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#rockbox log for 2020-09-03

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09:00:30__Bilgusspeachy yes post increment there thanks, I actually got really excited when I started reading about the touchscreen controller being used for a button matrice
09:01:00__Bilgusunfortunately xduoo did not read the application notes
09:16:20speachythe x3 is quite hack-y. :/
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10:15:50CATTSNAPPLERHello I have a question about installing rockbox on a ipod classic it seems to see my ipod but then when I go to install it it always fails I dont know what to do i also saved my log file on my pc if that helps I can jump on my pc and upload it
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10:17:01braewoods22 seconds. New record.
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10:18:08__BilgusCATTSNAPPLER does it boot and say firmware not found?
10:18:54CATTSNAPPLERNo I'm not able to install anything at all
10:19:08braewoodsCATTSNAPPLER: Did you update the original firmware first?
10:19:24CATTSNAPPLERHow do I do that?
10:19:24braewoodsor ensure it was installed properly? some people modify their ipods with more capacity.
10:19:49braewoodsCATTSNAPPLER: iTunes somehow. I'm not familiar with Apple products that much.
10:20:07CATTSNAPPLERMy ipod is a stock classic nothin changed
10:21:07braewoodsthose that do need to reinstall the firmware usually since it's stored on the internal storage alongside the user files.
10:21:38braewoodsi would try reinstalling the original firmware to latest release perhaps even reformatting it and try again
10:22:02__BilgusCATTSNAPPLER (un?)fortunately I don't have any experience with the ipods we have users that are but it could take em a while to come out of the wood work, you might check out the forums though
10:22:04braewoodsa lot of times stuff expects latest original stuff and can create compatibility issues if it isn't
10:22:09CATTSNAPPLERI had already reformatted it
10:22:21braewoodsNo idea then.
10:22:44speachyso itunes sees it as an ipod, and lets you interact with it?
10:23:00speachyand it boots into the ipod firmware cleanly
10:23:16braewoodsis this your rockbox install?
10:23:21braewoodsyour first
10:23:34CATTSNAPPLERyea it's my first time doin the tango with rockbox
10:23:43braewoodsnormal behavior of a successful install is that it boots into rockbox not the stock firmware
10:23:52braewoodsyou need to do something special if it worked to boot OF
10:24:02braewoodsat least for dual boot targets
10:24:05CATTSNAPPLERThatd be great if I could even get rockbox installed
10:24:36CATTSNAPPLERI dont want to dual boot I just wanna turn my ipod into a drag and drop thing
10:24:36braewoodsi've used iriver h10 and sandisk sansa clip+ targets before
10:25:12braewoodsi see. rockbox's USB mode exposes everything through UMS. no MTP support.
10:25:42braewoodsmeaning... you can't just unplug it whenever you feel like.
10:25:53braewoodsyou need to properly eject it like any other removeable drive
10:26:12braewoodsMTP allows that but it has to be supported.
10:26:45braewoodsCATTSNAPPLER: sorry, it just effects how the internal storage of the device is exposed to the host computer.
10:26:46CATTSNAPPLEROooohhhh that doesnt really bug me I just want this to be done I've been trying to figure this out all night and well to no avail
10:27:05braewoodsUMS is basically, it exposes all internal storage as removeable drives
10:27:11braewoodsit's USB Mass Storage
10:27:32braewoodsnot the safest option but it works the same.
10:27:40braewoodsMTP is safer but rockbox doesn't implement it.
10:27:47CATTSNAPPLERIs anyone familiar with rockbox's log files? Bc I cant read it
10:28:07braewoodsyou can try pasting it to something like
10:28:35CATTSNAPPLERI'll put it up on paste bin gimme a secound
10:29:00braewoodsugh. why do people always want to use it's full of distracting ads and other nuisances. lol
10:30:29CATTSNAPPLERIt's the most approachable for me ig?
10:30:36*braewoods shrugs.
10:30:40__Bilgusgotta support it somehowe
10:30:42braewoodsthere's tons of just as easy to use ones.
10:30:50braewoodsfor free and less non-sense.
10:31:18braewoodsjust something i've observed from moderating #learnprogramming
10:31:28__Bilgusthat haven't gotten to the scale of needing to add ad support
10:31:32braewoodsseems to be a common problem in any channel where pastebins are used
10:32:11__BilgusI did click on some BS pastebin the other day that wanted me to do a captcha then failed to actually post my paste
10:32:36braewoodsthere's some pastebins i don't think will ever go ad supported
10:32:39speachyCATTSNAPPLER: ht looks like it couldn't actually write to the ipod.
