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#rockbox log for 2020-09-09

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13:33:00JoshuaHey there any devs on? I need help with something
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13:34:13Guest93341Anybody here
13:35:44Guest93341I've created a new firmware and edited the source code to change the vid and pid
13:36:02Guest93341And i need help figuring out how to select the firmware on rockbox to install it
13:41:47Guest93341It's so my usb connection can be detected on my cars radio as mass USB and not ipod
13:51:55Guest93341Email me at any fixed or tutorials for windows 10 please
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19:54:42josh24corHey guys! i need some help with my iPod classic 6th gen.
19:54:42josh24corwrite the new firmware on my iPod? or if somebody could compile me one that would work as a mass USB storage device (USB)
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20:21:15alexbobpI don't understand the question josh24cor
20:30:55josh24corchange the vendor id so when i plug it in, its not "ipod" but shown as a usb device to my cars stereo
20:31:04josh24corso i can red all my songs thru usb
20:32:06alexbobphuh, your car refuses to read it as a mass storage device because of the vendor id?
20:32:18alexbobpcar audio system firmwares are so obnoxious...
20:32:53alexbobpwell that does seem possible to spoof. I don't know for sure.
20:34:59josh24coryeah i have the custom build i made for it
20:35:40josh24cori need to find a way to write it to my ipod but no idea how thru rockbox, you cant point to the location, it just downloads the bootloader automatically
20:38:11speachyif you compiled it then all you need to do is take the zipfile that's built and unzip it into the root directory of the ipod
20:39:47josh24corhow do i do that? i have folders like (android, apps, backdrops, bootloader, debian, docs, firmware, flash, fonts, gdb, icons, lib etc
20:40:58josh24cori did compile it on linux but once i have it compiled not sure what to do
20:41:06josh24corkinda stops at the end after all the commands
20:41:07speachymake zip
20:41:17speachyit creates a file called ''
20:42:27josh24corOr, If building for a Coldfire target (Iriver H100, H300; Iaudio M / X, MPIO):
20:42:33josh24corwhich one would i choose?
20:42:49josh24corohh nvm
20:42:59josh24corthanks for the link i will investigate and compile
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20:46:49josh24corawesome compiling now!
20:47:17alexbobpreminds me of a usb related idea I had for rockbox a while ago, but never actually did >_>
20:47:52josh24corim running ubuntu right now on windows 10, once i have the file compiled how do i actually get the zip out of there? XD or on the ipod?
20:49:40josh24cori have
20:51:40speachyhowever you transfer files out of the VM
20:52:25josh24corno idea i followed instructions from rockbox to download ubuntu from the microsoft store i will dig more hahaha
20:52:42Galoiscp /mnt/c/
20:53:54josh24corcannot create regular file '/mnt/c/': permission denied
20:54:17speachyadd 'sudo' to that?
20:54:39josh24corwere getting somewhere
20:54:47josh24corsorry, try again.
20:55:00josh24coryeah same error
20:55:04Galoiscp /mnt/c/Documents\ and\ Settings/USERNAME
20:55:16Galoisreplace USERNAME with your windows username
20:55:34Galoisif unsure: ls /mnt/c/Documents\ and\ Settings/
20:56:23josh24cori think that worked
20:56:45Galoisok it's in C:\Users\USERNAME
20:57:08josh24corthank you so much Galois
20:57:51josh24cortime to test it out
21:00:04josh24corokay so i replaced .rockbox, i will have to test it in the car later to see if it worked many thankjs again
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21:13:14joshuaits me again
21:13:19joshualast question
21:13:37 Nick joshua is now known as Guest7019 (8ea78203@
21:14:07Guest7019so i edited the ipodvideo.h but when i wrote the code to actuallly select it and add it it gave me an error i forgot the code i had to write
21:15:10Guest7019git commit i think it was
21:16:28Guest7019git commit , ir returns please tell me who you are'
21:17:34Guest7019i did git add filename firmware/export/config/ipodvideo.h then the next step was to do git commit
21:19:29speachy...okay? so your question is..?
21:20:00Guest7019it returns please tell me who you are
21:20:08Guest7019when i do git commit
21:20:25speachyyou don't need to commit things in order to do builds
21:20:25Guest7019i dont think thats the way its supposed to run
21:20:26 Join atrt7 [0] (~atrt7@
21:20:49Guest7019the simple edit will do and apply in my build if i saved ipodvideo.h?
21:21:13speachyand yes, it will
21:21:39Guest7019okay thanks im in a dead end then since i tried and didnt work in my car, i will try different vendor ids
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22:17:01braewoodsspeachy: interesting. i'm getting faster write speeds in a different PP port... the philips gogear hdd1630.
22:17:21braewoodslike 10 mb/s peak at points
22:17:33braewoodsafter i performed the cf mod
22:19:41braewoodsdidn't know the original microdrives were so much slower than flash based CF
22:20:01braewoodsthen again i guess not surprising given the size.
