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#rockbox log for 2020-08-28

00:13:40__BilgusI finally got a decent text searcher that has helped a lot jEdit I think hate the text editor in it but it searches file contents in directories and it is wonderful
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00:22:10manjaroCinnamonAM i in yet?
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00:26:49__Bilgussounds like a cookie
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01:16:01__Bilgusspeachy g#2701
01:16:03fs-bluebotGerrit review #2701 at : Xduoo X3 Tweak LCD settings by William Wilgus
01:25:43__Bilgusspeachy g#2701
01:25:44fs-bluebotGerrit review #2701 at : Xduoo X3 Tweak LCD settings by William Wilgus
01:25:52__Bilgusdamnit sorry!
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06:06:05johnb2speachy, __Bilgus : My X3 arrived and I installed the bootloader successfully. I have a nasty effect in RB, that is not present in the OF: when I start playback (or skip to the next track), I have a crackling noise, which goes away after a few seconds of playback.
06:07:25johnb2I have the impression that this happens during loading the track mainly. Pausing and resuming within the track doesn't cause that noise. Doing pause/resume in the first seconds of the track does.
06:08:44johnb2This is with 5fb4c74bfb-200827. Initially I thought it might be related to fade-in/-out, but it's not.
06:17:23johnb2Hah, this happens with mp3, but not with flac!
06:21:04johnb2Opus is also fine.
06:29:29johnb2MPC, too.
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07:04:13__Bilgushmm clocking issue perhaps?
07:04:45__Bilgustry goint in the test boost menu and bump it up a few and then try a mp3
07:32:51johnb2Running at 576 MHz the noise stays constantly and doesn't go away at all!
07:35:40johnb2so you are right: somehow related to clock.
07:40:27__Bilgusoh it gets worse I would have figured it got better
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08:09:24speachyjohnb2: AFAIK you're the only one who's reported something like that with the X3.
08:10:15speachyis it "noise" or the audio breaking up?
08:10:39speachyalso, all mp3s?
08:11:19__Bilguslet me try it and see if it happens
08:11:21speachy(If anything, I've found the X3's audio output to be exceptionally noise-free)
08:12:21speachyuntil I reclocked everything the CPU was clocking at 528MHz and the audio PLLs in the 500-ishMHz range too
08:13:27speachy(and 95% of what I play back on mine are mp3s)
08:15:04__Bilgusjohnb2 can you give me a set of actions to try to repro?
08:15:16speachyoh and maybe a specific file too
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08:16:28__BilgusI think I might have heard a crackle play/paues at the start of a song
08:16:50__Bilgusmaybe a failure to init the buffer and some old data creeps in
08:17:10__Bilgusor orse somekind of memory dma glitch
08:17:14speachy__Bilgus that's actually likely. I've noticed something like that when switching tracks
08:18:01__Bilgusjohn is probably using better headphones than us too
08:18:10johnb2speachy: It's like crackle alternating (not exactly) on the left and right channel.
08:18:24johnb2It stops after 5 - 10 secs.
08:18:41johnb2transition from one song to another is fine.
08:18:46__Bilgusyeah now that i'm listening I hear it every skip sounds like a sticky door
08:18:51johnb2I tried multiple albums.
08:18:54speachydoes it coincide with the "disk activity" icon?
08:19:10johnb2audio continues, no break-ups
08:19:39speachynext thing to try −− in the sound settings there's a "playback rate" option. it defaults to auto; please set it to 44.1
08:19:51johnb2I haven't seen that icon on the X3. Any particular theme?
08:19:53braewoodsto anyone who's done the CF card mod, have you ever had write speeds better or equal to the original HDD? seems like no matter how fast my CF card it's still the same slow speed.
08:20:33speachyI have no explanation for how/why it would last so long though.
08:20:43__Bilgusyeah its on the main screen john
08:21:41speachyalso if it's clocking related I'd expect the crackle to kick in as soon as you switch to a new track (and thus the CPU is boosted to fill the decoded buffer)
08:21:54__Bilgususe the failsafe theme
08:22:02__Bilgusit'll leave the statusbar
08:22:16johnb2Note, It's not a low level noise: at the volume I listen to the music, I almost cannot stand the crackle. I tried the 44.1 before, no change.
