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#rockbox log for 2020-09-06

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07:06:55fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision af24ff1, 280 builds, 7 clients.
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07:14:41johnb2the Xduoo X3ii is back down at 95 bucks at banggood. That about what I had paid for it.
07:20:56fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 841 seconds.
07:20:58fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision af24ff1 result: All green
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08:07:00johnb2speachy : Looking at I have the impression the real display area is wider than the "window" in the screen. Is it only partially used or is my thinking wrong?
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08:49:27speachyjohnb2: I can't comment on that photo, but the full display definitely shows through the window on the units I've seen.
08:52:42johnb2My replacement screen arrived. I am going to tackle it in the next days. I thougt about disassembling it instead of prying the screen out with razor blades. Do you have any advice / caveat when taking out the PCB? Just be careful with the volume buttons?
08:53:38speachy>johnb2 there's an ebay seller with a bunch for about $80 shipped.
08:54:07speachyhuh, down to 8 left
08:54:21johnb2x3ii or x3?
08:55:33speachythere's anotehr ebay seller in Hong Kong that has another 8, but they want $120 shipped
08:55:46johnb2yeah, but shipping to EU is another 20 bucks. I got mine off *bay marketplace for 40 Euros.
08:57:24speachyfedex seems to not understand how to ring a doorbell. they "attempted delivery" twice so far, the second time I actually saw them park in the driveway and then leave again without ever coming to the door.
08:57:50speachythis is my digikey order with the volume buttons I'd hoped to install this weekend
08:58:45johnb2As I mentioned earlier, the x3ii is again cheaper (and I could get it without additional customs charge from within EU), but I already have too many players.
09:04:19speachyspeaking of the x3ii, I generated a rockbox'd variation of the sinux customized firmware
09:05:41speachyoddly enough, I've found I really don't like the x3ii's button layout. and the UI is still annoyingly laggy/slow.
09:07:09johnb2As for the keys, I got used to the layout.
09:07:16speachyI'm suspecting that work on the underlying platform/os is going to be necessary to really improve the rockbox experience on that thing. though there's still plenty to be done within rockbox itself
09:07:55speachyjohnb2: I have the screen replacement for the x3 too, was intending to do it at the same time as the buttons. :/
09:08:21speachyjust be careful; the primary danger with shearing off the buttons comes from reassembly.
09:08:42johnb2Ah, good to know.
09:09:07speachybut if you have access to a heat gun (or maybe just a hair dryer) then going in through the front makes the most sense IMO
09:09:17speachy(to soften the adhesive, I mean)
09:09:58speachyheh, it's a shame I had to throw that tube of black RTV.. it would have worked well for securing the new screen in a way that didn't look crappy.
09:11:51speachythe x3ii has nearly double the raw oomph of the x3, and doesn't rely on a bitbanged display, yet subjectively feels much slower. c'est la vie.
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