22:20:42speachyactually it depends −− microdrives compared favorably to typical CF cards of their day, at least when it came to sequential read/write
22:21:25speachy(microdrives were also much cheaper than equivalent amounts of flash too)
22:21:37speachy(if equivalent amounts were even possible)
22:22:03braewoodsi just replaced the original microdrive of the unit with a modern 32GB CF card.
22:22:12braewoods6GB to 32GB
22:22:16speachybut eventually flash got dense enough, and cheap enough, to render the entire microdrive approach irrelevent.
22:22:23braewoodsreads went up about 3.5x in my tests
22:22:45braewoodswrites about 4x to a peak of 13 MB/s in bulk aligned writes
22:23:40braewoodsspeachy: i noticed rockbox only seems to ever use UDMA 2 even though PP is supposedly capable of UDMA 4. any ideas why?
22:24:44braewoodsi mean the spec sheet for 5020 and 5022 says it can do ATA/66 which is UDMA 4...
22:24:49speachynot sure offhand; IIRC the ata code parses out the identity info and use the highest speed possible
22:25:04braewoodsI see.
22:25:44braewoodsjust interesting to see how you can upgrade these ancient mp3 players where you can't really with modern ones because the storage is usually soldered
22:25:54braewoodsat best you can use an addon sd card
22:26:54braewoodsi just wish i could turn off the button LEDs on the gogear... i wonder if there's a setting for that.
22:26:55speachybraewoods: MAX_ATA_UDMA is restricted based on the max cpu clock speed. see firmware/target/arm/pp/ata-target.h
22:27:27braewoodsi see.
22:27:39braewoodsso it won't go beyond 2 because the PP cpu is 80 or 100 mhz only
22:28:09speachymore or less, yep. according to the comment to use UDMA4 the cpu needs to be boosted and it only gains about 10%
22:28:30speachybut that would have applied to the spinning rust drives, not flash replacements
22:29:03braewoodsjust strange i don't see anything close to saturation of the usb 2.0 interface
22:29:07speachybut there are probably clock divider restrictions in play that effectively cap UDMA speeds.
22:29:09braewoodsi guess hardware limits
22:29:23braewoodsi mean, i see it for reads but not writes
22:29:58braewoodsspeachy: am i correct in thinking that CF microdrives are basically dead? i can't see any new ones being produced.
22:30:05speachythe final ipod classics have UDMA4 enabled; they also have a considerably faster SoC and much faster drives than earlier generations
22:30:29speachybraewoods: the ipod minis were the last real hurrah of the microdrive.
22:30:30braewoodsah. they left PP behind?
22:30:33 Join t0mato [0] (~t0mato@
22:30:54speachyyeah, they moved to a samsung SoC
22:31:04braewoodsi don't think rockbox has any ports for that?
22:31:37braewoodsOh. It does but marked unstable.
22:31:39speachyit encompasses the ipod "classic" (ie 6/7G) and nano 1g/2g IIRC.
22:32:29speachyI recall reading that the most bestest PP player was the one packard bell put out.
22:32:52braewoodshow well does rockbox work with modern codecs on the limited PP SoC?
22:32:52speachyused the most performant/capble/bugfixed PP variant
22:33:04braewoodse.g., opus
22:33:29speachyIIRC 1st-gen PPs (500x) can't handle the more intensive codecs in realtime. 2nd-gen can handle everything, but only barely.
22:33:46braewoodsand opus is more intensive?
22:34:12braewoodsi assume flac is too.
22:34:31speachyflac isn't bad, actually −− it's the I/O throughput requirement that's a lot higher.
22:34:34braewoodsok. that works.
22:34:45braewoodsbut with a CF card it should be fast enough.
22:35:34speachythat page only has the 502x PP though.
22:36:16speachy(the 500x had nominally the same clock rate but there was a flaw that effectively halved its actual performance)
22:37:54speachybasically I think you can assume anything in the PP502x list that's under 200% realtime won't cut it on the 502x. Worse if you turn on DSP functions like the equalizer, surround, etc etc.
22:41:04Lonoxmontmy ipod video 5.5g handles just about anything i throw at it in rockbox but .ape files
22:41:21Lonoxmontidk whats up with them but it just doesnt work well
22:41:31Lonoxmontkind of locks up the ipod until i can get it to skip the song
22:42:40speachyLonoxmont: according to that (now decade-old) codec comparison page, larger bitrate ape files can't be done in realtime on the PP502x
22:43:24Lonoxmontyeah that explains a lot
22:43:49speachyscales pretty linearly, actually. (it's not the bitrate, it's the nominal compression level)
22:43:49Lonoxmontits some kind of classical music iirc, so its gonna have a hueg bitrate whether it needs it or not
22:43:51Lonoxmont( ≖‿≖)
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22:44:30speachyanything over c2000 is a lost cause
22:44:57Lonoxmonti have no idea how it was encoded, i got it somewhere else
22:45:06Lonoxmonti dont really remember where actually :B
22:57:24fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 14c2f55, 280 builds, 7 clients.
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23:14:34fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 1029 seconds.
23:14:36fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 14c2f55 result: All green
23:42:15braewoodsi wonder if opus is worth using... you can get much greater compression ratios than mp3 but...
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