08:22:32__Bilgusyeah its on prior to the glitch
08:23:23speachybraewoods: I've only personally done the cf mod to a mini2g, and yes, disk I/O and write speeds were much improved with the card I used.
08:23:32__Bilguslets try turning off audio a bit longer on load
08:23:41speachyjohnb2: if you pause the audio when the crakling is going on, does the crackle go away?
08:23:48braewoodsspeachy: must be the card I was using. I've been getting half my original write speed.
08:24:01braewoodsspeachy: i'm going to try a newer Lexar card.
08:24:23__Bilgusno its still there with a pause in the middle of it
08:24:31speachybraewoods: I was using an actual CF card. but yes, card speed varies greatly, especially for writes.
08:24:49braewoodsspeachy: me too. i was using a ZIF 40 adapter to make it work though.
08:25:25__Bilgushmm play pause introduces its own coloring on the sound like a slight sparkle
08:25:45johnb2No, pausing doesn't help while I am in the up to 10s phase. I had also thought about "filling the buffer" problems.
08:26:38speachyjohnb2: so you hear it when there is nothing playing? okay, that's definitely not audiobuffer corruption then.
08:26:40__Bilgusjohn play a quiet song and pause play a few times does that sparkle sound sound about the same?
08:26:41johnb2If play for 10s, i.e. crackle gone, and then skip to the beginning of the track the crackle is back (I would assume the song is still in memory).
08:27:20speachyhave you tried a different SD card, or the other slot?
08:27:45johnb2No, I hear it only when audio is playing. Not talking about hardware hiss.
08:27:58johnb2During pause, there is no noise.
08:28:38__BilgusI was talking about pause resume in quick succession it's 10s wall time, not 10s playback time?
08:29:55johnb2no, ~10s play time of the song.
08:30:13johnb2I have 2 different Sandisk cards in the slots.
08:30:24johnb2Happens with mp3 on both of them.
08:31:08johnb2Now, in the middle of the song, pausing and resuming also has the crackle.
08:31:36__Bilgusyeah I can get it reliably that way
08:32:11johnb2I will upload a track for you.
08:34:11johnb2And btw the crackle lasts longer than the activity sign (~2s longer)
08:34:19speachyjohnb2: please back off to a build older than 2020-08-07, and see if it's still there
08:34:26speachy should do it
08:34:57speachythat's prior to all of the clocking changes
08:36:01speachy(I'd recommend moving the existing .rockbox elsewhere and starting fresh with that old build)
08:36:55__Bilgusspeachy II have a 'contrast' build up there 2701 IIRC
08:37:11johnb2: the noise is gone with that
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08:39:51speachyokay, try next.
08:41:11speachyit has the first set of clocking changes; main clock speed dropped slightly, enables native non-44.1KHz playback, and leaves the audio PLL off if we're not actually playing something.
08:42:13johnb2still fine!
08:42:19__Bilgusthat PLL switching could be the cause I remember something to the effect on maybe the fuze+?
08:42:40speachyAnd now
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08:44:08speachy(most of the reclocking changes are in the 2020-08-08 build but there's a major bugfix for 44KHz audio that landed the next day)
08:46:57speachyjohnb2: do you have the ability to compile your own builds for this thing?
08:47:52johnb2I have not compiled the toolchain for this yet
08:48:06speachyok. the next step is to determine if it's the audio pll or the main PLL changes.
08:50:26speachyI'm doing a build now with the CPU reclocking disabled, dialed down to 480MHz.
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08:54:00braewoodsis this a newer build port?
08:54:24speachyjohnb2: ^^
08:55:02speachyit's the latest git code with all _CPU_ clocking changes since 2020-08-07 backed out.
08:57:35speachyso main CPU at 480MHz, memory and major buses at 120.
