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#rockbox log for 2020-09-13

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08:41:52mutaxHey, I just updated by iRiver H120 after some years to the latest Release and now it wont play any of the mp3's any more, skips over them and I can't figure out why. Any hints what may have caused that? I did a manual install in linux, deleting the .iriver directory first.
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08:54:31speachythis happens with the actual 3.15 release binaries?
08:54:50speachyand which release were you using previously?
08:56:04speachy(oh, that should have been .rockbox)
08:56:35mutaxah, I think I found the culprit
08:56:38speachyif I had to guess here I'd say the codecs didn't get unzipped into the right place
08:56:48mutaxIts still booting into 3.13 because I think I flashed the 3.13
08:56:54speachythat would do it!
08:57:20mutaxso 3.15 is in the .rockbox folder but not being bootet into
09:13:56mutax[x] flashed. working. sorry for the noise
09:14:18mutax(and thank you for that great piece of Software)
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12:23:26fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision c62493e, 280 builds, 7 clients.
12:28:37_bilgusOk tree scrolling is now implemented and the emulated buttons seem to work pretty well too should make the plugins that require a lot of buttons a little easier to 'port'
12:34:56toruvinnspeachy, yeah python is ridiculous speed-wise. i believe shell scripts may be faster. ;-)
12:37:04speachy_bilgus: is tree scrolling in the manual?
12:38:41_bilgusI never found it in any targets that support it
12:39:01_bilgusand the setting is hidden for the with/wothout combo parts aswell
12:39:07*speachy nods.
12:40:32_bilgusthe notes are in the commit and in the keymap as well but jist is that higher butto priorities should be used as your button and lower priority as the prereq
12:41:16_bilgusoh and power is now PWRALT if in a button combo
12:41:31_bilgussorry BUTTON_POWER BUTTON_PWRALT
12:42:19speachyyeah, I saw
12:44:29fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 1263 seconds.
12:44:32fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision c62493e result: All green
12:44:49_bilgusnow I just need to figure out ROLO I did note that the manual states ADC/I2C/UART should be stopped when ECS is changed
12:45:25_bilgusI wonder if the hand off from rolo is just too fast and one of the clocks isn't done or something
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12:46:06speachyoh, ECS isn't ever changed, we never use the div-2 option.
12:46:28_bilgusreally i swear I saw it in an INIT
12:46:39speachy(unless the HW boot rom starts it up in div-2 as the safe option..)
12:47:01speachyIIRC the init code will enable -div2 if the XTAL is over 16MHz.
12:47:13speachybut the USB init code just blindly clears it
12:47:52_bilgusIdk just looking for something that might be wrong it really seems random
12:48:16speachybasically if the XTAL is over 12MHz we cant' use it for the USB peripheral −− instead we have to slave it off one of the PLLs.
12:49:29speachyI was going to remove that USB init ECS twiddling and replace it with a compile-time error if the XTAL was not 12MHz.
12:49:35_bilgusnbd there tbh when I tried stopping the clocks it worked at first and then didn't work again on subsequent ROLOs so basically still random
12:49:46speachy(in case we ever get a second jz4760 target)
12:50:22_bilgusI sure hope we do I feel like this one is a problem child
12:50:42_bilgusbe nice to smear it across a few targets
12:50:43speachy_bilgus, one thing that occurred to me is to not attempt to twiddle the SADC at all if it's already running in a sane state. Instead of always resetting it.
12:51:18_bilguslike don't close it?
12:51:31_bilgusor you mean like letting it finish a measurement?
12:52:06speachyI've partially rebased pamuary's old fiio x1 patches, and I have one in my [rock]box of broken dreams
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12:52:47speachyI mean, don't run the sadc_init code if the sadc is already initialized and ready. no need to reset its clocks, wait 70ms, etc etc..
12:53:21_bilgussure but the bootloader forcefully kills it atm something about rockbox re-init
12:53:40speachyyes, but rolo doesn't invoke the bootloader?
12:53:52_bilgusshould probably use the latest bootloader and try it
12:54:51_bilgusoh duh good point we just make it selective and don't kill it from ROLO
12:59:02speachyand believe you me I'd love to try a new bootloader build... that's a can of worms I've tried to avoid opening.
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13:03:02_bilgusyes quite enough for the moment
13:20:44_bilgushaha on ROLO it still has the play button in the adc
13:27:31_bilgusspeachy that worked a treat
13:27:37_bilgusgood work around
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13:32:12fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 3c2b680, 280 builds, 8 clients.
13:49:49fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 1057 seconds.
13:49:51fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 3c2b680 result: All green
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15:27:59speachy_bilgus: oh goody, I'm glad
15:36:30speachyhmm. I should spin up another builder.
15:41:41speachy_bilgus: I wonder if that rolo hang was also due to the adc.
15:42:47_bilgusquite possibly because there was still a sample to finish but I tried waiyting for completion and even waiting something like 2 seconds before rolo restart
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