:57:44__Bilgusit pop a message behind the status window
10:57:53speachy(and .. have it grab the release manual rather than the latest manual?)
10:57:55__Bilguswhile extracting the file
10:57:55bluebrother^looking at the install it seems somewhat strange that I have to go somewhere else to download the manual to the player.
10:58:06bluebrother^yes, fix that too while at it.
10:59:40speachyok, fixes work on the real thing too
11:01:01__BilgusI like how they have an option to disable auto rebuild file database but it totally ignores it
11:01:09bluebrother^hmm, can't reproduce that crash (Debian Buster)
11:01:22bluebrother^but I do have a Fedora box around, will try that later.
11:02:03bluebrother^speachy: now that we have multi language language files on the server we'd need to support that too ...
11:02:25__Bilgusyou mean for the manuals?
11:02:27speachybluebrother^: "that" meaning..?
11:02:43bluebrother^*voice files
11:02:54speachywe have some voice files.. only ones folks have told me sound okay
11:03:09speachyI could add another half dozen...
11:03:30bluebrother^so ... the list of languages is identical for all players, right? Can we add the list of those languages to build-info?
11:03:34speachyfrom what I understand the windows SAPI voice sounds a lot better than the espeak voices..
11:03:50bluebrother^espeak doesn't sound too good, indeed.
11:03:53speachyyeah, the list of languages is fixed.
11:04:19speachyI"m using espeak to generate the nightly voices because it's _fast_, and has good coverage.
11:04:50bluebrother^so we could have something like voice-langs=english,french,<whatever> in both [bleeding] and [release]
11:04:57speachybluebrother^: so you want the full language list in build-info, and I presume also the list of generated voices?
11:05:21bluebrother^I was talking about the generated ones.
11:05:38bluebrother^we have a fixed list of languages we can use for generating with Rockbox Utility build-in.
11:05:59bluebrother^but that doesn't tell me which ones we can install from the server.
11:06:15bluebrother^so I'd need a list for what languages we do have voice files on the server.
11:06:22speachythat list has to be manually synced with the main rockbox lang list, correct?
11:06:42bluebrother^the one for generating in Rockbox Utility? Yes.
11:07:22speachydoes rbutil's list include options for the voice generators or is it just a simple enumeration?
11:08:12bluebrother^it's in rbutil.ini in [languages]
11:08:37speachyok, I see.
11:08:42speachy(ok, I forgot...)
11:08:57speachy(I'd added a bunch to that list, heh)
11:09:09bluebrother^the point is that (1) we want to show the language in a more human friendly format, (2) be able to pick the likely correct one by checking it against the OS language
11:09:30bluebrother^well, we _could_ retrieve that list from the server, but then voice generation wouldn't work online anymore.
11:10:07bluebrother^btw, it might also be a good time to remove support for the server-provides-strings support (i.e. only read strings from the player)
11:10:10speachy(you mean offline?)
11:10:24bluebrother^yes, offline :)
11:10:48fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 884 seconds.
11:10:49fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 0b5f0b9 result: All green
11:11:00speachythe server-provided-strings is purely a fallback these days?
11:11:33bluebrother^we have on the player since ... 8ish years?
11:11:45speachyok, you pre-empted that question.
11:11:53speachy8 years is what, 3 releases? :)
11:13:31bluebrother^yep, 2012.
11:13:57bluebrother^fs-bluebot: .describe 900cf6d52
11:13:58fs-bluebotRockbox Utility: support reading voice strings from target. by Dominik Riebeling
11:14:12speachyif I yank strings on the server, that will remove the ability to generate voices for older releases. which.. probably doesn't matter
11:14:15bluebrother^hmm, maybe the bot could also show the date of the commit.
11:14:25bluebrother^the latter is my point :)
11:14:51bluebrother^if you're using a build that is that old you probably have a voice file and won't regenerate.
11:15:08speachyit matters for retired devices though. 3.13 (archos recorder) is newer than that.
11:15:08bluebrother^and anything newer has, so we don't need the server anymore.
11:15:50speachyI'll yank it once we have a new rbutil release that no longer attempts to hit the server.
