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#rockbox log for 2020-08-27

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09:54:42speachy __builtin: IMO a rebased g#1780 should go in now. Since
09:54:44fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #1780 at : Enable semaphore objects unconditionally by Franklin Wei
09:55:08speachysince the removal of hwcodec the conovoluted #ifdef ends up turning it on for nearly everything anyway.
09:56:42speachy(I think only the ihp-1xx series and maybe a couple of the PP targets don't already have it turned on now)
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10:12:50__Bilgusspeachy I got the grey lib stuff figured out g#2700
10:12:52fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #2700 at : Xduoo X3 - Grey scale lib update by William Wilgus
10:13:41__Bilgusthe routine is in C someone with mips assembler experience might wanna make it ASM but at least the code flow is easy to figure out :)
10:13:51speachywhat would be a good demonstrator of this?
10:14:14__Bilguscube, pictureflow, fire, test_grey
10:14:34speachyokeydokey, I'll add it to my next build
10:14:56speachydid you try this with g#2697?
10:14:58fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #2697 at : xduoox3: Fix delay funciton in LCD code to be cpufreq-agnostic (WIP) by Solomon Peachy
10:15:26__BilgusI compared to the clip+ to check it
10:15:54__Bilgusuh I don't think I did
10:16:06__BilgusI will real fast copypasta it
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10:20:31speachyI can't see any difference, tbh.
10:21:50__Bilguswith the grey lib or the setupdelay?
10:22:09speachyah, cube looks different. plasma and fire, I can't really tell
10:22:28speachybefore/after the grey change. I already had the setupdelay going
10:22:43__Bilgussetupdelay works fine but I don't really notice it feeling faster
10:23:01__Bilgusbut it works
10:24:16__Bilgusso greylib works right now, test_scanrate is still broken so I'll get to it next so I can create a proper grey map calibration
10:24:20johnb4Am I right, that the new bootloader for Sansa E200 somehow needs blessing to be picked up by RB Utility?
10:24:24speachyif anything, the setupdelay should make things _slower_ −− the asm routine was, if anything, too short for the display setup/hold time.
10:24:49__Bilgusah well slower faster it felt the same
10:25:08speachyyeah, with nearly 600mhz in boost mode this thing is quite zippy. :)
10:25:21__Bilgusjohnb4 yes
10:25:49__Bilgusspeachy I haven't even tried it boosted on any of the plugins yet
10:26:10__BilgusI suppose the cube one probably is
10:26:11speachyunboosted it's 192MHz these days
10:26:52speachywas considering dialing it down further but I don't think that will make much of a difference for battery life.
10:27:36__BilgusI still have a few things to look over in the lcd controller I'll see if I can do some write combine like I did in the clip+ (zip?)
10:29:58__Bilgusoh the rolo lockups haven't happened again since one of those commits
10:30:16__Bilgusi'm guessing sd ..
10:31:19speachyI think I had it lock up once since then, but that might have been prior to the final SD changes
10:31:34__Bilgusgonna push 2700 unless someone wants to do it in ASM
10:32:00__BilgusI'm not familar enough with it to do better than the compiler I doubt
10:32:41speachygo for it.
10:33:25fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision 5fb4c74, 280 builds, 9 clients.
10:33:26speachydo it correct first, we can make it faster later if it ever matters
10:33:59__Bilgusmy thoughts as well
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10:40:51__builtin__Bilgus: some mips would be fun :)
10:40:59__builtinI'll take a look at some point
10:47:21fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 836 seconds.
10:47:23fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision 5fb4c74 result: All green
10:47:56speachy__builtin, I was toying with the idea of unifying the various midi players −− get the midiplay plugin to use the much, much newer timidity code in the sdl tree.
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11:00:45__Bilgus__builtin, I'm sure you can make pretty quick gains looking at the currently generated asm
11:06:43speachyon the other hand, it's also easy to introduce subtle bugs doing that. I've fixed quite a few of those recently...
11:13:21__builtinspeachy: yeah, the timidity port was kind of a hack
11:13:46__builtinmy methodology was "dump in the source and pray"
11:13:48speachyso, dusting off g#2191, the response that came back was "set stereo_width to -1" but there doesn't appear to be a way to do that via the menus; only 0-250%.
11:13:50fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #2191 at : Support swapping playback channels by Solomon Peachy
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16:45:19speachyfinally firing up the X3ii. First impression −− the UI is _very_ laggy. and I just segfaulted it in the oscilloscope plugin. :P
16:47:58speachycrashed it exiting another plugin. so that's definitely a little wonky.
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16:52:08__BILGUSspeachy did the oscope crash when it got to the end of the screen?
16:53:23speachyno, when I exited.