08:59:44speachybraewoods: The xDuoo X3
09:02:13johnb2speachy : This one plays fine
09:02:58speachyexcellent. give me a few for the next one
09:04:30speachyit'll be with the new clocking hierarchy but with reclocking off.
09:04:48johnb2I am curious why you don't notice this on your device. xvortex states that there are 2 nand versions around (beyond cosmetics and battery capacity).
09:05:28speachyit could be due to how I use mine I just don't hear it.
09:05:40speachythat and it's obviously a recent regression
09:06:35speachythis build has the CPU clocked at 576, major buses at 96. The latter allowing for USB to be within spec, incidently...
09:08:27johnb2;-) my Windows had trouble recognizing the player for the last couple of trials. This one plays fine, too.
09:09:28speachy...that's unexpected.
09:09:45johnb2not just test2 ...
09:09:53johnb2had to plug it multiple times
09:10:22speachyI meant the playback. USB being a little wonky with older builds is expected.
09:12:48speachynext one will have CPU clocked at minimum (192MHz), no other changes.
09:15:09speachyit this is also good then it means the issues are due to switching the CPU freq on the fly.
09:16:54johnb2It's good!
09:17:05speachyok. hmm.
09:19:34speachyfor giggles, please try this one:
09:21:53johnb2crackle again
09:24:45braewoodsspeachy: huh. one of the newer targets.
09:24:50amdjQuestion: Does RockBox support EFI GUID Partition Tables (GPT) on SD cards, or just MSDOS labels?
09:25:11speachyamdj: MSDOS only
09:25:28braewoodsamdj: chances are just legacy ones since that's what most low capacity flash things use
09:26:01braewoodsi can't see rockbox ever needing 2TB+ storage.
09:26:50speachyIIRC the SD spec still calls for MSDOS partition tables
09:26:51amdjbraewoods: GPT isn't just for high storage requirements. It's redundant (an extra copy of the table is stored at the end of the drive to protect against accidental table damage), you can have more than 4 partitions (without that ugly extended partitioning trick), and partitions can be labelled (separate from filesystem labels).
09:27:16speachyjust like it calls for FAT32 for <32GB and exFAT for >32GB cards
09:27:25braewoodsamdj: i know all the benefits. but the main one that matters is capacity.
09:30:11johnb4speachy : I will be back in 30min.
09:31:46braewoodsspeachy: what is rockbox development focused on these days? it seems like new device support would be the main thing because new features like codecs don't come out too often.
09:32:50speachybraewoods: there's no real top-down focus. each individual contributor has their own itches (and questionable sanity) to scratch.
09:33:00braewoodsi see.
09:33:28speachythere are only a handful of active contributors these days so not a lot is going on
09:35:22 Quit johnb4 (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
09:35:27speachyhaving rockbox run (well) on still-purchasable hardware is pretty important though
09:35:49braewoodsso people don't have to hunt second hand stuff?
09:36:38speachyyeah. that said the mp3 player market is pretty much split into two camps these days, very cheap shovelware that could never run rockbox, and ultra-high-end stuff that only occasionally leaks out of the domestic Chinese market
09:37:01braewoodsmmm. makes me wonder if rockbox could partner with a hardware project like Pine Microsystems to develop their own stuff.
09:37:34speachyit's a thought. but I don't know if the volumes/economics make sense
09:38:08braewoodsone option, a general port that can run on Linux and act as a frontend interface could be another option.
09:38:09speachywould take a nontrivial up-front investment.
09:38:15braewoodsso it could run atop another kernel.
09:38:32speachybraewoods: that's been around for some time, actually. :)
09:38:58braewoodsso in theory someone could run it on an ARM Linux distribution that was stripped down for this purpose.
09:39:03braewoodse.g. rPI
09:39:40braewoodswouldn't be as elegant as specialized options though.
09:40:12speachyit needs to be, well, portable. which means battery, display, buttons, reasonably compact...
09:40:16braewoodsspeachy: so there's very few mp3 players that make it onto other markets now?
