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#rockbox log for 2020-09-12

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07:18:36bluebrotherspeachy: the for the translate page? That code doesn't look to complicated to move to python3 to me.
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07:55:49felanggaHello, I have ipod classic with 32gb CF. On linux it's always showing error like this "blk_update_request: I/O error, dev sdb, sector 161426 op 0x0:(READ) flags 0x84700 phys_seg 29 prio class 0"
07:56:09felanggabut when I remove the CF and using card reader, the CF seems to be fine
07:57:14felanggaWhen sync the song, the device always unmounted and mounted again
08:05:45speachybluebrother: it's a mess of byte vs char logic. I rewrote it last night. and it runs _far_ faster now too
08:06:55speachyfelangga: what rockbox version?
08:07:17felanggaspeachy: I'm using stable 3.15
08:07:33speachytry with a current daily or dev build.
08:07:49felanggaspeachy: hmm okay, I will try the dev build
08:07:57speachy(Back up your .rockbox directory first, in case you want to revert)
08:08:22felanggaFYI: when I'm using the original firmware, the sync went okay
08:13:25felanggaspeachy: still having the same issue
08:14:35speachybluebrother: I need to get the entire server-side infra python3-clean within the next couple of months.
08:15:18speachybut really, all python2 code in the tree needs to get updated or replaced...
08:16:36bluebrotheryou're aware of 2to3? That should help
08:17:00speachyfelangga: please go into the system/debug menu on your player (with the dev build firmware) and dump out a few things..
08:17:55felanggaok wait
08:18:24speachy'disk info' and 'dump ata identity info'
08:18:38speachythe latter will create a file 'identity_info.bin'
08:19:11speachyoh, and hardware info too please.
08:20:20speachybluebrother: yep. But something abut python just rubs me the wrong way. and I'm fond of perl. That probably says a lot about how my brain is wired.
08:20:57bluebrotherheh, it's the other way around for me. Never got the hang about perl. Too much write-only for me :)
08:22:15bluebrotherPerl's confusing. Python ... once you understood the idea behind it it becomes pretty clear and consistent. At least for me.
08:22:18speachypy2 vs py3 is generally straightforward, but string manipulation can potentially be a big headache. py3 was barfing on some of the lang files not having clean utf-8 and I was having to add all sorts of hacky things in there to even diagnose what was going wrong.
08:22:35bluebrotherbut then again I guess that's rather subjective anyway.
08:24:11felanggaspeachy: where doest the dump file go ?
08:24:13speachybluebrother: I've found that "the python way of doing things" doesn't scale into maintainable codebases. Very hard to un-train that way of thinking from folks for whom python was their first language.
08:25:17speachybut then I mostly exist on the deeply embedded side of the software spectrum. :)
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08:25:59speachyperl was written by a linguist, and perl vs python can be summed up as the old 'decriptivist' vs 'prescriptivist' approach to language
08:27:05bluebrotherthe problem is that people need to understand the (sometimes pretty different) ways different languages approach things. But that happens for all kind of languages.
08:27:58bluebrotherlike seeing c++ code that is actually c. Or sometimes even the other way around. And while an oop approach in c can make sense the problem is when it's forced in for problems where it doesn't fit.
08:28:02bluebrotherseen that quite a bit.
08:28:18felanggaspeachy: that;s the identity_info.bin
08:28:35bluebrotherbtw, I'm originating in embedded / c development :)
08:28:40speachybluebrother: I hate C++ with a deep undying passion
08:28:45bluebrotherthough not that much embedded or c anymore these days
08:29:05speachythere have been something like three C++ codebases I've seen that didn't make me want to gouge my eyes out
08:29:14bluebrotherimo the problem isn't c++ itself. The problem is how it's (often) used.
08:29:16speachythe rest (especially the commercial ones) ...
08:29:47bluebrotheras for commercial ones I've seen my fair share of ... "interesting" C codebases too :)
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08:30:15speachyI blame a lot of the real-world awfulness of C++ on microsoft, actually. their tooling tended to encourage stuff that wouldn't fly anywhere else.
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08:30:55bluebrotherwell, there are a couple of other problems. Like letting unexperienced developers to stuff that is widely used, without supervision or the like.
08:31:17speachyto do well, C++ requires a very high skill/discipline level.
08:31:24bluebrotherand in my experience unexperienced developers tend to favor complicated approaches. Cool, it's complex! Let's use that!
08:31:27speachyand as much as I dislike C++, QT is _very_ nice.
08:31:30bluebrothertrue, true.
08:32:02bluebrotherthe longer you do software the more you try to stay away from complexity. At least that's true for me :)
08:32:29bluebrotherbut then you often have this overly complex legacy codebase you cannot easily replace, if at all.
08:32:51bluebrotherso yeah, there is a problem to that. Though I don't think it's the (main) fault of the language.
08:32:59speachyamen. what's the saying? if you write code as complicated as you can, you're by definition not smart enough to debug it?