10:32:53CATTSNAPPLERHow do I fix it not writing?
10:33:01braewoodsrockbox usually needs the original firmware booted into UMS mode
10:33:14CATTSNAPPLERHow does one do that?
10:33:16braewoodsdid you do anything special for that?
10:33:53CATTSNAPPLERI just plugged it into my pc and it saw it as a ipod / external storage thingy right off the bat
10:34:37braewoodsdid you check the manual?
10:34:52speachy[ziputil.cpp:126 INFO] creating output path failed for: "D://.rockbox/tagnavi.config"
10:34:54CATTSNAPPLERYea I have
10:35:08CATTSNAPPLERWhat does that mean?
10:35:08braewoodsdid you follow the steps for usb connection?
10:35:18CATTSNAPPLERI thought I did
10:35:27braewoodshow full is it?
10:35:42CATTSNAPPLERI had formatted it so its empty
10:36:00__BilgusYou also need to ensure the “Enable use as disk” option is enabled for your playerin Itunes <<
10:36:15CATTSNAPPLERHow do I do that?
10:36:19__Bilgusif its not that then you need to make sure its actually mounted at D:
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10:36:36braewoodsare you actually using itunes currently?
10:36:43__Bilgusi'm guessing you go fumble in itunes for the proper setting
10:36:46CATTSNAPPLERI would assume I am
10:37:01braewoodseither it is or it isn't installed
10:37:09braewoodsand it's not a default application so we wouldn't know.
10:37:40CATTSNAPPLERI have itunes installed and all that jazz along with the ipod utilities
10:37:44braewoodsso, what are you using to set it up?
10:38:16__Bilgusthe D: mountpoint points to windows
10:38:21__Bilgusd :
10:38:24braewoodsok. just confirming
10:38:32CATTSNAPPLERMy ipod was the d drive
10:38:43CATTSNAPPLERMy windows is on c
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10:41:05braewoodsspeachy: i noticed archos was "retired". what determines when devices are "retired"?
10:41:48CATTSNAPPLERWhen theres no support for em anymore?
10:41:54speachybraewoods: "stable but will not be supported going forward"
10:42:43braewoodsspeachy: i'm guessing it was removed due to how limited of a platform it was.
10:42:49braewoodsand probably ancient
10:43:05speachyie no further builds. Code's been removed from git.
10:43:39CATTSNAPPLERI'm gonna try that one thing braewoods sent in see if that works if not I'll be back
10:44:12braewoodseither way need to make sure it's exposed correctly
10:44:21speachybraewoods: yes, ancient and very limited. though ironically more capable than the current generation of low-end DAPs.
10:44:26CATTSNAPPLERWish me luck
10:45:02braewoodsspeachy: how much RAM do most portalplayer targets have? i can't usually find much about that in the docs.
10:45:59braewoodsi expect it to be similar to the amount found in most consumer routers (64 MB or lessish)
10:46:08speachyIIRC all portalplayers are 32 (or maybe 64?) MB.
10:46:31braewoodsthe spec sheet suggested it could handle up to 256 or so
10:46:33braewoodsso i wasn't sure
10:46:37braewoodsthe platform
10:46:39braewoodsat least
10:49:02speachyall of the iPods had 32MB, even the non-PP ones
10:49:40speachyno wait, the samsung-based ones are 64MB.
10:52:26CATTSNAPPLERSo I'm back
10:52:38CATTSNAPPLERAnd no dice it's still wanting to be an ass
10:54:49__Bilgusspeachy whereas _battery_voltage is called a bunch but it is only called once a minute once everything is setup
10:55:24__Bilgusso I think we could go to a poll on the adc with a timeout like the Sansas do
10:55:43speachypolling is fine, as long as it doesn't happen in interrupt context...
10:56:18CATTSNAPPLERWelp I dont know what to do anymore
11:01:04braewoodsCATTSNAPPLER: does the utility ask to run as Admin?
11:01:10braewoodswhen you first run it.
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12:46:36__Bilgusspeachy per your gerrit comment, I just copied the first one from the code further down but the second one the manual states: VBAT Enable Control. No matter TCHEN is 1 or 0, VBATEN can be set to 1 to sample the voltage of battery, and when the value of voltage is ready, PBATEN will be cleared by hardware auto.
12:47:35__Bilgusis there a reason to use the state value instead? I figured this way there wasn't another register getting clobbered
12:51:11fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision fa330c1, 280 builds, 9 clients.
12:52:50bluebrother^since it came up in the forums ... I'm not planning to do actual work on it, but I made the theme editor build with Qt5.