09:40:39speachythe "nontrivial investment" is purely hardware.
09:40:42braewoodsand the problem with these other Linux boards is they have more stuff than an mp3 player strictly needs.
09:40:54braewoodslike a networking stack.
09:41:05speachytbh most of the angst we go through here is due to not having access to manufacturer schematics or component datasheets
09:41:17speachyand the need to reverse engineer things. which is _very_ time consuming.
09:41:52__BilgusOn the trail for test_scanrate.rock failing to change frequency it appears the update_rect function for the X3 is broken
09:42:14__Bilgusmaybe backwards??
09:42:26speachythe "extra stuff" isn't a big deal if there is sufficient system resources (mainly RAM)
09:43:21speachybraewoods: the "standalone mp3 player" market is nearly nonexistent these days. thank smartphones (and streaming audio) for that
09:43:39braewoodsspeachy: i noticed. the last new stuff was largey 2010 or so.
09:44:35speachyand even on the high end the market is moving to smartphone-like stuff, not unlike the ipod touch (apps, wifi, touch-only UI) only with high-end audio components.
09:45:31braewoodsi have an iriver h10 i've been field testing with. i wondered why the CF card was doing so badly.
09:46:16braewoodsseems iriver still has new devices but not in the US.
09:46:23speachyso Chinese audiophiles can plug in their domestic equivalent to oxygen-depleted gold-plated optical monster cables and wank about how jitter-free their DSD files sound.
09:47:23speachythe X3 we're going on about here is the most recent "native" rockbox port. and it was discontinued a couple of years ago.
09:48:00braewoodsso android basically killed the mp3 player it appears.
09:48:07 Join johnb4 [0] (
09:48:25speachythe others since then have all been apps built on top of Linux. which works fine for most purposes but since we rarely have access to the kernel sources we can do nothing about platform bugs. of which there are many.
09:49:05braewoodsinteresting. i guess audio SOCs are even harder than router SOCs...
09:49:08speachybraewoods: I'd say smartphones rather than android. most higer-end mp3 players these days are built on top of android bits.
09:49:48speachyeh, not really. it's just a matter of volume.
09:50:46speachyfor audio applications it's the external components (clocks, power supply, filtering, DACs) that make the difference
09:50:52braewoodsi guess it helps openwrt that there's still plenty of new platforms to port to
09:51:06braewoodsand that it's embedded Linux
09:51:26speachywhen you can ship a RPi Zero for $5... that's vastly, vastly more powerful than you need for Rockbox.
09:51:37speachyand that comes with what, 512MB RAM too?
09:52:12braewoodsmeaning you don't need a super powerful main CPU.
09:52:42braewoodsif anything it's more about the periphereals and integrating those.
09:52:48braewoodsinto a lightweight package
09:52:54speachybut the low-end "volume" mp3 player market consists of microcontrollers with hw codecs bolted to the side
09:53:11speachywith barely enough RAM to drive a UI
09:53:16__Bilguswhich is where the whole mess started too!
09:53:24braewoodsIOW, they do all the hard work in ASICs?
09:53:29speachy__Bilgus: and the circle of life continues. :D
09:53:46__Bilgusseroom's law I guess
09:54:26braewoodsit sounds like rockbox would be best off with their own hardware designs given the shortage of newer stuff.
09:54:34speachybasically needing external DRAM drives the cost _way_ up. both for the RAM itself but also the larger package for the necessary pins, plus pcb space/complexity, plus bigger battery due to higher consumption, etc...
09:55:39braewoodsspeachy: btw, i noticed the rockbox port for iriver has a battery capacity setting. do i need to set that? I replaced the original battery with a newer one of higher capacity.
09:55:41speachyI have one of the cheapies here; its PCB is little more than the rknano ASIC, buttons, the SD slot, and the display connector.
09:56:19speachybraewoods: that capacity setting is only used for runtime estimation. the real question is how the discharge curve on the new battery compares to the old.
