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#rockbox log for 2020-09-11

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09:24:13xlinkaHello I don't know if anyone still talks here.
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12:26:17atrt7xlinka: people still talk on here
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13:01:00speachy_bilgus: so any insight after all of that benchmarking?
13:01:27speachyalso would it be worth putting the script you used into the tools/ dir of the main repo?
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13:04:30_bilgusI want to make it a script yes but the dependency on sysbench might make that untenable for some
13:05:40_bilgusmy insight is that its gonna be really hard to eek out more performance from the dma code
13:06:31_bilgusyour IRQ stuff is probably going to make the most difference IMO
13:06:53speachyI have some things I'd like to try with respect to the USB driver.
13:07:20_bilgusthere also doesn't appear to be any way to set slew on non gpio pins
13:07:47speachynothing wrong with requiring sysbench, I just think it woudl be good to have a single go-to script to make comparisons easier for those that follow
13:08:59speachyI still need to finish debugging the fully-IRQ-driven SD code. (currently deadlocks)
13:09:59_bilgusPIN_USB_DRVVBUS when set top fast slew did show some improvement but not enough to break that 2% variance run to run
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13:13:08_bilgusI'll get the script thrown together in the next few days; its helpful to easily quantify these things
13:17:06speachyalso, what do you think about fs#13240
13:17:07fs-bluebot_ Missing scroll functionality on xDuoo X3 (bugs, unconfirmed)
13:19:37_bilgusits just a keymap change right? or are we already using the buttons for something else?
13:20:03speachyjust a keymap change but it would require a bit of slicing'n'dicing to do right.
13:24:24_bilgusI'll have to look close at it but I think its a good idea, I found it kinda annoying too
13:25:43_bilgusI chalked it up to a timing issue for the buttons didn't even cross my mind that it might be a mapping issue
13:26:26speachytbh I'm kinda surprised it has to be done manually for each target keymap
13:27:42_bilguswell they don't really get made too often probably more trouble to automate that
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14:02:30_bilgusLooking at the scrolling /w combo case I really don't like the xduoos layout for the buttons when trying to hit two keys with one finger
14:03:36_bilgusthats why I ditched the button combo stuff in the button system with the combos available it was no less awkward then holding the power button
14:04:04_bilgusmaybe scroll should be moved to the volume buttons w/ pwr combo
14:04:28_bilgusalthough I don't see the setting in any menus
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21:56:52speachyit's going to be simpler to just rewrite in perl than to make it python3-clean.
22:07:56fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 6b674a6, 280 builds, 7 clients.
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