13:07:46fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 995 seconds.
13:07:49fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision fa330c1 result: All green
13:10:30fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision 93bb14c, 280 builds, 9 clients.
13:18:40__BilgusHaha I was reading the manual ' 13nm CMOS process' and I was like wow!
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13:20:42speachyyeah, I think they left out a digit. :D
13:22:49bluebrother^why do people post Rockbox questions on reddit instead of the Rockbox forum?
13:24:05__Bilgusprobably because someone keeps answering
13:24:35speachyhey, it's arguably better there than on head-fi or somesuch
13:25:00*bluebrother^ is surprised how much question he missed by simply not using reddit
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13:32:24speachy__Bilgus, did you confirm what context _battery_voltage() runs under? tick context, or via an async thread?
13:32:48__Bilgusits an async thread run by the kernel
13:33:16__Bilguswell the repeated caller the other places its called are user driven I believe
13:35:15speachyso the patch changes it to measure at most once every 30s.
13:35:32speachya shame we can't power down the ADC.
13:36:43__Bilguswell really we could since we now check for a button press in interrupt
13:37:35__Bilgus70ms to boot back up
13:37:52speachythat's a bit long for checking keypresses.
13:38:24__Bilgusyeah thats out of full power down though the sleep mode might be faster
13:39:11__Bilgusit claims 1ma worst case I doubt there is too much saving there
13:39:26speachythat's more than I thought
13:39:38__Bilgusunless its actually 10ma
13:40:08speachyheh, it's funny, the gig before this one we agonized over shaving off nanowatts in sleep.
13:42:45__BilgusI'm more concerned about proper operation first
13:43:35speachyI recently found reports from a few years ago that claimed ~12h battery life on the X3 with rockbox −− well prior to all of our efforts to improve things.. and your battery bench run was essentially unchanged from that.
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13:44:40__Bilguswell with LPM disabled its probably less ATM
13:45:51speachypossibly, but tbh I'd be surprised if the sum total of our improvements even make a 5% overall difference.
13:46:08speachyjudging by the USB power meter, the base consumption of this thing is embarrasingly high.
13:46:50fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 876 seconds.
13:46:51fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision 6810d83 result: All green
13:47:05__Bilgusexplains the comforting warmth
13:48:15__BilgusI just try to keep in mind the changes that SOmeone did to the AS3525 core in the name of 10 minutes more battery and the number of times Ive traced issues to them and reverted
13:48:43speachyyeah. the X3's reclocking is a good example of that, eh?
13:48:59__Bilgusnah those issues were already there
13:50:00speachyat least there don't seem to be any remaining crashes/etc but there's still that barely-audible artifact when the clocks switch. (introduced via the analog path, I believe −− we're not seeing a buffer underrun)
13:50:30 Join sakax [0] (~r0b0t@unaffiliated/r0b0t)
13:50:57__Bilgusyou mean without running plugins?
13:51:07johnb2speachy : what are the conditions where you think the constant 192MHz were not enough? EQ, wavpack,... ? For me, just playing songs it seemed fine.
13:51:16__BilgusAH ok
13:52:13johnb2and, I don't use plugins (except for batteryBench).
13:52:39__BilgusSo I noticed something about the AHB scheduler but I don't see the defines in the sources
13:54:46speachyhunting down those writes was a fun exercise
13:56:27speachyhere's the funny thing −− the PM says only the first two bits are used; the rest are reserved.
13:57:32__Bilgusmakes me wonder if they didn't finish the damn thing
13:57:35speachybut there are clearly some documentation um, inconsistencies
13:58:13speachybits defined/used in the header that don't exist (or are "set to 0") in the docs
13:58:47 Quit johnb2 (Quit: Nettalk6 -
14:00:06speachy__Bilgus: 12.2.1 of the PM defines HARBx_PRIOR
14:01:04speachyand table 41-2 shows the hole in the address map where that missing write goes
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14:01:57__Bilgusnice thanks
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14:36:16fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 988 seconds.
14:36:17fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision 1ae8213 result: All green
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14:47:45__Bilguswhats the provenance on that init?
14:48:22 Quit johnb4 (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
14:51:39speachy__Bilgus: no clue
14:52:00speachyI'm actually looking at other codebases to see if I can suss something out
14:52:05__BilgusI assume if you start cube your player still crashes
14:53:04speachyI even have a revised caching patch in place
14:53:50speachya few audio artifacts but it's spinning madly
14:55:20speachymaster + updated cache patch (not yet committed) and that WIP tweak set
14:55:46speachyoh, reclocking too
14:56:24speachyswitched to fire
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15:03:19speachyok, g#2709 is updated, and seems stable so far.