09:58:42 Quit johnb4 (Quit: Nettalk6 -
09:59:12speachythe ingenic approach is to embed DRAM into the package. 32MB is more than enough for a DAP! But the overhead of Linux leaves us with not a lot of room for rockbox.
09:59:48braewoodsthat's less than openwrt recommends now...
09:59:49speachy(plus the other stuff they have running on their players.
09:59:56braewoodsthey want at least 64MB now.
10:00:31speachybraewoods: because "routers" do a lot more than just "route" these days. :) But higher network speeds do need larger buffers to sustain throughput.
10:00:58braewoodsheh. my x86 openwrt has 2G.
10:01:10braewoodsway more than it can use
10:01:47speachybraewoods: also, the DRAM market being what it is, it's often cheaper to put more RAM there than less.
10:02:37speachyuse the same parts as the market volume leaders (ie cell phones) and it'll be overall cheaper
10:04:10braewoodsfor now sounds like rockbox is mainly going to be running on old stuff.
10:04:17braewoodsthat people have repaired or so.
10:04:53braewoodsthis iriver h10 is still pretty good for its age.
10:05:55johnb2speachy : Do we stick with test3 for now?
10:07:29speachyjohnb2: yeah. I don't want to disable dyanmic reclocking just yet. trying to hunt down the definitions of some magic registers written during the init sequence.
10:09:12speachyat least we know it's triggered/exacerbated by changing the clocks, rather than the specific clock settings.
10:09:48speachyI wonder if the solution is to introduce some hysterisis in the clock twiddling?
10:15:47speachyone of the magic register writes goes to a peripheral that's blanked out of the programmer's manual
10:24:06 Quit johnb2 (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
10:27:50__Bilgusspeachy anyclue what might affect the timer exposed to plugins
10:28:14__Bilgusit looks like scan rate is failing because the time is only one shotting
10:30:27__Bilgusmaybe something higher priority is stealing it
10:36:34speachythe caller has to re-register the timer after it fires, right?
10:36:46speachyit it doesn't automatically reload
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10:43:24__Bilgusit looks like its the changing of timeout that kills it
10:43:45__Bilgusprobably something missing to re enable it after set_timer is called
10:46:21speachyI made changes to the init code, pulled the non-pll inits out of the pll code.
10:47:10__BilgusI should be able to just fix it in timer_set_period
10:48:47__BilgusI think I found it
10:49:49speachyI don't hear any crackling on this. I wonder if that means I fixed it, my headphones suck, or my ears are fried.
10:50:10fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 1aee168, 280 builds, 9 clients.
10:50:45speachythe code change is "correct" anyway; no need to poke the DRAM controller and bus arbitration settings on each reclock.
10:50:48__BilgusI wonder if the stopped timer might cause issues
10:51:16speachy__Bilgus: quite likely!
10:51:42__Bilgusill know here shortly if my assumption is correct
10:52:49speachysince johnb2 is gone for now, you can hear the crackling he talked about, correct?
10:52:59speachyor glitch/whatever
10:53:33__Bilgusyes give me a few
10:53:36speachyif you could grab the commit I pushed and tell me if the artifact is there still
10:54:28speachy(also I'm using the buffering thread debug screen to tell me what the CPU is doing)
10:56:37__Bilgusand yes the timer code needs fixed speachy the timer fix got rid of the junk on play pause
10:56:47speachythis timer glitch is system-wide, right? and nothign to do with the X3?
10:56:58__Bilgusno its X3 only
10:57:27speachyguess I'll need to see the diff to understand what's going on
10:58:58__Bilgusits never reenabled unless start is true
10:59:16speachyah, so pulling the __tcu_start() out of the if
10:59:29__Bilguswell on set_timer_period start = false and 10 lines above the timer is disable unconditionally
10:59:40__Bilgusyeah you got it
10:59:48 Quit __Bilgus (Remote host closed the connection)
11:00:24 Join __Bilgus_ [0] (41ba23be@
11:02:42speachyok, I'm loading up a build with your LCD patch and the timer fixed. (I assume you'll go ahead and push the latter?)
