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#rockbox log for 2020-09-10

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00:09:55Guest3263quick question for the ipod 6th gen 120gb (mb565c)
00:10:07Guest3263i have a iflash quad in there
00:10:28Guest3263whats the max capacity i can use for itunes, am i really capped at 128gb?
00:10:55atrt7itunes is capped at 128
00:11:15Guest3263so if i put 200gb itunes would only say 128gb?
00:12:04Guest3263thanks saved me a bunch of money hahaha dont plan on using rockbox as it doesnt work for my needs but at least i ton buy 4x 256gb sd cards haha
00:12:10Guest3263saves me money knowing that
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00:12:42atrt7yea that's why 160 gb ipods are so valuable. yw
00:13:06Guest3263apparently 5.5 gen is the best for that
00:13:22Guest3263can shove like 2tb
00:13:28atrt75th gen and 5.5 sound the same btw
00:13:40Guest3263any major differences?
00:14:36atrt7nope 5th gen and 5.5 sound the same according to the main audiophile on the r/ipod discord server
00:14:47Guest3263nice nice
00:15:10Guest3263i got a steal for my ipod 6.5 i found it for 30$
00:15:27atrt7where did u get it from
00:15:37Guest3263i went on facebook marketplace local old guy who sold it
00:15:43Guest3263the battery is swelled up
00:15:53atrt7nice I've only been scammed on fb marketplace lol
00:15:59Guest3263the hard drive was shot too
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00:16:23atrt7aw that sucks but ig it doesn't matter so much since u got the iflash
00:16:27Guest3263i ordered those chunky batteries you can fit in there and a new case
00:16:43Guest3263i tore mine apart trying to open it hahaha
00:16:55Guest3263the metal frame is bent up
00:16:58atrt7ye I have a 3000 mah batt in my 7th gen but they are really more close to 2k mah
00:17:14Guest3263how long battery life can i expect?
00:17:21Guest3263i hear like 72 hours
00:17:26atrt7I get days yea
00:17:44atrt7yea opening those ipods are difficult I've cut myself before
00:17:44Guest3263thats crazy compared to smartphones lmao
00:17:52atrt7yea lol
00:17:54Guest3263do u have a 6th gen too?
00:18:24atrt7I also have a 6th gen 80 gb
00:18:46Guest3263im guessing u had to cut that notch for the 3000 mah?
00:18:52Guest3263off the metal
00:19:13atrt7nope there is a thin version of the batt that fits just fine in my 160 gb thin
00:19:35Guest3263oh really? i ordered this one myself
00:20:28Guest3263is this one the thin version
00:21:08atrt7yes i think so
00:21:30Guest3263sweet il have to wait and see if it fits haha
00:21:56atrt7yea hopefully it will fit
00:22:35Guest3263if not the dremel should make her fit lmao
00:23:35atrt7Do you do development on rockbox? I was looking into getting into development
00:24:11Guest3263well i tried a bunch of code, im not a pro in linux etc but i know how to edit files using vim
00:24:25Guest3263compile builds etc
00:24:56atrt7oh nice yea compiling builds is a very useful skill
00:25:12atrt7Nice to have the latest and greastest software
00:25:22atrt7direct from github
00:25:25Guest3263it took me like 1hr to learn since i knew the basics of linux from college to navigate around
00:25:46atrt7oh nice it took me like a day lol
00:26:21Guest3263but developing good luck haha no idea how to build something from scratch
00:26:39Guest3263i wish
00:27:05atrt7I am learning C and yea i was thinking about contributing to rockbox but I think it may be too complicated. I think I'm gonna do 3ds development instead at least for now
00:27:23Guest3263id make my own music player and add compatibility for car audio usb if i knew how
00:27:55Guest3263official firmware works fine in my car under ipod but on rockbox it wont work
00:28:18atrt7why can't u use an 3.5 mm aux cord?
00:28:51Guest3263i can but im big on audio quality since i have 2 sa12s in my car with 2400 watts
00:29:15Guest3263so il have to do the itunes route for usb
00:30:01Guest3263aux just clips my system too much cause of lack of quality
00:30:12atrt7oh i see. Maybe I'll look into getting that to work if I decide to contribute to rockbox it shouldn't be that difficult at least i think so lol
00:30:46Guest3263i tried to fix it and change the vendor id and pid but failed
00:31:15Guest3263make it pretend it was a mass usb device instead of a ipod
00:31:22Guest3263thats where the problem lies
00:31:32atrt7So is that all I have to change?