08:33:19bluebrothersomething like that :)
08:33:27speachyfelangga: thank you.
08:33:52bluebrotherI'm a huge fan of the Zen of Python
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08:34:23bluebrotherthough I'm not completely sure if I agree with that namespace statement. Seen too many unnecessary (and useless) namespaces used, especially in c++.
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08:37:01speachyfelangga: I'm not going to be able to dig into this immediately though. the weather is nice outside and I have a lot to get done before the rain comes down in buckets again
08:38:34felanggaspeachy: oh okay, thank you
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08:47:28speachyfelangga: I suspect aggressive power management isn't agreeing with the card. but I need to check what it claims to support first. can you get screenshots of the other stuff I asked for though?
08:51:33felanggaspeachy: okay, but right now it won't mounted again. I need to reformat using card reader again
08:52:17felanggaspeachy: is it possible the usb cable is broken?
08:52:33felanggaspeachy: I'm using iflash for the CF adapter
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09:27:31felanggaspeachy: someone already had this issue before
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13:30:32toruvinnspeachy, perl isnt that different from python except for readability. it's much faster though. ;-)
13:31:09toruvinnoh and python i sactually less forgiving, which is a good thing imo.
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14:49:25speachytoruvinn: perl and I go way back. :)
15:36:19speachythe perl one is now live. runtime is ~3.5s vs ~30s for the python2 code, and it's doing more work too.
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16:57:45_bilgushas anyone seen any reference to the tree scrolling buttons in the manuals?
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17:41:48_bilgusso for the XDUOO X3 I'm thinking i'll emulate multiple button presses
17:43:01_bilgusit won't get me repeat and release events and it'll be limited in the pressing order but its very simple to emulate
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20:22:46speachy_bilgus: you're going to need to fix up a pile of plugin keymaps too
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22:47:52_bilgusreally that shouldn't bother them a bit
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22:54:30_bilgusoh speachy I was reading in the source that the adc shared a clock with something else, any ideas?
22:54:43_bilgusshould say 'something else'
22:57:17speachyThe SADC base clock is hanging directly off the XTAL.
22:57:54speachyIIRC the AIC and UART also share that clock.
22:58:54speachy(the I2S clock is used for the actual audio output to the codec, and it's driven off PLL1)
22:59:17speachyI think the USB peripheral also has some dependency on that too.
23:04:08speachy13.2.2 of the PM
23:06:32speachyI take that back; it affects everything on the APB. bit 31.
23:08:17_bilgusso you'd think that the device wouldn't even run if that clock wern't working
23:08:48speachythe -40's SADC is different from the -60
23:09:34speachyIIRC it can operate up into the 2MHz range (instead of 200K max that the -60 does)
23:09:36_bilgusit appears this works for both
23:10:50_bilgusthe device in question has been both processors and I don't see another adc source file not that there isn't
23:11:11speachythe only control we have over the ADC's source clock is whether to devide the XTAL by 2 or not.
23:11:31speachydivide. gah. late.
23:11:31_bilgusCustom Kernel for RS-97 Hardware (JZ4760)
23:12:10speachy(within the ADC itself we can clock-gate things, but that's it)
23:12:55_bilgushmm the search continues for rolo no-adc I suppose maybe it'll fall out at some point
23:13:14speachythis afternoon I completely lost all keyboard usage.
23:13:53speachyturns out one of my repaired vol buttons got bumped just the wrong way and jammed down.
23:14:07speachywas a bit of a WTF-is-going-on moment.
23:14:27_bilgusyeah and they have the highest priority too
23:14:31speachyAlso I can say that the clear display screen makes the player (finally) usable in sunlight.
23:17:35_bilgusthe multiple keys thing all I can figure is there are diodes involved
23:21:49_bilguswell crap don't need to mess with the plugins for the multibutton emulation but damned if I don't have to to change all the BUTTON_POWER REFERENCES to BUTTON_PWRALT
23:22:28_bilgusI found out using button power for anything with button_repeat ends in a shut down
23:26:18_bilgusthis patch should make it much better I moved the scrolling stuff to PLAY / PREV|NEXT
23:26:47_bilgusi was able to get it about 9/10 but the order of presses does matter
23:27:02_bilgusprev/next have higher priority than play
23:31:27_bilguswell so far the plugins all use BUTTON+POWER singly sure there are a few in here
23:31:54speachythere are several
23:32:06speachylook in the manual :)
23:34:29speachyI still need to finish generating plugin screenshots and filling in the missing manual keymap entries, but I do recall several POWER combos.
23:36:23_bilgusthat should work now too!
23:36:32speachyI didn't get to that one yet
23:36:42_bilgusthis patch should fix it
23:36:44speachyI've had to make a few fixes to keymaps along the way..
23:36:58_bilguslet me make sure they show properly
23:37:52_bilguswell yes and no home has to be pressed first which is slightly annoying with play being under your thumb
23:38:18_bilgusmeh works well enough
23:38:37speachyI'm going to turn into a pumpkin now.
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