11:03:53__Bilgus_yeah i'll push it, compiling at head atm
11:03:54speachyoh nice, the contrast settings _really_ help.
11:04:31__Bilgus_yeah its a little stupid with the negatives but it was the easiest way to make set contrast do double duty
11:04:49__Bilgus_-9 to -1 lol
11:05:04speachyI say go ahead and push that too. probably hurts battery life a bit but.. eh.
11:06:15__Bilgus_in theory it raises the refresh rate a bit too
11:06:17speachywell, I tested version 2 of that patch since you're mucking with it still.
11:07:31speachyshould probably pick up the LCD delay patch too as god knows what the fixed asm delay loop works out to be with the cpu clocking
11:08:12__Bilgus_oh i've been adding it ontop of my builds for the moment sounds like a lot of pushes
11:09:14speachylots of smaller commits make it easier to find regressions
11:11:43speachythe downside of that delay patch is that its worst-case delay will be twice what we need. (ie 82us vs the needed 40)
11:12:37speachythat could be dropped to a worst-case of ~51us but that would require quadrupling the timer speed (since the HW doesn't have a /2 divisor... wtf?)
11:13:27 Quit pamaury (Quit: Konversation terminated!)
11:13:51__Bilgus_ok speachy head along with g#2703 and I don't hear any of the glitching
11:13:53fs-bluebotGerrit review #2703 at : Xduoo_X3 Fix timer_set_period fail to reenable by William Wilgus
11:14:08speachylet's merge away. :)
11:15:19fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 1509 seconds.
11:15:23fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 1aee168 result: All green
11:15:24fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 77019c2, 280 builds, 8 clients.
11:18:44__Bilgus_is 2697 still a WIP?
11:19:21speachyit was only WIP becasue I wanted your feedback
11:20:18speachyThe jz4740 timer code had the same bug. (which makes sense as the 4760 started out copy-pasta'd from it..)
11:28:08__Bilgus_looks like the scanrate is 103.7 hz
11:29:29__Bilgus_or a multiple maybe 50 is
11:29:53fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 871 seconds.
11:29:56fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 77019c2 result: All green
11:29:57fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 4a6d8e9, 280 builds, 9 clients.
11:30:13speachyI gotta run for a while.
11:30:26 Quit speachy (Quit: WeeChat 2.8)
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11:42:55fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 778 seconds.
11:42:56fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 4a6d8e9 result: All green
11:45:33johnb2I am back ..
11:45:50johnb24a6d8e91bb still has the noise.
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12:08:30easrngHi, is the wiki up to date for the iPod nano 3G? It says there's not much progress, but seems to indicate otherwise.
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12:23:19johnb2speachy: no wonder, frequency scaling is still enabled.
12:31:44 Quit easrng (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
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12:42:10__Bilgus I don't hear it with the current head although I did find out that running cube while playing music leads to a crash and has audio glitches every screen refresh
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12:43:26 Join easrng [0] (
12:44:45johnb2I definitely do. As I understood speachy, in the previous tests fixing the frequency was the solution. However, in the current HEAD freq scaling is still active ( you can boost it in debug).
12:45:23easrngI'm back. The tab I had freenode in was suspended. I checked the logs for replies
12:45:43 Quit __Bilgus (Remote host closed the connection)
12:46:35 Join __BIlgus [0] (41ba23be@
12:47:26__BIlgusjohnb do you hear the one when you pause unpause anymore?
12:51:08__BIlgusnot sure then odd, perhaps delete the .rb folder and try again or maybe make clean your build dir?
12:51:20johnb2I am really wondering if there are some hardware differences.
12:52:01__BIlguspossible but I heard it before but not now
12:52:19johnb2Ok, this time I unzipped it on top of the previous installation. I will do a clean install on the sd (I dont build myself ..).