11:16:13__Bilgusok your patch for the zip file worked lets try the bootloader
11:16:14speachyI mean, I already went through the trouble of fixing that stuff up... twice. :)
11:16:36bluebrother^hmm, ok, the nano2g is unstable since 3.10 afaics
11:17:08bluebrother^we don't need to remove it. It's just that it's mostly not needed anymore
11:19:12speachyI fixed it the first time because something was actually being hit (and failing)
11:20:37speachynano2g is stable now, I thought?
11:20:47__Bilgusok so you have to manually run the firmware update from the player
11:21:00speachy__Bilgus: yes.
11:21:08speachysame with the x3ii/x20/rocker
11:21:16speachy(all four are hiby-based)
11:22:15speachy(though the x3 is on the 4760 and fiio platform.. still uses hibyplayer for its ui though)
11:22:34__Bilgushow does it decide the bootloader is installed just existence of .rockbox folder?
11:23:22speachy__Bilgus: one thing I noticed is that we could probably use more advanced debouncing on the linein/headphones detection. every now and then it gets a false trigger and if you're using line out the volume suddently drops
11:24:26speachydrops to whatever the volume is set to. (when using lineout and no hp, the set volume is ignored and the codec volume is maxed out)
11:25:10speachy__Bilgus: bootloader detection isn't implemented on this thing
11:25:57__BilgusI think this card is either on its way out or maybe just full
11:26:02speachyas we can't access the onboard flash directly. though maybe we could tweak the USB descriptors to report rockbox or something.
11:26:32__Bilgusthats an idea but I think its not a real big deal
11:27:02speachywait, we already do that (usb iManufacturer is '')
11:27:41speachyso that can be implemented, though the current rbutil structure makes per-device bootloader detection a little um, inconvenient.
11:27:59__Bilgusah so if you go in with the device rockboxed it wouldnt try to install the bootloader again
11:28:29speachyyeah. IIRC rbutil already by default deselects the bootloader if it finds '.rockbox' present)
11:32:08speachybluebrother^: does rbutil download the voice .zip or the .voice file?
11:32:10__Bilgusah I don't think its rbutils fault
11:32:24__Bilgusthe file isn't copying over after it gets patchede
11:34:26speachybluebrother^: also, voices are currently generated nightly rather than per-commit. so the filename isn't predictable from the commit id.
11:35:42speachyand since we're talking about new features, can you add the option to download the source code too?
11:35:49speachy(and a pony)
11:36:48__Bilgusnyan cat
11:37:56speachyditto manuals
11:40:29bluebrother^there's a similar issue with the manuals. But for those I can simply the most recent one (without the date in the filename)
11:40:32speachyI _could_ hack the scripts so that they generate filenames based on commitid, and don't regenerate unless something changed.
11:40:43speachy(I should probably do this anyway..)
11:40:57bluebrother^for the manuals it isn't that much of an issue, but for the voice file it is.
11:41:12bluebrother^maybe we shouldn't download those files anymore and instead let the user generate them.
11:41:42bluebrother^since it's not really a big problem with Rockbox Utility. I always used onces generated with it (back then the OS X voice was much better)
11:41:49speachyI'm of the opposite view; we should generate everything possible and not force the suer to ahve to generate th generate the builtin voice strings.
11:42:24speachyobviously filenames etc are another matter
11:42:53bluebrother^or regenerate voice files only when the strings change?
11:43:10bluebrother^then we could simply pick the most recent, as we do with the development Rockbox too.
11:44:02__BilgusI don't know if it was me or rbutil failing it would never copy back to the card
11:44:11__BilgusI was able to do it manually
11:44:24__Bilgusand I ran fsck on the sd card first
11:44:30speachyfor voices we need to match the build. (or more precisely, the voicestrings)
11:44:37__BilgusFINALLY have the bootloader installed
11:44:39speachywe don't have a good way to do that at the moment.
11:46:20__Bilgusthat bootloader needs some work
11:47:25__BilgusI assume no one has but has anyone succeeded with getting the sources to compile besides xvortex?