00:31:39Guest3263yeah thats it
00:32:02Guest3263find a pid and vid for a mp4 player or something that works fine in a car for usb
00:32:02atrt7okay that should be simple enought at least I think so
00:32:18Guest3263i tried.. but failed hahaha
00:32:35Guest3263changed the vid and pid to a usb and didnt work
00:32:40atrt7I will try and probably fail lol
00:32:55atrt7did U compile with the cross compiler and everything
00:33:16Guest3263i used ubuntu from the windows store and used this guide
00:33:43atrt7maybe it's because u used WSL
00:34:06Guest3263i used arm
00:34:09Guest3263for ipod
00:34:18atrt7i mean Windows Subsystem for Linux
00:34:23Guest3263ohh maybe
00:34:45atrt7yea I'm on manjaro so I'll try to fix it what file was it?
00:34:50Guest3263i seen a old post and they changed the vid and pid and it worked fine
00:35:00Guest3263one sec il point the file to you
00:35:14atrt7also can u give me the link to that post please?
00:35:36Guest3263yeah one second :)
00:35:39Guest3263gotta find it
00:37:39Guest3263i used ipodvideo.h tho
00:37:46Guest3263and failed
00:38:19atrt7okay what ipod version do you want this to work with the 6th gen 120?
00:39:20atrt7okay I will try to get it to work. I think it didn't work becuase u changed ipodvideo.h and ipod video is 5th gen and 5.5
00:39:45Guest3263which one do you think is the real one i should have changed?
00:40:47atrt7I honestly have no clue I will have to dig to find it
00:40:59Guest3263oh shit
00:41:04Guest3263thanks for pointing that out
00:41:11Guest3263ipod6g.h XD
00:41:29atrt7try editing that and compiling
00:41:29Guest3263lmao let me try that again
00:42:17atrt7update me when u get it tested
00:42:57Guest3263i will try right now, it will take me a couple mins since i did some changes i have to fix up on the build
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00:45:45Guest3263fixed my build now time to edit
00:47:37Guest3263ipod pids are 0x0000
00:47:51Guest3263my pids are just like 0961
00:48:04Guest3263do i have to add 0x or is that just for ipod?
00:48:23atrt7I think you probably have to add it
00:48:44Guest3263il try with the 0x
00:48:57Guest3263if it doesnt work il remove them
00:49:42atrt7yea that sounds good
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00:52:19Guest3263compilng haha cant wait to test
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00:52:34atrt7niceeee it should work
00:53:31Guest3263if it works il put 1tb on this ipod
00:53:50atrt7that sounds cool although a bit excessive lol
00:53:59atrt7i have 256 gb in my 7th gen
00:54:24atrt7i guess if u have a lot of lossless music then it's worth it
00:55:14Guest3263hehe or just want so meny space
00:55:46atrt7yea it is very cool
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00:56:22Guest3263flashing now if it works il upload it for u too
00:56:50atrt7nice if it works give me the source and compiled build
00:57:43Guest3263rockbox media player new device found
00:57:48Guest3263this looks promising
00:58:14Guest3263brb gonna go try
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01:01:28Guest3263hm still stuck on ready il try without the 0x
01:02:34atrt7ok hopefully that will work
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01:05:25Guest3263hm error for that one compiling
01:05:28Guest3263it likes the 0x
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01:05:41Guest3263il find a 0x mass usb online
01:06:19atrt7ok that sounds good
01:07:32atrt7try this VID:PID 0x054C:0x0183
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01:07:41atrt7it's for a walkman
01:08:01Guest3263sweet lemme try that
01:08:31Guest3263does it matter caps?
01:08:37Guest3263is it cap c?
01:09:52atrt7I think it's a cap c
01:10:18Guest3263okay sec
01:15:01Guest3263okay so
01:15:10Guest3263it did change the icon on wiundows
01:15:18Guest3263it looks like a usb icon
01:15:34Guest3263the only problem must be my configuration
01:16:01atrt7did it work in ur car?
01:16:24Guest3263i have two letter for my ipod each time i plug it in it says i need to format f from my ipod, but e is my ipod with all my files
01:16:32Guest3263it did show up on windows as a usb
01:16:38Guest3263so your pid and vid was right
01:16:41Guest3263and good
01:16:51Guest3263just my configuration is messed up a little
01:17:01Guest3263do u wanna try it? i ca rar it to you
01:17:21Guest3263ipod 6g
01:17:22atrt7I don't have a car to try it in lol
01:17:27Guest3263oh shit
01:17:43atrt7I mean i do but I can't start it up now
01:17:47Guest3263well i need to fix me stuff.. i have no idea why my ipod has two different drive letters..
01:18:12Guest3263the build looks solid tho
01:18:23atrt7u can try going into the disk partitioning utility on windows
01:19:42Guest3263its so weird, i have f from the ipod but it doesnt show up on disk util with a drive letter
01:20:07atrt7that is strange
01:20:23Guest3263i see 192mb healthy primary partition, and my g ipod normal drive
01:20:32Guest3263under disk 3
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01:20:48Guest3263maybe i install rockbox wrong
01:20:55atrt7maybe the pid wasn't good
01:21:07Guest3263no this has been a ongoing issue for me
01:21:15Guest3263pid and vid are perfect
01:21:21Guest3263this is just a me problem haha
01:21:25atrt7oh lol
01:22:04Guest3263can you guide me how to properly install rockbox, do i need to restore ipod before i install rockbox?