15:03:51 Join johnb2 [0] (
15:03:57speachyI think the reason it was making things worse was due to hyper-aggressive dumping of the entire cache
15:04:17 Join __Bilgus [0] (41ba23be@
15:05:27__Bilgusspeachy I haven't crashed at head either sofar
15:06:29__Bilgusbut that init per the namual says the bits we do know are set 3: {p0 bridge, gps, uhc}, {eth, dma, p1 bridge, otg}
15:07:11speachyyeah, I copied that out of the manual. because I didn't like undocumented magic numbers
15:07:41__Bilguswouldn't it be better to put everyone on the same footing with {otg, gps, uhc}, {eth, dma, p1 bridge, p0 bridge}
15:08:30__Bilgusunless uhc handles something else besides uart
15:10:20speachywhat I want is to give DMA the highest priority
15:11:29__Bilgusnone of those give dma preffered priority
15:12:36speachybut we're not bus-starved
15:13:19__Bilgusno? I was under the impression that why the glitches happen under high load
15:14:49speachyI'm only considering audio glitches for the moment; I think that's entirely due to interrupt processing delays (from heavy loads)
15:15:34speachy(for reasons as yet to be determined..)
15:16:02speachynow audio dma dropout shouldn't cause the hangs/crashes we were also seeing. I don't have a theory for that.
15:17:04__Bilgusunfortunately there is no specific thing that made it better either it seems oh just got a crash'
15:17:32johnb2Just installed current HEAD. The clicks are gone for me!
15:17:35speachyfor me the crashes were nearly always following audio artifacts
15:18:06__Bilgusit was after 5 mins of cube with audio artifacts constant
15:18:46speachy__Bilgus: for me the crashes tended to be pretty rapid
15:19:00speachybut −− I have another theory about that now, in hindsight
15:19:14speachyrelating to the caching patch I just updated
15:19:37__Bilgusoh you haven't pushed that yet have you
15:19:48__Bilgusso lets see if I can repro then switch to that
15:20:02speachynot yet, but it's already outlasted its previous iteration by a factor of 10, under heavy load too.
15:21:25speachyI think the critical change was changing the inline ASM definition of SYNC_WB from "sync" to "sync":::"memory"
15:22:10speachyto tell GCC that it can clobber memory
15:23:00speachyand therefore to treat it as a proper memory barrier
15:23:29__Bilgusoh I didn't catch that change
15:23:36speachyjust added
15:24:34__Bilgusnice that could be our smoking gun
15:24:42speachyyeah, I think it very well could be
15:27:14 Quit Moarc_ (Quit: i znowu NADMUCHAŁ BALONA)
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15:33:41 Quit johnb2 (Quit: Nettalk6 -
15:35:35fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision 0cb162a, 280 builds, 9 clients.
15:35:47__Bilgusok I can get a crash at head eventually seemingly randomly i'll try 2709 now
15:35:51speachyok, it's in. after some tab excisions
15:40:29speachy... SD-over-USB writes seem to be a bit faster with this too.
15:40:35speachyhmm, this is freaky.
15:40:43speachyI've lost all buttons but power
15:42:34__Bilgusreboot and it'll be back
15:42:38speachythe button rework might have a missing corner case.
15:42:52__Bilgusthats what I mentioned yesterday but when i recompiled it was gone
15:43:04__Bilgusnah I got it prior to that
15:43:13speachyfirst time I ever had something like that happen
15:43:14__Bilgusits random as well
15:43:30__Bilgus1 in 10 probably
15:43:55__Bilgusbut only from rolo'
15:44:22speachythis happened when paused on the main menu with the screen off
15:44:36speachyhit power, it resumed, screen, everything working, just no buttons
15:45:12__Bilgushmm thats new
15:45:54__Bilgushopefully its reproducible
15:46:19 Join livvy [0] (~livvy@gateway/tor-sasl/livvy)
15:46:27__Bilgusmaybe it missed the IRQ reint?
15:50:15__Bilgusoh its my fault I see it
15:50:20speachyI think the problem is L133
15:51:58fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 982 seconds.
15:52:00fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision 0cb162a result: 5 errors 2 warnings
15:52:01__BilgusI think its 285
15:52:20speachyah yes
15:52:27__Bilguswhen I messed with the pins during adc read it messed it up
15:52:43__Bilgusand being that its set to input atm that fits
15:55:36 Join cockroach [0] (~blattodea@pdpc/supporter/active/cockroach)
15:57:24speachyso about L133 (ish), if KEY_INT is asserted, only BUTTON_POWER or BUTTON_NONE is possible? (KEY_INT is asserted for all keys?)