16:53:54speachyalso crashed the matrix plugin the same way
16:54:05speachyon the rocker and the x3ii
16:54:26speachygranted for all intents and purposes they're identical except for the screen size
16:57:30__BILGUSoh ok then its not a rect size error at least
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16:58:20__BILGUSI had fixed an error in the oscope plugin way long ago was hoping it hadnt come back
16:58:25speachythe screen update was pretty bad on the x3ii −− the voice would finish speaking before the menu would finish painting
17:10:03speachythese things could _really_ use a native port
17:14:18__BILGUSI really don't like the as an app but it is quicker for sure
17:14:36__BILGUSto get working not running
17:15:17__BILGUSdo any of those have multiple cores or co processors?
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17:41:40speachythe x1000e has coprocessors (that we probably won't ever know how to use effectively) but the CPU core is running at 1ghz so...
17:42:06__BILGUSoh wow
17:47:52speachyyep. it's _fast_. the jz4760 is already the fastest core we have going
17:48:00speachyand this is even faster..
17:48:07speachys/core/native core/
17:50:08speachythe SoC datasheets and programming manuals are all readily available too, as is the source code for the (reference design) kernel and bootloaders that ingenic put out
17:50:25speachyobviously the per-model variations would need figuring out
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22:34:07__Bilgusthis is cool looks like we can enable contrast on the xduoo
22:34:39__BilgusI wonder if I can adjust the precharge period and get some brightness..
22:36:12speachyI did order one of those DS screen replacements, a "why not" type of experiment. the dimness is really my main complaint.
22:37:35__BilgusI think i'm going to go the glass route Ill just use a diamond dremel blade and make a little radius jig
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22:38:08__Bilgusor even free hand on the bench grinder maybe if the glass will handle it
22:40:00__BilgusI also caught another error in the lcd setup LCD_SET_VCOM_DESELECT_LEVEL was set to 0x40 an invalid value
22:40:47__Bilgusdidn't seem to make a difference though setting it lower like (0) did make a difference it was all smeared on the background
22:41:46__BilgusI set it at the default (reset) value and it seemed to be slightly sharper
22:42:24*speachy nods.
22:43:08speachyI haven't attempted to audit any of that stuff since it seemed to basically work. versus stuff that clearly had issues
22:44:29speachyoh, been meaning to ask, any reason why you never landed g#2082 ?
22:44:31fs-bluebotGerrit review #2082 at : Fix voice files play at wrong volume after startup prior to playback by William Wilgus
22:45:04__Bilgusthats just a test maybe I don't think I ever got anywhere
22:46:02__Bilgusyeah I couldn't repro and I forget who it was that I was talking to about it but he never came back
22:47:14__BilgusI could abandon it if you like but i'm sure its probably still an issue to (somebody)
22:48:24__Bilgusjust got a rolo crash first in probably 30
23:04:30speachythe issue I was having with the first menu voice getting cut off turned out to be due to the busted udelay(), not voiced volume
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23:28:46speachythat dselect_level value was probably in the OF to try and boost the brightness in compensation for the smoked screen window
23:30:31__Bilgusmaybe assuming its valid but looking for it it appears it was in the sources everyone has copied for that chip
23:32:42speachyincidently, the as3525/lcd-ssd1303.c sets it to 0x25, which appears to also be illegal
23:33:18speachythe lower nibble should be 0, according to the datasheet..
23:34:04__Bilgusnice lol and I had already poured over that one at one time or another
23:35:15speachytbh I don't think we should drop it
23:35:22speachyif it makes the screen dimmer
23:36:12__BilgusI don't think it does on the xduoo
23:36:28__Bilgusif anything it made it crisper
23:37:01__Bilguschanging the value to the spec
23:38:51__Bilgusreading the docs from the manufacturer the key is to precharge long enough to get the cap charged high enough before it draws current longer precharge = higher voltage and less time to do the current drive
23:39:46__Bilgusso in theory we could get max brightness with a period of 1/1 (two phases) and a really high drive voltage
23:40:03__BilgusI'll try upping the value and see if it gets brighter
23:40:15__Bilgus(and lowering the time)
23:41:18speachytoo bad the actual screen specs/requirements are completely unknown
23:43:26__Bilguswhich is typical
23:43:57__Bilguslooks like brightness messes with the contrast to set brightness how 1-16 relates to 0-255 no clue
23:45:15__Bilgusoh that did make it brighter
23:45:30__Bilgushmm might be on to something here
23:46:10__Bilgusso lets set this low when you hit 100% contrast up the voltage and lower the time
23:46:29__Bilgusotherwise we will make it behave at saner levels
23:47:03speachythe brightness value is *16, -1 to gield the 0-255 value
23:48:13__Bilgusare you looking at teh src file atm or do you just have info like that on the top of your head?
23:49:17speachythe latter. when I found the SSD1306 datasheet I was curious how it was mapped so I looked it up in the source code.
23:49:28speachyso it's still in the LRU cache
23:49:56__Bilgusi'm thinking maybe I can remap the contrast to do my scheme and leave brightness to dfo the actual contrast or visav
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23:50:39__Bilgusthis part is so fun like crack or something
23:53:58speachy(meanwhile it took me over half an hour to figure out how/where the stereo width 0-250% was actually defined)
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