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#rockbox log for 2020-09-08

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10:04:31speachyjust had the ROLO-lose-buttons hit me again
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10:37:47fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision e18c2f3, 280 builds, 7 clients.
10:40:33speachyanother potential power saving I'm looking at (while $dayjob compiles yet again..) is what signaling voltage we're using on the SD pins
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10:49:19__BILGUS_I'd be happy if I could stay on freenode for more than 5 minutes :/
10:50:58__BILGUS_the sd would probably benefit from the fast slew rate as well
10:51:08speachyhmm, the MSC and NAND shares a common I/O voltate rail (VDDIOn) but it's not clear if there's any way to change that.
10:51:15speachysince it's externally supplied
10:52:11__BILGUS_although I wish they outlined just what the caveats are
10:54:28speachywell, those package pins share that same rail, so anything GPIO on those pins will also be affected
10:55:02__BILGUS_it says per pin not per port
10:55:46speachybut it's proably a moot point unless the X3's PCB power regulation is controllable.
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10:56:38__BILGUS_oh sorry two different tracks
10:57:28__BILGUS_I think at this point the X3 is almost good enough to take out as a daily driver
10:57:31speachyI think we're pretty much maxing out the SD interface with how things are clocked
10:57:41__BILGUS_I haven't had ANY crashes
10:57:42speachyit can go faster than any card I've plugged into it
10:58:30__BILGUS_whats the fastest card you've put in class 10?
10:58:32speachythe transfer bottlenecks are structural to rockbox's SD layer. and possibly the X3's USB code too.
10:59:00__BILGUS_tbh I always found slower cards to have less issues
10:59:00speachyUHS-1, but since the X3 doesn't do UHS it's a class10 card. clocks at 25MHz w/ 4bit signaling.
11:01:08__BILGUS_as far as the SD rockbox isn't really going to need that speed but if we can get the USB speed up it might pretty great
11:03:55__BILGUS_are you using test disk to quantify the results?
11:04:04speachyI can only hit 6.3MB/s sustained read speeds via USB.
11:04:31speachyI accidently nuked the storage test log from my last run but IIRC it was over 10MB/s for larger block sizes.
11:05:47__BILGUS_I'm at like 6 mb/s on the larger ones but this is a Class 4 card
11:06:05speachythis same card can easily sustain 20MB/s writes in a dedicated card reader
11:07:49__BILGUS_hmm I wonder how much of that is overhead from the DMA
11:09:40speachyour SD and USB stacks aren't optimized for speed.
11:19:46fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 2519 seconds.
11:19:48fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision e18c2f3 result: 3 errors 0 warnings
11:20:59__BILGUS_oh something about mikmod?
11:21:51speachy...huh? in a random simulator build that's been okay for for a couple dozen or so builds?
11:22:06__BILGUS_probably a builder problem I imagine
11:22:33speachyyeah. two builds prior to that the same builder was successful
11:23:59speachyjust looked at the raw log file, nothing more in there either. so I'm blaming this on a solar flare.
11:31:54speachyok, new volume buttons have arrived, in their teeny SMD glory
11:34:05__BILGUS_oh so you actually ripped them off the board
11:34:47__BILGUS_I thought you meant you broke the button covers hope the traces survive
11:35:07speachyno, the bits that actually contact the physical buttons got sheared off. the actual switch is intact
11:36:25__BILGUS_I picked up some 'electronics' flux from china that was clearly acid based ate the traces in a few months
11:36:53speachythese should have been delivered last week but I guess the fedex guy is afraid of spiders
11:37:46__BILGUS_I've seen some of the spiders in FL not sure if thats a affront on his bravery or just confirmation
11:39:22speachyI'm being generous. On Friday I saw the truck pull in, then back out a minute later, without ever coming up to the door.
11:40:04speachywe have some pretty large golden orb weavers around the house, but I do make sure the front path and door are clear.
11:40:54speachysome of the larger ladies have >5" legspans.
11:41:25__BILGUS_yep thats a big freakin spider
11:42:27speachywe have so many, and they get so large, because they have an endless supply of food. :)
11:43:41speachyfood that is attracted to the lit windows at night
11:55:13speachyok, for the record do not use hot air to reflow the new buttons
12:03:08__BILGUS_melted em?
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12:43:06speachyalso swapped out the display window while I was at it.
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12:45:14speachyalas one of the volume buttons ended up slightly skewed. wasn't worth removing as it works.
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15:00:57johnb4how did the screen replacement work out? Can you post a picture?
15:09:20fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 6f13fe7, 280 builds, 7 clients.
15:22:22speachyvastly brighter, but otherwise unremarkable. a slightly thicker screen would have been preferable.
15:29:09speachyI'd made it a very tight fit, held in place by friction, but I used a little bit of black RTV silicone to secure it just in case.
15:31:06speachyif I'd been slightly more clever I'd have masked off the actual display area and then filled everything else in with the RTV. I'll do that if (when?) it comes time to replace it again.
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18:02:12braewoodsspeachy: does the topic request to not leave actually work?
18:02:38speachyno idea
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18:17:17FijiWHi! I've been working on an iPod Video theme recently and I've been struggling to figure out how to use the ConvTTF tool. I asked a friend of mine to convert the font for me but some characters weren't displaying correctly, so I want to try converting it myself.
18:22:12FijiWMore specifically, the missing characters are regular and square brackets. Some of my music uses these in the title, so it makes for some unusual sorting when they're not visible.
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20:12:24speachyFijiW: I'm of no help on that subject, sorry.
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