11:47:45speachywell, it _compiles_ just fine; the problem is assembling the bootable binary
11:48:19speachythe instructions/whatever that xvortex posted are incomplete
11:48:38__Bilgusah so its just the linking part?
11:48:39speachythat said I do know a lot more now about the low-level stuff now than when I last looked at things
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11:49:15__Bilgusweird now it claims not enough disk space
11:50:28speachywell, we can generate a proper flattened binary for the bootloader just fine. but the jz4760 has a first stage bootloader that has to be used to load ours, and ours has to be combined with the OF bootloader (uboot) so that it can jump into the OF boot path.
11:51:15speachyI haven't had the bandwidth to go down that rabbit hole.
11:53:25speachywas going to start by trying to analyze the xvortex bootloader binary but my RE motivation is relatively low right now.
11:54:23speachyfor a player that's getting increasingly hard to find and a low probability of being able to share that code with any other jz47xx-based players.
11:56:52__BilgusI occasionally enjoy things like that
11:57:09__Bilgusplus i'd like to get a little more low level experience
11:57:59speachywell, me too, but.. well, life and health require me to do other things with my time
11:58:26speachyI've (theoretically) fixed several bugs in the bootloader already
11:58:36__BilgusI'd say you have done lots all over the place
11:59:26speachyit does seem that helping motivate everyone else is my main contribution
11:59:54speachy(if only by removing the buildup of pebbles in our collective/metaphorical shoes)
12:00:35bluebrother^wouldn't it be sufficient to check the diff on a commit if it changed any lang files and if so trigger a voice file build?
12:01:22speachybluebrother^: yes, along with a small pile of helper scripts
12:01:48 Join johnb2 [0] (
12:01:59bluebrother^maybe doing that would be a good thing.
12:02:13speachyit's been on my to-do list since I took over the infrastructure. :D
12:02:20bluebrother^nice :)
12:02:42speachyIIRC the current voice set takes about 30-40 minutes; non-parallelized.
12:03:04bluebrother^ok, I'll get the manual stuff done first. Then let's see what other things are open
12:03:15bluebrother^having no maintainance for 5ish years shows
12:03:24speachywait, sorry, the diff would have to be on the voicestrings, not the sources.
12:03:49speachybecuase the voice files depend on the generated features.txt
12:05:37__Bilguscould just store a voice checksum in the features,txt maybe?
12:05:44speachyI did some cleanup work on that front when I rewrote a lot of the voice/language helpers
12:06:38speachyrockbox-info.txt and the voicestrings files (plus the voice script and everything it depends on) are what would need watching
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12:09:19speachyit's a thorny problem with a lot of corner cases, even when nothing goes wrong
12:12:25speachybluebrother^: I want to move the manuals to being generated per-commit too. I think I want to get rid of the online html version too, as those are _heavily_ hit by crawlers given that it currently changes nightly.
12:12:49speachy("changes" in the sense that the files are regenerated, not that the contents themselves change)
12:13:45speachy...leaving only the pdf and htmlzip. though tbh I'm not sure how useful the htmlzip really is; pdf seems far more useful for non-online use..
12:15:00speachy(and... once again I think I just convinced myself to put this off, because what we have now works and the effort is better spent writing the missing manuals for the X3 and a couple of other targets)
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13:08:54__BilgusI remembered I had dual boot with windows8 on this laptop
13:09:23__Bilgusthe player booted rockbox (missing some files maybe)
13:09:39__Bilguscrashed on trying to open the file browser
13:10:26__Bilgusit also had some issues staying connected so idk if thats an issue with the usb implementation
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13:35:08bluebrother^speachy: the online html manuals have 2 main purposes: pointing people to it (so we can post links), and for blind people. The pdf isn't really screenreader friendly.
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13:40:41bluebrother^pamaury: there are a couple of things in Rockbox Utility I'd like to get done. I'll leave the tomcrypt stuff in gerrit and work on the other things before merging it, so if you get a chance to look at it feel free to do so. No hurries.
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13:50:35speachybluebrother^: ah, okay.
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