01:22:19atrt7you can try going into disk mode and reformatting there
01:22:54Guest3263in rockbox i have two drive letters
01:23:01Guest3263and in disk mode, only e
01:24:09atrt7I think the best course of action would be to open the ipod and format the sd individually
01:24:21atrt7but that's kind of a pain
01:24:24Guest3263i have mine apart thankfully
01:24:27atrt7oh nice
01:24:40Guest3263let me do that
01:25:49atrt7also when you run rockbox run it as administrator or root
01:26:03Guest3263okay will do, i never did that
01:26:09atrt7make sure to format as sd card as fat32
01:26:32Guest3263oof my formatting is off big time lmao
01:26:35Guest3263time to fix that
01:27:00atrt7glad we caught it
01:28:12Guest3263fat32 set
01:28:46Guest3263do i have to restore with itunes before doing this?
01:28:55Guest3263or go straight to rockbox
01:28:56atrt7i think so
01:29:21atrt7also go into disk mode when installing rockbox
01:29:57Guest3263yeah i think i have to restore
01:30:25atrt7yeah restore is best
01:32:52Guest3263ipod is restored
01:33:04Guest3263fat32 drive letter e only one partition
01:33:18Guest3263do i set rockbox now
01:33:40atrt7yes i think so make sure to run it as root or administrator
01:37:45atrt7did u get it installed
01:38:31Guest3263keeps giving me the same issue as soon as i install rockbox it makes two drive letters...
01:39:12atrt7very strange can u uninstall rockbox with the utility
01:39:17atrt7and then restore
01:39:40Guest3263will try
01:41:09Guest3263yeah i just removed the bootloader and now only one drive letter lmao
01:41:52atrt7have u tried it in ur car
01:42:32Guest3263yeah it didnt work with my two drives from rockbox haha its so weird this ipod acts funny.
01:42:47Guest3263no bootloader one drive letter
01:42:59Guest3263yes bootloader two drive letters
01:44:36atrt7does it works with the bootloader fixed? hopefully it does
01:44:49Guest3263bootloader is not fixed
01:45:00Guest3263still experiencing this bug
01:45:20atrt7oh that is strange
01:45:43Guest3263i will try again
01:45:49atrt7ok well i need to sleep now I'll look into this issue later
01:46:03atrt7see ya
01:46:38Guest3263see you :)
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10:34:05_BILGUSspeachy I started doing some USB transfer benchmarks using dd the write speed is 0.3kb/s? that seems so low! especially compared to read at 200+kb/s
10:34:34speachywhat block size?
10:35:38gevaertsUSB native block size is 64K. If you go smaller than that, things will be inefficient
10:35:49speachy(and that seems quite low; anectdotally I can unzip an entire averaging far faster..)
10:35:50gevaerts0.3kb/s still seems slow though
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10:36:44_BILGUSmultiple block sizes
10:36:46speachyI think the raw USB transfer block size is 512 bytes. But logical URB sizes can be much larger.
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10:37:35speachyBTW, my read tests on the X3 were about 6.3MB/s. I think I was using 64K blocks
10:37:55gevaertsWell, technically you can use any blocksize you like, but all common OSes use 64K
10:38:12gevaertsSo if you use a higher blocksize than that, it will be split to 64K blocks anyway
10:41:01speachyyou're doing file I/O though
10:41:31speachyand IIRC the "block device" layer in rockbox doesn't do write caching/combining.
10:41:59speachythe card makes a big difference too..
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10:45:36_BILGUShmm very low for this card with the clipzip too so either my method or this card reallllly sucks
10:46:46speachyif you do a raw 'dd if=/dev/sdX of=/dev/null bs=64K count=1024' what's the raw read throughput?
10:48:47_BILGUSsez 8.6 mb/s
10:56:25_BILGUSIll try sysbench next and see if I can get something comparable
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12:25:49atrt7Hey I was wondering if that guy who was trying to fix rockbox for his car got it working?
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12:35:09speachyI got the impression the answer was no
12:36:01atrt7aww that sucks. I was helping him around midnight. Apparently he has a 6th gen but he accidentally edited ipodvideo.h not ipod6g.h
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12:50:45__Bilgus_sysbench is looking pretty promising
13:04:41__Bilgus_looks like the xduoo is a bit slow on the sequential read but otherwise pretty comparable
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13:51:10speachylooks like the card kinda sucks too
13:52:18__Bilgushence its the teser card things from the days when 32gb cost $30 or so
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17:43:11josh24coranybody manage to make rockbox music files work on a cars usb radio? (not aux) (ipod classic 6th gen)
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