15:57:36speachy(all keys otehr than POWER, that is)
15:58:21__Bilgusyes INT does everything but hold and power
15:58:53__BilgusBOP only does back option Play but it supplies then through the divider that gets read at INT
15:59:45__Bilgusthats why I thought they might have it hooked up to the ADC as a toch interface but no
16:03:02__Bilgushmm not able to reproduce with either setting but i did start getting glitches in the data
16:04:08__Bilgusstatic sounds as cpu load goes up and now a TLB crash
16:07:58__Bilgussomething something memset
16:08:07__Bilgusbut whos calling you
16:08:47speachyyou might want to try pulling in g#2729.
16:09:41fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision 48a2b80, 280 builds, 9 clients.
16:09:42speachyI doubt it has any bearing on the crash but it might help with the audio breakups. It's what I'm using now
16:10:10__Bilgusi'm adding in CPu load in the sound menu with the EQ dither etc.
16:10:25speachyseems prudent
16:11:34speachyyeah, SD writes are definitely faster now; they're scrolling by faster than before
16:11:56speachy(unzipping the file over USB..)
16:12:45__BilgusAh gotcha HASS surround with timestretch ON
16:14:31__BilgusOh turn on timestretch first then hass
16:14:31speachywell, that would do it!
16:15:07__Bilgushmm theres something with the menu for timestretch too
16:15:27__Bilgusit has static so its probably one of those menus that sets the value every refresh
16:23:21fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 820 seconds.
16:23:23fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision 48a2b80 result: 5 errors 2 warnings
16:24:11speachywhoops, I missed that red.
16:26:27fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision 9a28912, 280 builds, 9 clients.
16:39:39fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 793 seconds.
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17:07:47__Bilgusspeachy on the IRQ handler patch I see where you short circuited the priority for the dma etc but have you looked at the asm?
17:08:41__Bilgusit seems like unless the compiler is good you should probably skip the switch and just return directly, then you don't need to copy IRQ either
17:10:01__Bilgus if (ipl0 & 1<<IRQ_DMAC0) { ipl0 &= ~(1<<IRQ_DMAC0); return __dmac_get_irq() + IRQ_DMA_0;
17:13:07 Quit Oksana (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
17:27:56 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
17:29:53speachyI didn't try too hard to optimize cycles out of there.
17:30:46speachyI have some pretty heavy IRQ rework started, and part of that code is going to get pulled into asm anyway
17:34:13__Bilgusok I was wondering if you had an idea yet it sounds like you do
17:59:40__Bilgusspeachy I've been listening to it for a while now and I still hear a bit of crackle at track change but I tell you what no underruns till I did plugins and no crashes so far
17:59:59*speachy nods.
18:02:26__Bilgushmm new one stopping a song with the power button leaves the audio going for a moment with a 40 hz tick or so
18:02:58 Quit sakax (Remote host closed the connection)
18:03:09speachyare you using that 2729 patch? it ups the playback buffer size a bit
18:03:40__Bilgusyes oh am I hearing uninitd audio data?
18:04:21speachyI think ultimately we'll either have to put in double-buffering at the PCM HW API layer or completely rework the IRQ stuff.
18:05:20speachyPossibly.. I don't know if the pcmbuf is initialized fully. that buffer size bump was an experiment.
18:05:20__Bilgusnot or lol
18:07:08__Bilgusuh oh the adc didn't stabalize before the battery log picked up 0xFFF as the voltage level 9+ v lol Really full battery
18:07:20speachywhoops. :)
18:07:31__BilgusI was setting the initial value to 6DD but
18:08:40__Bilgusyep wiped it out in between patches
18:12:37__Bilgusweird maybe that initial read takes longer than the timeout
18:29:08speachyI saw something like this when I cut out a bit that wasn't documented
18:38:18 Quit __Bilgus (Remote host closed the connection)
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22:00 the linux jz47xx pcm driver does a double-buffered DMA approach with >= 256 bytes/buffer.
22:17:30 Quit livvy (Remote host closed the connection)
22:25:09__BilgusI'll admit I didn't pay very close attention to the specs are we that tight on ram?
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22:41:35 Join ac_laptop [0] (~ac_laptop@
22:58:49__Bilguswell I finally tracked down what was causing the adc to fail on ROLO
22:59:37__Bilgusthe KEY_INT pin was never set explicitly to input
23:00:18__Bilgusmaybe the gpios glitch?
23:11:37 Quit TheSeven (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
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