12:53:16__BIlgusoh then let me get you one the latest stuff I don't think uploads till 1200
12:57:08__BIlgusthat has test plugins too
12:57:39johnb24a6d8e91bb definitely has it. I missed adjusting volume, it really hurts :-)
12:57:44johnb2Ok, will try
13:01:52 Join mendel_munkis_ [0] (
13:02:31johnb2__BIlgus : still awful crackle
13:02:45 Join J_Darnley [0] (
13:03:37__BIlgusdo you hear it only on the first song or on all skips?
13:04:05 Quit mendelmunkis (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
13:04:05 Quit jdarnley (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
13:04:25johnb2Basically it sounds like a crackle from record players (in between tracks), vinyl :-)
13:04:39johnb2all skips
13:05:25__BIlgusyeah I don't which is v odd being that we are using the exact same fw
13:06:18__BIlguswell there are still some issues with this player but maybe if we fix those it'll fix yours
13:06:22johnb2And being more objective by looking at the clock: it ceases around 3s into the track, not 10s.
13:07:07__BIlguswhile playing back music if you run the cube plugin does it click while the cube spins?
13:07:19johnb2I will be back after dinner ..
13:10:35 Quit t0mato (Quit: Ping timeout (120 seconds))
13:13:37 Join JanC [0] (~janc@lugwv/member/JanC)
13:19:18 Quit __BIlgus (Remote host closed the connection)
13:19:55 Join ac_laptop [0] (~ac_laptop@
13:20:28 Join t0mato [0] (~t0mato@
13:25:04 Quit easrng (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
13:32:03 Quit livvy (Remote host closed the connection)
13:40:39 Join livvy [0] (~livvy@gateway/tor-sasl/livvy)
13:48:26johnb2__Bilgus: not it doesnt click, but the sound is distorted, like ag guitar string swinging
13:49:54johnb2as soon as the backlight turns off, the sound is normal again.
13:55:02braewoodssounds awful
13:56:16johnb2I lack the proper English words. Like a "twang" applied to the regular audio.
13:57:11 Join __BILGUS [0] (41ba23be@
13:58:08__BILGUSIDK if they are related but it seems when the write line gets toggles to write the lcd data it glitches the device
13:58:52__BILGUSat track start there is going to be a creen clear and reload so I suppose its possible thery are one and the same
13:59:04 Join speachy [0] (40eebded@
14:00:29speachyok, heads-up, shutting down the server to swap out the RAID controller. should be back online within a few minutes
14:01:45johnb2Now I ran cube during flac playback and I get the same "twang", but it is different to the sharp clicks I am referring to (like record player clicks).
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14:39:45__BILGUSspeachy got one for you(happens on old dailyies as well
14:40:17speachyinfra is back up finally. bleh. missing kernel module so couldn't mount rootfs
14:40:22__BILGUSso play music and then use cube hear the click and pop it happens when any of the gpios get toggled
14:40:55__BILGUSin cube you can crash the player choose left or right and hit the play button
14:41:27__BILGUSfreq increases as well with the lcd updates and eventually it will crash
14:42:18__BILGUSbut it doesn't appear to happen when I just use the regular image functions so maybe something isnt set like it should
14:43:34speachynot crashing cube for me..
14:43:42speachywell, spoke too soon.
14:44:33speachytook a few seconds of all-out thrashing the cube
14:44:46__BILGUSyeah same here
14:45:47speachyanother possibility −− I might need to dial the boosted freq down to 528. since it's possible Vcore isn't set high enough for stable operation
14:46:35__BILGUSidk it did the same with the first build posted for john
14:46:49__BILGUSat least the clicking part not sure on the crash
14:54:16__BILGUSlooks like 6068 and 8080 mode are pretty similar maybe I should try switching the logic to follw the other
14:55:59__BILGUSthe fire plugin crashes it even faster
14:57:19 Quit speachy (Remote host closed the connection)
14:57:29 Quit johnb2 (Quit: Nettalk6 -
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17:31:32fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 903 seconds.
17:31:34fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision a2b7744 result: All green
17:54:50*speachy frowns.
17:56:08speachythis thing is clocking at 192 when it should be clocking at 576.
18:14:27 Join cockroach [0] (~blattodea@pdpc/supporter/active/cockroach)
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